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What is sub-ohm Tank?

The atomization coil used in the sub-ohm tank is a finished product uniformly manufactured by the manufacturer, and the user can directly replace it after purchase, without having to make it by himself.

  • Tanks parts:

Drip tip :Drip tips can be classified according to function, shape, and material. At present, electronic cigarette holders can be divided into three types according to their functions: mouth-feeling cigarette holders, straight-through, large-smoker cigarette holders; according to the shape, they are divided into closed mouth design, lengthened cigarette holder, waist design, 510 cone design, etc.

  • Drip tipmaterial:

The adopted materials are plastic (PC, PCTG, PEI, POM, etc.), metal (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.), ceramics, wood, glass, etc.

  • Body :Airflow control system, top cap ,Internal structure;
  • Glass Tube :bubble tube and Straight Tube;
  • Sub-coil: The resistance value of the sub ohm tank has corresponding wattages.
  • Base
  • Advantages and disadvantages:
  • Advantages: Good taste, easy to operate ;
  • Disadvantages: The replacement cost is relatively high (the sub-ohm coil is high)
  • How to extend the life of the sub-ohm coil ?
  • The new coil needs to be soaked for 5 minutes before use.

E-cigarettes use heating wires to heat the e-liquid on the cotton to evaporate. If the cotton is not completely infiltrated and ignited directly, it will burn. So be sure to soak it with smoke oil before using it.

  • Use coils with in the marked power range

Coils are marked with the resistance value of the electronic atomizer core and the matching power, so that everyone can adjust the power range of the finished atomizer core when using the pressure regulating device. If it is higher than the peak range, it will Shorten the life of the atomizer.

  • Avoid damage caused by continuous use

The oil guiding speed of some atomizer cores cannot keep up with the speed of continuous use, which will easily shorten the life of the atomizer core.

  • The choice of smoke oil

The preference of e-liquid depends on the individual. Some high-sweet e-liquids will rapidly increase the carbon deposit of the atomizer core and shorten the life of the atomizer core.

Owl pro Tank from Advken

Today we will introduce the latest sub-ohm Tank from advken.

From the appearance, it is just a sub ohm tank with top gas injection and top oil injection. So what is the difference between him and owl tank?

First of all, from the packaging point of view, this time the blue is more stable and deep blue; the box is also more business style, with a hard clamshell design, which is convenient for customers to take out and use.

The product configuration is similar to the previous one. The tank has a built-in 0.2ohm mesh coil and a 0.4ohm mesh coil outside. The built-in glass is a bubble tube (5ml capacity), and the outside is matched with a straight glass (4ml capacity). Dust and clean The cloth and spare replacement silicone ring are in opposite packaging, clean and hygienic.

Specific parameters:

Size : 29mm*53mm

Net weight: 82g

Material: Stainless steel

Capacity : 4ml or 5ml

Airflow : Top Airflow system

Refilling: Top refill

Mesh coil :

0.2ohm for 70w-80w

0.4ohm for 50w-60w

Drip tip: 810  POM material


From the perspective of visual effects, we must admit that Owl pro Tank is a very good-looking atomizer. The simple line design and the huge OWL logo are highly recognizable. This makes the atomizer have a very good visual effect. The atomizer has a 810 drip nozzle and a low-key and convenient air intake adjustment ring design. The oil storage capacity of the atomization chamber is 5mI, and the top cover is designed with a buckle and a 45-degree knob, which is convenient, simple and not cumbersome.

The atomizing core has two specifications, 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm, which is suitable for geekvape sub ohm tank –Zeus tank.DS mesh coils are seamless and high-precision snap-in design, simple operation that even novices can see at a glance, save installation time, and enjoy the delicious smoke experience as soon as possible.

The fuel injection and air intake methods are both top design. As long as you open the top cover, you can directly inject your favorite e-liquid, which is completely considered from the perspective of the user’s experience. This top-intake atomizer completely eliminates the possibility of oil leakage.

In terms of taste, the resolution and reduction of the e-liquid are not bad, but the amount of smoke is quite large, and it feels very smooth and full when inhaled.

  1. Differences from owl tank:
  2. Compared with owl tank, the capacity is larger and the frequency of refueling is reduced;
  3. The resistance value of Mesh coil is different, and the coils of the two products cannot be matched. The owl pro tank can be matched with geekvape sub-ohm tank;
  4. Mesh coils are not a knob type but a simpler snap type, which is more convenient;
  5. The style of the Drip tip is different, this time it is the Drip tip with a higher POM, which prevents long-term use of the hot tip;
  6. The packaging design is different. The owl tank uses a drawer type, which is not as convenient as a flip-top type. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to pull out; and this time it uses a hard material, which is magnetically closed, and the entire product packaging is more The texture is more high-end.

Generally speaking, the appearance of this atomizer is very high, the smoke is also very large, and the taste of the top air intake is unique. The operation is very simple, whether it is to install the heating wire or the placement of the cotton becomes very convenient, and novices can easily get started. The most important point is that novices with this top air intake structure do not have to worry about the possibility of oil leakage. . Such a high-value atomizer, easy to use, smoke and taste, and does not leak oil is definitely a good choice for novices.

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