Advken’s Shanghai Vape Trip of 2021

IECIE 2021 Shanghai Vape Culture Week

The Advken Team starts its 2021 Shanghai Vape Trip on May 17 for the IECIE 2021 Shanghai Vape Culture Week from May 18 to 20. As the first large-scale professional vape show in Eastern China, the exhibition area of this 3rd IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week is as high as 12000 square meters.

Also, there is 300+ famous bands manufacture participating in the exhibition to firstly launch their new products and share the cutting-edge technologies and investment policies. About the products, the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture week, the new ecological e-cigarette vape show which aims to focus on functional e-cigarette and hear-not-burn products, including open or closed pod system, disposable pens, e-liquids, heat-not-burn, herbs, vape devices like mods, atomizers or kits, and related accessories with vape.

For the activities, the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture sets up a special open pod area for the end-customers, and launch the “World V-Champ(Cloud&Tricks Championship)’’, “Unlimited-Refill Station” and “Vape Map Member Day” at the same time. Physical stores around Shanghai and players from all over the country especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are invited for those activities to offer the audiences a more playable, experience and sense of participation.

Advken’s Shanghai Vape Trip of 2021

Advken locates booth A55 of the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Then, let’s see what Advken has provided? Finding and meeting domestic needs are the priority thing, as the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture aiming to the domestic market.

All the Advken’s products are for domestic fans, including the New Zinc Wanderlust Lite with the New design dual independent airflow channels to solve the leading issue; the lynx L5, the new closed pod with more than 15+ flavors, giving a strong and pure vaping feeling; the potento pod and potento x kit, Advken the first voltage adjustable pod kit with different mesh coil pod; different disposable models with 300 to 2000+ puffs for OEM or ODM; The last but not least, the good match of vape device, e-liquid. The Lynx serial e-liquid with 10 flavor options.

Let’s get a close look at Advken’s new products.

Wanderlust Lite

*1000mah built-in battery

*Dual independent airflow channels

*1.2 refill Cartridge

*New Zinc Alloy material


Potento Pod Serial

*Voltage Adjustment

*1.2 &1.0 mesh coil pod

*580mah(Potento Pod Kit)&950mah(Potento X Kit)built-in battery


Lynx L5 and Disposable Models

*Closed pod with more than 15+ flavor options for L5

* Wide Range Puffs from 300+ to 2000+ disposable models

*Full OEM&ODM customization manufacturing


Lynx E-liquid

*10 Flavors now, more new flavors to be continued~~~


If wanna try our new products, welcome to contact us back. You can find contact way on our website: We are happy to hear from you.



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