2019, Advken’s Fantastic Animal World ——Beautiful Ocean World

In the deep sea, there is a phytoplanktivorous fish who eats mayflies and small fishes and live worldwide having no set home. Though having a giant body, they can swim fast even jump out of the sea, and try to make a connection with diving people. These big and kind fish have a special name: manta. However, some people thought it is “Deep Sea Monster” for the first time as its giant body and don’t know much about it.

Deep Sea Monster

Advken’s First Deep Sea Fish Serial—-Manta Serial Products

If you are a big fan of Advken, then you must know the manta serial products: Manta RTA, Manta MTL RTA, and Manta Tank, the first deep-sea “monsters” of Advken. There is a short story about “Manta” serial products. In 2015, Andy Qiu, the CEO of Advken, enjoyed his diving with his wife in Philippine that happened to see the real manta in the sea, which really inspired Andy, “why can’t we do products like manta, which not only can be a ‘monster’ for vaping, but also to be a ‘kind fish’ to vapers”.

Kind Fish

At that time, manta serial products being ‘an active child’ in Andy’s mind, he always keeps in mind for that. When he came back to work, he starts to make preparation for that, including the pattern’s application, attending to design by sharing ideas with the products design team. In 2017, with 2 years preparation, MANTA RTA launched, after that, the smaller brother of manta RTA, Manta MTL RTA released. In, 2018, Manta serial welcome their new member—-Manta Mesh Tank. From RTA, MTL, to tank, manta family is gradually to form a certain line.

Manta Family

Firstly, let’s talk about some common things about Manta Family.

Top Refill SystemManta Atomizers

Top refill, it is the common refill way for all the atomizers, so do the manta serial products. Both Manta RTA and Manta MTL RTA are using screwing top cap to deal with the filling thing. Just unscrew the top cap, there is two wide refilling hole on the top, no air pressure issue when you refill RTA. Just refill the RTA with what e-juice you like. Besides, there is an updated refill design on Manta Tank, the sliding top refill, no need separate the top cap, only push forward the top cap follow the “Triangle’ mark on the top cap. More easy for a refill.

Big Capacity with Bubble GlassManta Glass

In Spanish, manta means “Cloak”, which describes well the big body size of a manta as normally manta having a 4.5m wide body like a square cloak. Advken manta serial products do have a “big size” body—- with a bubble glass/bubble resin tube. To enlarge the capacity, without adding the glass/resin length, just curved both ends of glass/resin tube then make the wider diameter of the rest glass/tube part. The bubble manta serial products are really helpful to reduce the refill times when you vape outside without carrying too many juice bottles. To meet the smaller capacity need, the manta serial products also come with a straight glass tube.

Bottom Airflow ControlVape Habits

Like the manta who live in the dark ocean, all manta serial products adopt bottom airflow control. There is 3 airflow hole for both manta RTA and manta tank, change the airflow quantity to make adjustment air amount to meet different vape habits. While there is only one air-hole of the Manta MTL RTA, different airflow size, different vape feeling.

Except for what we mentioned above, there are still other things in common in material/diameter/color options for all manta serial members. All Manta serial products are used of 304 stainless steel as main metal construction, and pyrex glass for storage e-liquid, while the manta tank uses the resin with hexagon/honeycomb pattern, which is colorful but little hard to figure out the e-liquid storage situation. 24mm diameter is still a common and attractive size for customers, all Manta RTA/Manta MTL and Manta Tank are in 24mm 304 stainless steel construction. Beside, Manta Family use all more than 5 color options(all includes stainless steel/black/rainbow/blue/gold ), which means customers enlarge their color options, always can find what they like.

Secondly, we need to talk about something different among the manta family members.

The biggest difference is the atomizer type, which means there is mainly a structure difference manta family. As the big son, manta RTA is 24mm 304 stainless steel construction direct to lung atomizer with dual posts design which can set dual or quadruple coils, even for the complicated pre-build coils as the 2mm wide posts hole;Manta MTL, the second son, manta RTA is dual posts design which only can only install single-coil, and there is a big air hole on both positive and negative posts for the better inner airflow running. The youngest son always can get more attention in the family. Manta Tank, mesh sub-ohm tank with 0.16/0.2ohm resistance options, Advken the first sliding top cap meshes coil tank with resin tips and tubes. More new design and new try are made. Easy refill way, new mesh coil, new material, all those make manta tank do really different with his “2 elder brothers”.Atomizer Type

All in all, there is still other difference among these 3 brothers: different tips with different material: 810 PEI Tips/510 PEI Tips/810 Resin Tips; various tube size and material; different refill way: unscrew the top cap and sliding top cap options, etc.Drip Tips

Advken’s main products are atomizers and do get the name by atomizers. Manta serial products is a good product line, we do believe there are more and more new members join in this family, and they will do more and more innovative and creative products for customers. As the e-cig is an intensely competitive marketplace, the only way to move fast and steadily is to keep the pace with the market and devote to developing new technology and new design, a new design and technology are the best weapons to win. As Charles Darwin mentioned, it is not the strongest species that survive, but the one most responsive to change. The more you can adapt to the changes, the better you can live. So is the vape industry.

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