ADVEK 2019 Talent Show

(Note: All e-cigarette products will be presented in the form of contestants)

J: Hello everyone, welcome to the ADVKEN e-cigarette talent show. I am the host Jack. On this grand day, we will vote together to select the best ADVKEN e-cigarette player. On the occasion of the new year, please join us to choose the best electronic cigarette of the year ADVKEN 2019!

J: Now we have invited our guests to take a seat. Let me introduce the guests of the ADVEKN e-cigarette talent show first. They are Mr. ARTHA, Mrs. Manta, and the legendary Dr. MadHatter.

J: The super cool man Dr.Madhatter who once wore a high top hat, sexy and charming, ADVKEN’s super hot Mrs. Manta and the legendary Mr. Artha who is popular in Southeast Asia, welcome you! (Applause)

Dr.M: Thank you very much for participating in this show. I have a hunch that this will be the coolest talent show in history. Hey friends, I represent the Big cloud alliance with everyone. Let’s rock tonight!

Mrs.Manta: Hi everyone, nice to meet you again! There will be a blockbuster tonight, please look forward to it! (Throws a kiss into the air)

Mr. Artha: Hello everyone, according to my reliable information, representatives of the Manta family will appear in this arena tonight. You want to be fair and fair judges (wink at Mrs. Manta)

J: Okay. Next, we will invite the contestants.

A group of beautiful and colorful e-cigarette players has stepped on the stage, including RBA, TANK, and POD …

J: First up is our big block Dark Mesh Tank. Incredibly, this SUB-OHM TANK with a capacity of 5ml is the largest player of ADVEKN so far. The black and silver shell has a low-key luxury. Vapors like to call him Dark Knight!

advken dark mesh tank

DARK MESH TANK waved to the audience …

J: Next is the OWL KIT from the famous OWL family. His brother OWL TANK once won the ADVKEN Electronic Cigarette Show Championship and was selected as the most popular SUB-OHM TANK by ADVKEN. OWL KIT

What kind of surprise will it bring us? let us wait and see

advken owl kit

OWL KIT pays tribute to the audience …

J: Next is our rookie Wanderlust Lite. As the only POD contestant on the scene, she came to our competition for the first time. She has a small body and she is also the youngest of our players. Let us look forward to it. Her performance!

advken wanderlust lite

Wanderlust Lite bowed to the audience, a little shy …

J: OK, and the last player to make the finale, he is Manta MTL V2! As a member of the strongest Manta family in ADVKEN history, oh, he is the nephew of Mrs. Manta, and the scene will be boiling!

advken manta mtl v2

Manta V2 makes a high-profile debut, making a hip-hop gesture towards the flash …

Dr.M: Artha, where is Artha V2?

Mr.Artha: He went to participate in the world’s strongest RDA contest. I’m sorry to miss this annual talent show.

J: Ok, all the contestants are here. Each contestant has 5 minutes to show their talents, and show your product features and selling points to the Vapor at the scene! Ready? Go! !! !!

Manta V2: I will come first! As the future star of the Manta family, I have the strongest Airflow on the surface, 3 ball-type air-conditioning rings, and restore the best taste. I want to say that everyone present, just so so!

J: Very exciting selling point. The extreme taste of the gentleman Manta MTL which is popular all over the world is inherited and strengthened by the V2 players. The appearance is also very beautiful, just like Mrs. Manta! Thank you for your performance, Manta MTL V2!

Dark MESH: ADVKEN’s largest BIG MESH COIL with 80W of super smoke, accompanied by the richest taste, I think I should win applause.

J: Amazing, there was a burst of applause from the audience, and the world’s biggest smoke fanatics were boiling!

OWL Kit: Hi everyone, I believe you will like my Top Airflow, Top refill, no leakage, best flavor with Mesh coil, by the way, my body can match 3 battery 16500/20700/21700, thanks, everyone!

J: Cool! OWL Kit with 7 colors, 3 battery compatible, OWL kit will bring the most beautiful performance to us! In final, welcome to our lady, Wanderlust lite !!!

Lite: Hi everyone, I have 4 colors options, my cloud not big like Dark Mesh, and I ’m not popular

As Manta V2 and Owl kit, I came here alone, I just want to meet you, you all my friends, my family, I’m not outstanding but I have Ceramic core and cotton coil for different E-juice, the flavor is good, and I have 1000 mAh Battery… That’s all, nice to meet you, everyone.

J: OMG, she is so small but she said she has 1000mAh, is that true? What do you think about that, Dr.M?

Dr.M: Well, she is a special girl, ADVKEN has never been POD, she is the first lady and .. she is amazing I need to say.

Mr. Artha: I agree with Mr. Artha, this girl is different, I never see pod owns 1000 mAh battery in a small body like Wanderlust Lite, it ’s amazing!

Mrs. Manta: I always support my Nephew, but I must admit, the champion should be the girl.

J: Unbelievable! The three judges agreed that the best player in the game was Wanderlust lite, she deserves it! The girl!

Wanderlust Lite boarded the ADVKEN podium and waved at Vapors with tears of joy.

J: I announced that ADVKEN’s best e-cigarette champion of 2019 is: WANDERLUST LITE

Thank you all for your participation. ADVEKN appreciates your company and consistent support. And, Happy New Year!

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