2019 International E-cigarette Annual Conference

On December 18, aiming to the ‘Public Health and Safety and Normative Development and Supervision’, the ‘2019 International E-cigarette Annual Conference’ hosted by the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce was grandly opened in Shenzhen, from 10 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Belgium, etc. Over 1,000 national e-cigarette merchant associations and business representatives attended this annual conference. At the conference, around 10 e-cigarette enterprises joined the E-cigarette Testing Center Signing Ceremony, and the “World Declaration on Public Health and Safety of Electronic Cigarette” was issued.

2019 International E-cigarette Annual Conference

Concern about “Health and safety” and”NormativeSupervision”

According to Liu Yufeng, the full-time vice president of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the theme of this annual conference is “public health and safety, normative development and supervision”, which is the most important topic and also the basic issue that must be addressed in the development of the e-cigarette industry in 2019. Based on the difference and diversity of cultural traditions and industrial policies, and regulations for evaluating the health and safety of e-cigarettes in the world, it is our hope to find the more scientific, accurate and effective methods by communicating more with each other.

Ou Junbiao, chairman of Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said that although the international situation is complex, and the domestic market is difficult to expand, we must not forget to the original intention of public health, and the interests of consumers, which are the right things. On the road of e-cigarettes, it is not easy to persist in, but the more difficult time, the more we must unite and work together, which is why experts and industry practitioners to gather together here.

Aimed to standardize the e-cigarette industry, promote the vigorous development of the e-cigarette import and export trade, improve the construction of the e-cigarette standard system, explore the future development trend of the e-cigarette industry, and make a correct guide for the industry’s normative development and public opinion.

China occupies a leading role in the world’s e-cigarette industry

 In 2019, the global sales of e-cigarette (excluding heat not burn products) was $ 33 billion, while it was $16 billion in 2018, which is a year-on-year increase of 106.25%, which is 14 times the industry development in 2012 ($2.2 billion).

Ao Weinuo, SecretaryGeneralof the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce pointed out in the work report that the market size of the Chinese e-cigarette industry in 2019 was $7.87 billion, of which export sales were $6.26 billion. In the worldwide retail terminals, most merchandise sales will be expanded four or five times, which means more than 90% of global e-cigarette products are made from China. In terms of production and technology, China has a clear global advantage, especially more than 100 supply chains in Shenzhen, making China being a manufacturing center for the global industry.

Based the date of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce: till November 2019, there were 28,642 patents for e-cigarettes worldwide, an increase of 2663 from last year, of which 2,506 were from China, accounting for 87.3%. In China, there are more than 51 high-tech companies in the national e-cigarette industry, and more than 2,000 newly registered affiliated companies in the industrial and commercial system throughout the year, which create more than 500,000 jobs directly, and afford to more than 2 million people work indirectly, and export to more than 132 countries and areas.

For more than ten years since the birth of the electronic cigarette industry, it can be seen from the independent pricing power, the agglomeration effect of the entire industrial chain, and the high-density market distribution that Chinese e-cigarette manufacture industry has an absolute “dominant” role in the global market growth and”the right to speak”.

Authoritative medical expert and heads of business associations discuss health and safety

    Medical Expert and heads of commerce associations, Konstantinos Farsalinos, an internationally well-known doctor of heart disease and e-cigarette experts, the chairman of board of the British Electronic Cigarette Association (UKVIA)-John Dunne; Independent European Vape Alliance Association (IEVA)&(BfTG)Dustin Dahlmann; American Vapor Technology Executive Director of Association (VTA)-Tony Abboud; Secretary-General of Asosiasi Personal Vaporizer Indonesia-(APVI) Edy Suprijadi; French E-cigarette expert Zhou Zhenyi; Michael Dobrajc; the president of Verband Des Ezigarette handels (VDEH); Jang Hyo Jin, the president of the Korean Electronic Cigarette Association (KECA), Chang Loong Yap, a senior member of the Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce are talking about “Preventing the use of e-cigarettes by minors” and”Scientific understanding of the health and safety of e-cigarettes”. They believe that the real problem of e-cigarettes is not whether there is a hidden danger to public health and safety, but that the public has unscientific awareness and panic about e-cigarettes, the important thing is improving the public safety awareness. Many people have overlooked that many countries, especially the United Kingdom, are advocating the spirit of harm reduction. E-cigarettes are becoming a harm reduction product, which is the result of current scientific research. The main factor that people have disputed about it is minors’ use of e-cigarette products, which requires everyone to work together to eliminate. This is the bottom line of public health and safety, and it is also the principle that all associations and enterprises must prevent and self-regulate.

