Mad Hatter RDA Have 7 Colors Now,Green,Pink,Blue& White,Based on SS,Copper& Black

Advken,the Authentic Mad Hatter RDA Manufacture,updated more 3 colors Mad Hatter RDA at the end of March,2015, 6 colors in total,they're stainless steel,copper,black,pink,blue& white.

Today,on May 8th,2015,Advken updated one more color Mad Hatter RDA,green Mad Hatter RDA,that means Advken offer 7 colors Mad Hatter RDA now.We also updated one more color for Cherry Bomber Mod Box,green.That means Advken offer 5 colors cherry bomber box mod,they're green,blue,white,stainless steel and black.


7 Colors Mad Hatter RDA,Copper,SS,Black,Pink,Green,Blue& White

Cherry Bomber Mod Box

Green Cherry Bomber Mod Box