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Malaysia is divided into 13 states and 3 federally administered territories. The country covers an area of 330,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 33 million. In 2018, GDP totaled 354.348 billion US dollars (31st in the world), and the per capita GDP was 11239 US dollars (68th in the world).

advken malaysia
Malaysia is a big smoking country with a quarter of the total population (about 8.3 million people). As the country’s living standards and health awareness increase, many smokers are beginning to seek healthier ways of smoking. Obviously, e-cigarettes have long been their most preferred choice and are increasingly popular.

Today, the number of adult e-cigarette users in Malaysia is estimated to be between 80,000 and 1 million. Most smokers see e-cigarettes as a “positive alternative”, with 100% of smokers knowing about e-cigarettes and 69% of them using them or using them. More than two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they have used e-cigarettes, and 75% said they did so primarily to replace regular cigarettes.

For the huge market in Malaysia, ADVKEN joined in the research and inspection of the local market, visited more than 100 Vape stores, and learned about the trends and related policies of the e-cigar market in Malaysia.

advken malaysia


This e-cigarette consumer country, People’s awareness of e-cigarettes is very high, and consumers and stores are also optimistic about government control.

In addition, from the Vape shop, the Malaysian market is currently very popular with the pod system. About 90% of all vape stores are pod device with nicotine salt oil. The RBA & Tank equipment that used to be “hot” is currently only accounting for To 10%.

ADVKEN also learned that Refillable pods are currently very popular in Malaysia and the
highly portable devices are used with the user’s favorite smoke oil.

Malaysia is the second or third largest producer of tobacco oil in the world. Malaysian consumers prefer sweet and smoky flavors with more mint, such as coffee and fruit. The taste is cold and the taste is strong. For the open-type small smoke that Can be oiled, the taste reduction of the smoke oil, especially the sweetness, is very important, which is a point that local consumers in Malaysia attach great importance to. In addition, design and tough feelings are very important.

As a very mature market for e-cigarettes, Malaysian users are pursuing the same type of cost-effective products, and the threshold for taste and appearance is also constantly improving.

According to the characteristics of the Malaysian market, ADVKEN has also developed several PODs in a targeted manner. Such as Wanderlust Lite, and the upcoming Potento AIO Pod, a variety of colors for users to choose, adjustable pressure, large smoke, large capacity battery, durable, high-quality AIO cotton core to ensure the purest taste, Type C charging, excellent feature, and exquisite workmanship quality.

Understanding the demand of the market, the needs of end-users, and the products which fit users, this is what ADVKEN has been pursuing, and hopes to work together with users to go further and further on the road of e-cigarette brands.

advken malaysia

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