Honeycomb Tank RTA,The Fist Galss RTA Atomizer of Advken

Advken,the Authentic Honeycomb Tank RTA ,Victor Tank Mini RBA and Mad Hatter Mini RDA Manufacture,had pushed the first Glass RTA Atomizer into the vaping marketing at the begining of July.Advken have already test Honeycomb Tank RTA two month with the first sample,we've made at the begining of May,2015.

Honeycomb Tank RTA Atomizer,Glass Honeycomb Tank Atomizer

Advken Glass RTA Atomizer,Honeycomb Tank RTA Atomizer,Authentic Honeycomb RTA Atomizer,the Best Mechanical RTA atomizer for Advanced Vaporizers with Bird Net Design,entering juice adjustment,refilling hole,entering airflow adjustment,3 airflow control holes and the refilling hole at the top part.

Victor Tank Mini RBA Atomizer

Advken RBA Atomizer,Vertical coil design,rechangeable pyrex glass tube,creative top side refilling design.KO.2ohm and KO.5ohm,fit for 30-80W box mod,airflow control hole.RBA is different with RDA,the first RBA is Victor Tank Mini and the first RDA is Mad Hatter Mini RDA.

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