All participating industry representatives believe that they have a responsibility and mission to improve the public health and safety of e-cigarettes, not only to provide users with a new generation of consumer experience but also to use users’ health and safety and happiness as the most fundamental driving force for development.

World declaration on public health and safety of E-cigarette, preparation for union

At the meeting, representatives from e-cigarette business associations from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Belgium, and other countries issued the “World Declaration on Public Health and Safety of E-cigarette”. From the declaration, it is all industrial workers’ unremitting pursuit to enlarge the products of healthy and safe research and development, strengthen production process supervision, improve product quality testing, standardize marketing behaviors to make e-cigarettes healthier and safer. At the same time, Eliminating the use of electronic cigarettes by minors is concerted action in the industry.

Participants who are representatives of e-cigarette business associations from seven countries, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia reached a consensus that agreeing to establish the World E-Cigarette Union and made international general rules, universal quality labeling, form bridges for communication and cooperation. Besides, based on scientific research, manufacture higher quality products, and establish a more effective market order. The future alliance will focus on regulatory policy discussions and recommendations, industry technology trend research and exchange, e-cigarette health and safety, clinical trial data sharing, intellectual property protection, international trade cooperation, and international e-cigarette exhibition cooperation.

Establishment”China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Product Quality Inspection Center”

As the earliest birthplace and largest producer of e-cigarettes in China, China’s e-cigarettes not only drive new kinetic energy and be”engines” for social and economic development, stable employment, and earning foreign exchange through exports, but also a name card for China’s electronic information manufacturing industry. In order to strengthen the control of product quality, the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and e-cigarette member companies initiated the establishment of the “Electronic Cigarette of China Electronics Chamber of CommerceProduct Quality Testing Center”, including Sigelei, Hangsen, Green sound, Relx, Ijoy, Snow Plus, Swiss, Aspire, FirstUnion, Flow.

Conform to development and form core competence

At the end of the conference, Warning, the President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce made a conclusion that the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce took the lead in setting up an electronic cigarette product quality inspection center, which is the big deal about normative quality safe, after issuing the two group standards that ‘General Standard for Electronic Atomizing Appliance Products T/cecc1-2017’and ‘The Standard for Electronic Atomizing Liquids T/CECC2-2017’. Another major issue concerning quality and safety standards is to strengthen the management of product quality and safety in the production and distribution fields by formulating testing rules, sampling inspections, long-term tracking, and issuing labels. Strengthening product quality inspection and certification is an urgent need at present. The entire industry should actively participate in it. Product quality is regarded as the cornerstone of enterprise development, and user health is regarded as a long-term sustainable development strategy.

Wang Ning believes that in 2019, China’s e-cigarettes have encountered internal and external “thumps” urging domestic restrictions on online sales and international trade barriers to enter a complex year. However, from the perspective of the growth trend throughout the year, though the e-cigarette industry earns foreign exchange through exports has been increasing year by year, and new economic growth forces that can not be underestimated around employment and foreign trade stability. Without scientific management, China’s e-cigarette manufacturing and export advantages will likely decline, failing to form core competence, and China may lose its “dominance” in the world’s e-cigarette industry.

At the same time, Wang Ning called for enterprises to respond to support the national department’s introduction of relevant policies and measures, cooperate with the state’s scientific planning and standardized management of the industry, build standardized physical stores, form industrial clusters, and establish the protection of minors’ health in the controllable area.

All the participate major member companies provided strong support to lay the foundation for the success of this conference and reflected the social responsibility of Chinese e-cigarette private enterprises. As a member of e-cigarette industry if all are aiming the public health and safety, conform to the regulated production process and put the quality in the first place, the whole production will be safe for customer and market, which will make the whole industry in a sustainable development also make contribution to the whole economy or even culture. Like Edy Suprijadi, the Secretary-General of Asosiasi Personal Vaporizer Indonesia mentioned at the end of his speech: we work together, we will win.

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