Osmium Mod

Osmium Mod,full mechanical Box Mod,red,blue,white,black osmium mechanical mod,no wire solid mod,a solid box mod with force-fitted copper inside delrin.No wire for lowest voltage down,no more heating tubes,no polishing needed,and no thermal expansion issues.

Osmium Mod,Full Mechanical Vapor Mod
Osmium Mechanical Mod Box
Blue,White,Red& Black Osmium Vapor Mod
Solid Osmium Mod,No wire Vapor Mod
Osmium Mod,Force-fitted Copper inside Delrin Mod


  • No Wire
  • Boxy shape
  • Copper Contact Pin
  • Force-fitted copper block inside the delrin


  • Works in single or dual 18650 mode
  • Floating and Adjustable copper contacts
  • Brass 510 connector
  • Brass firing pin


  • ADVKEN Gift box Package & ADVKEN Aluminium specimen box
  • Delivery

  • Sample order with 1-3 working days; bulk order with 5-7 working days

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