Mad Hatter RDA Have 6 Colors Now,Pink,Blue& White,Based on SS,Copper& Black

Advken,the Authentic Mad Hatter RDA Manufacture,updated 3 colors for Mad Hatter RDA,that means MAD HATTER RDA have 6 colors in total,they're stainless steel,copper,black,pink,blue& white.

MAD HATTER RDA,Rich Vaping Atomizer for Advanced Vapor,Designed by Advken

6 colors,Copper,SS,Black,Pink,Blue& White

After Advken press the MAD HATTER RDA into the vapor RDA marketing,we got many positive feedback from our customer,they love the MAD HATTER RDA so much,and the MAD HATTER RDA do become the hot and popular Atomizer. Many vapor company buy the MAD HATTER RDA from Advken and clone Advken MAD HATTER RDA and large many colors.

Advken Authentic Vapor RDA& Mod Security

Advken Authentic Security Code

Advken declare we push the 6 colors into marketing from April 14th,2015,they're SS,Copper,Balck,White,Pink and Blue.Make sure you buy a authentic MAD HATTER RDA,please check the security in the package by visit Advken website.Welcome to contact with Advken.

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