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It happens on October 1st, the National Day in China, seen as the longest holiday in a year following the Spring Festival. All of the Advken members got a chance to have a trip from Shenzhen to Guilin. It turns out to be the most unforgettable experience in 2019.

The trip lasts for 4 days, takes up more than half of the total National Day. On October 1st, we spend 3 hours from Shenzhen to Guilin on the train, not so distant as we thought. The first day we enjoyed the A show called Fantasy Li river, which is made up of dance and art. Also, it is said to be as famous as the mountain and river shows in Las Vegas. Actually we are all astonished by the excellent dance.

advken guilin

The second day, we got up early and prepared for the outdoor activity. Two coaches will do some instructions during those games in the activities. 28 members are divided into 2 groups, each group can get points if they win in each game. No matter which group wins the game, all of us were involved in it. By this way, we can build up a good relationship between colleagues for collaboration in the following days. In the afternoon, we walked through the local famous park—Zizhou Park, the Jingjiang Building and Fir Tree Lake. The three well-known scenery is not far away from each other. From Zizhou Park, we can have a better view of the Elephant Nose Mountain, almost all of the Chinese know it at a young age. Especially when it is cloudy or rainy, the ZiZhou is surrounded by cloud, everything becomes unclear.

Then this scenery can be as beautiful as a picture. Jingjiang Building, and DuXiu Mountain, which is said to be one of the best well-preserved buildings in the Ming Dynasty. What’s more, it is said to be the only university to be regarded as 5A tourism. The saying’ The mountains and rivers in Guilin are the best in the world.’ come from here. Also, we can climb to the mountain king in Guilin known as the Duxiu Mountain. Walking along with the Pir Tree Lake, we can see two towers, it’s named the Sun and Moon Tower. They are famous as the tallest tower and building made by cooper. Thus on this trip, we are lucky to have a good view of both of them.

advken guilin

On the third day, we nearly spent a whole day on the bus and the boat. Staying at the boat and enjoying the surrounding scenery is the best way to know more about Li River. The trip on the boat lasted for 4 hours, of course, we have lunch here. Many of the tourists took photos with their families to memorize the unforgettable holiday, so did I. We were amazed at the clean river, we can see the stone and fish in the river very clear. We can see the river surrounded by many high mountains, which are in different shapes. After 4 hours pleasure experience on the boat, we get off and take a minibus to another tourism. This tourism is a historical place, known as the Yulong bridge.

advken guilin

There are around 400 boats under the bridge, and what different from the boat we took before. This time the boat is made up of bamboo. The bamboo boat is a typical transport in traditional China. Two of us will be arranged in a boat, so we need 14 bamboo boats in total. We sit in the boat and enjoyed the surrounded villages disappearing from our sight. Everything got peaceful and tender.

advken guilin

In the afternoon before dinner, we were led to a cave by the tour guide. The cave is long but small, so it was crowded with tourists. There were children younger than 3 years old, also old people older than 60 years old. The road was narrow and we walked very hard.

advken guilin

It almost took us 2 hours from the entrance to the exit. We have no mind to enjoy the colorful light in the cave, neither the beautiful stone. What made us anxious was the constant sweat on our cheek. When we entered, it was bright outside of the cave, and when we exited the cave, it became dark. Once we got out of the cave, everyone was saved by the people mountain people sea. On the way back to the restaurant, the tour guide told us the scary legend about the cave, which made it mysterious and incredible.

The breakfast supplied by the restaurant was really nice. The various special dessert was the best choice to experience the local lifestyle. We missed it so a lot even when we back to Shenzhen. And after finishing the last breakfast in Guilin, we realized that it is the last day in Guilin. The last trip was simple and we are led to visit a historical village, which is said to be famous as Shangri-la. It was attractive as what has been described in the book.

The 4-day trip in Guilin was unforgettable for each Advken member, it is more than an ordinary journey in holidays, but a memory treasure for us in 2019.

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