Are expensive vape kits better than cheaper ones?

People look at quality paired with a competitive price point while shopping. However, top brands record great sales numbers every month amid low price range competition. Irrespective of the product and its demand, we could see various price tags. What does that mean? Is it about quality, quantity, performance, or durability?

You might have seen water bottles with different price tags in the retail stores. Tell me, what’s so different from the expensive water bottle? Is the cheaper one inferior and costlier the superior? I bet not.

Similarly, vape kits are ranging from less than $50 to above $300 in the market. How would you assess them? Guessing games won’t work if you are spending a lot on one device.

In my experience, I have used countless vape kits right from the cheapest to the most expensive in the market. To the benefit of everyone, Let’s walk through the secret behind identifying the best vape kits between the cheaper vape kits and the expensive vape kits.

expensive vs cheaper vape kit

Expensive vape kits
Generally, expensive products tend to come from experts. Likewise, expensive vape kits come from top-rated brands and best performers in the industry. The general perception of expensive vape kits is that they score higher than the cheap vaping kits in all parameters. Not all expensive kits are top-notch.

A few inferior vaping brands are launching expensive mods and kits with a stylish exterior and large LED screens. Having said that, you could encounter inefficient vaping kits even in a high price range.

We can bet on the durability and performance of those expensive vape kits. However, durability and performance are not something that could justify a huge price tag.

Low priced vaping kits
Initially, I was using a DNA mod kit which was retailing at around $340. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed vaping using a $25 vape pen which I thought to keep it for backup. Simply, the vape pen was sleek, portable, stealthy, and the cartridges are replaceable. Despite being an expensive vape kit, DNA mod was outperformed by a cheaper vape pen.

Undeniably, you have high chances of finding great vape kits in the low price range. Equally, more chances are that you might end up wasting money on useless vape kits. Hence, you should spend some time on researching about the vape kit before you buy it.

No matter how much you spend, it is highly important to know what you are buying. Below are some key parameters you should keep in check before making a purchase decision.

Features and specifications are the first things that can tell you if the kit is meant for your style and preference. For instance, a frequent traveler would prefer bigger replaceable batteries. Probably, a bigger tank that has more juice capacity. Contrarily, an office goer would prefer a sleek and simple vape kit that doesn’t attract onlookers.

For that matter, expensive kits come with impressive configurations and stealthy designs. By far, cheaper vape kits never matched the configurations of an expensive vape kit. However, keep in mind that not all advanced configurations deliver dependable performance. Rather than looking at the price tag, you should try to match your preferences and lifestyle to the configuration.

Style & Type
I started vaping with a pod vape, I found it easier to use refillable cartridges than the vape tanks. As days passed, I wanted to increase the temperature, and I wanted to increase the intensity of the sessions. So, I tried a pen-styled vape kit with replaceable atomizers.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the little power and least clouds. As a consequence, I bought an RDA kit that allows coil building and low-resistance vaping. Not to mention, the RDA vape kit was the cheapest among all the other kits.

Further, I started getting attracted to high-temperature vape setups. For a year or so, I never fired a thick coil that is meant for flavor production. Later, I settled with a mod vape kit that has a comparably medium configuration that offers optimal clouds and flavors.

If you are a beginner, you should not spend a lot of money on your first vape kit. You may want to switch to a different type of vaping device sooner than later. In that case, you should wait till you learn the best practices of vaping and about the configurations which inspire you.

Frankly, cheaper vape kits can accommodate accessories from various brands. Though the price is cheaper, you can expect great accessories that suit and work well with the kit. On the contrary, expensive mods don’t work well with accessories from other brands.

Expensive vapes work well with the accessories from the same brand. Not to mention, the cost of the accessories tend to be steeply high when compared with the cheaper vape kits.

Cheaper vape kits usually come with commonly used configurations, and you can find the compatible accessories easily at a cheaper price.

I’m sure nobody can judge the performance without actually using it. However, a common tool that helps you know about the performance is user reviews. Remember, don’t look for reviews at the manufacturer site or review sites.

Try to check the reviews at the seller site and social media from real users. Also, check the forums and vaping community sites to discuss the performance of your target device. Practically, vintage vapers and beginners in the vaping community can offer genuine reviews.

Historically, only a few brands launch the top-rated vaping kits. Equally, suggestions from the vintage vapers can help in saving your hard-earned money by avoiding inferior vape kits.

As we all know, expensive vapes win this one. Maintenance tends to be easy when it comes to expensive vaping kits. High-end vape kits come are constructed using high-quality materials by experts.  On the other hand, cheaper vaping kits boast comparably less durability. Likewise, maintaining a cheaper vape kit is difficult due to its weak design and body.

Expensive vape kits are made to last, and it has its setbacks. Similarly, cheaper vaping kits offer high-end configuration at a low cost. At the same time, you might end up spending your money on inefficient vape kits. Having said that, you should spend some time on community forums, review sites, and seller sites to make the best possible assessment.

Hope that helps, Happy vaping !!!

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