Does vaping burn calories?

Calories are simply a unit that is used to measure the amount of nutrition. Also, you might already know about the “gram calorie” which is a unit of heat energy that can bump up a degree Celsius in one gram.

Simply, calories are used to calculate the amount of nutritional energy that your body gets or burn. For instance, you burn calories when you do any physical activity. Now, people try to restrict or burn calories when they want to reduce their body mass index.

Do you want a healthful BMI and worrying about burning calories? Well, vaping could be just what you need. Conspicuously, vaping doesn’t burn calories in any way. Vaping isn’t a fat burner or a workout. You can’t expect to burn calories by vaping. Astonishingly, vaping can help you do it in several other ways.

It is not completely true that vapor cannot burn calories. You can burn calories only when your skin is exposed to steam in a sauna. Inhaling the vapor doesn’t burn calories. However, there are other factors that you need to know about calories and vape juices.

Do you know that a lot of people vape to distract themselves from eating high-calorie foods? Not only that, they get to improve their body’s ability to burn fat cells and calories by vaping nicotine.

Vaping can help you maintain a low-calorie diet. Besides, you might want to know this. Does vaping burn calories? Do vape juices have a lot of calories? Worry not, we will explore the facts about how vaping impact your weight-loss program.

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Vaping for food craving

You might prefer to keep your weight and fat under control while quitting the cigarette. However, people who quit smoking tend to eat a lot and very often when they crave nicotine. The craving for food is just a chain reaction of your body when the nicotine level goes down.

As a result, people gain weight while trying to quit smoking. It is very tough to control or defer your craving without a proper plan. Vaping allows you to enjoy the nicotine without smoking, and it helps you not to crave for food. As a result, your calorie intake becomes limited. That way, you get to stay away from fat.

Vape juice can amaze your taste buds

Want to enjoy your favorite cheesy foods and desserts? You might have to spend some additional hours in the gym for the sake of a few bites. On top, you might not be able to quench your craving for a chocolate bar with just a couple of bites.

Alternatively, vaping allows you to just enjoy the taste of your favorite snack without adding calories to your body. Just enjoy the sensation of the vanilla shake or a chocolate pudding by vaping the flavored vape juice.

There are tons of e-liquid flavors available in the market that can delight your taste buds. At the same time, you can rest assured that you will not gain weight after enjoying the taste.

Nicotine vaping for better metabolism

Vaping does more than just providing you with hot vapor and flavors. Nicotine in the vape juices helps you to improve your metabolism. As we all know, cigarettes offer you the nicotine along with the carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Tobacco, monoxide, and carcinogens are the primary cause of several types of cancer.

Besides, vaping allows you to enjoy the benefit of nicotine without exposing you to cancer-causing substances found in regular cigarettes. Besides, you can limit your nicotine intake in a more personalized way. As a result, your body starts burning unwanted fats and digest carbs and fats swiftly.

How many calories are in vape juice?

Vape juice flavors don’t contain the carbs, fats, or proteins of the underlying food. Having said that, you are not gonna take hundreds of calories with a butterscotch flavored e-liquid. Instead, it just contains the flavor that offers the taste that you love.

1ml of vape juice contains only two or three calories in it. Even if you keep vaping throughout your day, you will not gain any weight. On top, there is no scientific evidence that proves the vapor provides you with any calories.

Having said that, you can rest assured that vaping won’t add any calories that impact your weight gain or weight loss diet. However, drinking the vape juice can be dangerous. It can poison you, and you should never try to drink even a few drops of e-liquid.

What you should know if you are into DIY e-juices?

Beginner DIY enthusiasts might not try to prepare their e-juices by themselves. However, they might mix different flavors to derive their choice of taste and sensation. DIY vape juice mixes normally don’t contain any thickeners, and it is safe when you have a bit of focus on what you are mixing.

If you are preparing your e-juice by yourself, then you need to know that sweeteners can affect your coils and health. Not only that, artificial sweeteners are not for everyone, some of us may get allergic to it. So be careful with the list of ingredients before you think to prepare your e-juice at home.

However, sweeteners don’t create much of an impact on your calorie intake. So, it is not going to be a concern for your diet.


Let us check some facts here. Firstly, vape juices don’t burn calories. Secondly, it helps you burn calories by including nicotine that increases your metabolism. Besides, you can avoid smoking cigarettes as you don’t crave for nicotine.

Not only that, vaping doesn’t produce any combusted or cancer-causing substances while burning the e-liquid. Furthermore, you can maintain your weight-loss diet without any flaws in calorie intake.

Having said all that, now you know how vaping benefits in so many ways. That, you can’t get by smoking cigarettes. Nicotine gums can’t match vaping because nicotine gums don’t satisfy the craving for hot nicotine air in your lungs.

Are you ready to help your friends who keep wondering if vaping can burn calories? Happy vaping !!!


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