Advken-New Vape Journey in 2019

Shenzhen Advken Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2013, which has R&D production and sales department, specializing in products’innovation and design, undertaking big OEM&ODM project and selling to Europe、Amercia and southeast Asia. As a result of strict quality control and perfect customer service in the industry, we have a good reputation in the market.”Providing high-quality vaping experience for the global customers” as the reprise concept of the enterprise.

In addition, Advken aims to provide customers with a comfortable atomization experience and strive to become a trend lifestyle guide to create a popular electronic cigarette brand. Since the establishment of its own brand, Advken has a number of patented technologies. There is Manta series (RTA, Tank), CP series(RTA TF), OWL series(Tank, Kit), Dark Mesh Tank, Wanderlust series(lite), Artha series, Ayana Kit and other accessories such as Mesh Coil, Doctor Coil Series Cotton, Heating Wire, etc.

At present, although Advken released the Owl Starter Kit as a type of large smoke, domestic and overseas countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have already entered the era of pod kit first, and the demand for large smoke has declined. Although the decline in the smog trend in these regions has affected the sales of products, but some countries like Germany and France become a major exporter of large smoke products.

In order to adapt to changing market demands, Advken decides to transform and produce pod kit at the beginning of 2019. Taking into account various factors, in order to meet the need of industrial transformation and providing facilities and equipment for the production of the pod kit, Advken moved to a new factory. This is specific information:

Address: F3, Building 1, NO.6 ZhangFeng Road, Oriental Community, Songgang Street, Bao’ a District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Tel:86 755 23334834

advken company show

After moving the new factory, the next planning of

Advken is releasing new products. Then Advken released the first pod kit: Wanderlust lite. This is an open, oil-filled pod kit. Hope this pod kit can be loved by consumers and recognized by the market.

advken wanderlust lite

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω
Coil Material: Ceramic Coil
Output Voltage: 3.5V
Charging Specification: 5V/800mA

Features: Low voltage protection
Over-charging protection
Over-heating protection
Overload/short-circuit protection,
Over-time protection
Intelligence Indicator Light

Special Design

Inspired by a German word, Wanderlust which means the traveler and the roaming’s fun, after WANDERLUST, Advken create a NEW PERSONALIZED POD—WANDERLUST LITE. Smaller, high portability–easier to put into your pocket, or hang on your neck by a lanyard, and the replaceable cartridge allows you to switch tastes freely, Ceramic coil can compatible with any E-liquid. Wanderlust lite gives you more fun to roam in the vape world.

4 Color Options, Vape With More Choice

2ml replaceable cartridge, bottom refill Ceramic coil, high compatible for regular juice, nicotine salt, and CBD e-juice. 1000mAh battery, air switch no need to press any button, all those make wanderlust lite easy to vape. With its 4 color options, high portability, and kinds of protection, WANDERLUST LITE make diversity and safe vape.

advken wanderlust lite

How to use the pod kit:

when inserting in a cartridge, the indicator light flashes and vibrates 1 time.

What is currently popular on the market is closed-type pod kit. Why does ADVKEN want to produce an open-type vape?

On the one hand, from a technical point of view, a closed pod kit has a higher requirement on the production process. Now closed pod kit has a large risk of oil leakage in the long-distance transportation of export trade. This is a big serious difficulty to overcome. Open pod kit does not have the risk of oil spills and can better meet export demand. On the other hand, the domestic market will gradually realize the advantage of oil-filled pod kit.No matter it is from the cost of consumer use or environmental protection,open-type pod kit that can be oiled have certain advantages.

From the original thought, Advken hopes to make the B-side

Brand realize the strength of the OEM&ODM of our factory. The release of Wanderlust lite of Advken is more like announced to the entire e-cig industry that it has enough ability to manufacture pod kit. Therefore, the shape of this roamer and the design of the open-type cartridge are very different from other pod kit products on the market.

From my point of view, every large smoker will think the question that in the future pod kit whether fully replace the large smoke? And where will the vape culture go?

When pod kit as fast-moving goods enters the mass consumer group, the vape can be easier accepted by more people. Some of them may become a large smoker change over time. From the perspective of the huge base of pod kit, even if only a small number of people settle down, they also can expand the vapor circle, and the vape culture will be accepted by more people, forever on the way.

What are the advantages of the pod kit compared to the large smoke?

1.Small size,easy to carry outside
2.No oil spill, suitable for novices
3.Power saving, fuel saving
4.Good flavor, suitable smoke
5.Cheap price
6.More environmentally friendly

What are the current major categories of pod kit products? And What are their respective characteristics?

According to the different structural functions of pod kit:
1.One-time pod kit
2.Smoke-type pod kit
3.Oil-filled pod kit
Of course, Wanderlust lite of Advken belongs to Oil-filled pod kit.

1.One-time pod kit: Do not charge and add smoke oil, the smallest size, and the strongest portable capacity
2.Smoke-type pod kit: mostly pen-shaped design, replaceable cartridge, rechargeable, replacing different flavors of cartridges at any time
3.Oil-filled pod kit: Rechargeable, oil-fillable, replaceable cartridge, can choose your favorite smoky flavor to raise with reference to the above information, when you choose a pod kit product, you can define the type of pod kit you need, so that you can more easily choose the pod kit product that suits you.No matter what kind of pod kit products, the convenience of use, the portable capacity to carry and the effect of mouth-sucking and addiction are very good. After all, the current pod kit technology is very mature, choose a pod kit suitable for you will be a good choice.

A short video, which helps you know more about our wanderlust lite. Welcome to share your opinion with us for our product.

The last important thing

IECIE Shanghai Steam Culture Week—Oct 30 to Nov 1
Exhibitor: Shenzhen Advken Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No: W4A58
Looking forward to your visit.Looking forward to your visit.


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