• Mad Hatter 24 RDTA by ADVKEN

    Mad Hatter 24 RDTA

    Mad Hatter 24 RDTA by ADVKEN ... More

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  • Ziggs 24mm RDA V2.0

    2017 ADVKEN Ziggs 24mm RDA V2.0

    Ziggs 24mm RDA V2.0 by ADVKEN ... More

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  • CP 24mm RDA V1.2

    CP 24mm RDA V1.2

    CP 24mm RDA V1.2 by ADVKEN ... More

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    CAMPIONE RDTA 24mm by ADVKEN ... More

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  • CP RTA

    CP RTA

    CP RTA 24mm by ADVKEN ... More

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    SYCH RDTA ... More

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  • Ziggs


    1.22mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer;2.304 Stainless Steel Construction;35 degree Bevel Airflow Control System ... More

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  • Ohmega V2 RTA

    Ohmega V2 RTA

    Ohmega V2 RTA ... More

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  • Supra RDA

    Supra RDA

    2016 Newest ADVKEN Authentic Supra RDA 1. 304 Stainless Steel. 2. Two high density engraving fixed airflow hole at the bottom. More

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  • Ohm ega nano

    Ohm ega nano

    The Ohm ega Nano RTA is a creative RTA system featuring a bottom refilling design. The Ohm ega Nano RTA also has a unique design that enable you to ... More

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  • The Ωega RBA,Glass tank Ωega RBA Atomizer

    Ωega RBA Aotmizer

    The Ωega RBA, top filling system,Ωega RBA Aotmizer,big ss chimney for better airflow going.Glass Ωega RBA Atomizer,Adjustable airflow control... More

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  • Ωage RTA

    Ωage RTA

    The Ohmage RBTA is a creative RBTA system featuring a middle-top refilling design. The Ohmage RBA also has a unique design that ... More

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  • Mad Hatter V2 RDA

    Mad Hatter V2 RDA

    1、Diameter 22mm. 2、Diamond shaped holes create “tornano - style”airflow. 3、Use the side holes for a traditional air flow set-up. 4、Dual stainless posts ... More

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  • Mini Mad Hatter RDA,Mini Flip Top Atomizer

    Mini Mad Hatter RDA

    Mini MAD HATTER RDA,Advken Authentic Mini Mad Hatter RDA,Mini Flip Top Atomizer,Mad Hatter Logo.Mini MAD HATTER RDA is the samller size of Mad ... More

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  • MAD HATTER RDA Atomizer,Rich Vaping for Advanced Vapor& Best Vaporizers

    Mad Hatter RDA

    MAD HATTER RDA Atomizer,funny and unique design,the specail part of MAD HATTER RDA is its flip top,it looks like taking a hat off the mad hatter... More

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  • Victor Tank Mini,Advken RBA Atomizer

    Victor Tank Mini

    Victor Tank Mini,Advken RBA Atomizer,Vertical coil design,KO.2ohm and KO.5ohm,fit for 30-80W box mod,rechangeable pyrex glasstube,creative top side refilling design... More

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  • Honeycomb Tank RBA Atomizer,Best RBA atomizer with Bird Net Design

    Honeycomb Tank RTA

    Honeycomb Tank RTA Atomizer,Advken RTA Atomizer,Authentic Honeycomb RTA Atomizer,the Best RTA atomizer for Advanced Vaporizers with Bird Net Design.. More

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  • Advken V2 RDA

    Advken V2 RDA is the updated version of Advken RDA,the difference between Advken V2 RDA and Advken RDA is the airflow holes,Advken V2 RDA.. More

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  • Advken RDA ,Stainless Steel Atomizer,Air Flow Adjustable RDA with Rich Vaping for Advanced Vapor

    Advken RDA

    Advken RDA Atomizer,made by stainless steel material,Advken RDA can be disassembled into 3 main parts,the post& holder,the drip and cover... More

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  • Advken 360 RDA,Rich Vaping for Advanced Vapor

    360 RDA

    Advken 360 RDA,510 thread,compatible with battery styles of 18650 MOD's,individualization design with 4 air flow holes for the perfect... More

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