Does vaping lead to popcorn lung disease? Here is what you need to know.

Things like THC or vaping don’t create too much buzz in the media unless it becomes news. Social media and advertising channels spread an extensive number of ads for illicit manufacturers who don’t follow the FDA’s rules and regulations. However, most such illicit manufacturers were banned after the popcorn lung crisis.

Initially, there were reports which suggested that vaping illicit THC cartridges cause popcorn lung illness. However, the statements from the officials seem to be contradicting to the news articles. Precisely, the statement from the officials reveals that the cause for the popcorn lung is a certain chemical that is an additive in flavored e-juices.

Vaping can be safe when you adhere to some basic precautions. If you are vaping or planning to start vaping, then you must know a few important things that will save you from unwanted health issues. While checking the ingredients, you should be able to know what is safe and what is not.

Popcorn Lung

After reading this article, you will be able to clearly identify the safer vape juices and the safest vaping products.

What is popcorn lung or Bronchiolitis obliterans disease?

Popcorn lung disease was named after it was diagnosed in people that were working in a microwave-popcorn factory. Diacetyl is an ingredient in microwave-popcorn. Diacetyl has a buttery flavor, and it is found to be the cause for the lung illness called popcorn lung.

Lungs are the hub where the oxygen mixes with your bloodstream. Lungs have a lot of tiny airways that deliver oxygen to the body. Lung illness can cause shortness in your breaths and it is one of the toughest conditions to live with.

People who are affected by popcorn lung tend to get inflammation and shrinks in the lungs that cause a shortage of oxygen in your body. Not only that, the affected person may find it hard to breathe as a result of lung illness.

Nicotine vaping and popcorn lung illness

As per studies, nicotine won’t cause lung illnesses or cancer. It won’t cause any other health issues as long as you don’t inhale it in huge quantities. Practically, nobody can inhale nicotine in huge quantities as the e-liquids contain only a limited amount of it.

It is evident that nicotine is not the cause of popcorn lung. However, nicotine is proved to be addictive. Hence, it is critical to remain conservative on the levels of nicotine in your e-juice. If you are not a smoker, then it is always better to avoid nicotine totally.

What is the popcorn lung illness crisis? What you should know?

In the past few months, there were several cases reported for lung illnesses caused by vaping flavored e-juices and THC. However, none of the patients were proved to be affected by the plain vape juices with nicotine content.

The statements from officials and the laboratories reveal that exposure to vitamin E acetate was the cause of the lung illnesses that affects the vapers. In particular, most of the affected patients were using black-market marijuana vapes. Vitamin E acetate was the thickener in those black-market vape juices.

A similar lung illness known as cobalt lung was diagnosed in some vapers. However, those patients never had any exposure to cobalt or any metal for that matter. The assumption is that the coil that was burnt to vaporize the e-juice could be a reason for the metal exposure. However, it is still not clear, and there is no scientific evidence available to prove the same.

Black-market vapes

Black market vapes are manufactured by unauthorized brands that don’t follow any regulations governed by the US FDA. They use their choice of ingredients and you can’t be sure about the safety while using a black market vape juice.

THC itself is a substance known for its psychoactive effect and addictive nature. Buying a THC cartridge in the black market would have you end up with deadly diseases. Instead, you should save yourself by avoiding buying vaping products from the black market.

Is vaping safe?

It may seem difficult to answer that question considering the extremely confusing facts that lie around the popcorn lung illnesses crisis. However, there were none affected by vaping authentic and branded plain vape juices that contain nicotine. Notably, most of the cases were related to the black-market vapes.

Besides, vaping provides relief for people who crave for nicotine. Clearly, it doesn’t expose you to the harmful substances that you may inhale while smoking a cigarette. On top, vaping is one of the best ways to stop missing the smoking sensation.

You should keenly follow certain things to enjoy a safe vaping. Basically, you should not buy from illicit manufacturers that do not comply with the rules and regulations of the FDA. At the same time, it is highly critical to maintain and replace the vaping device parts.

Which is the safest vape juice?

Studies and lab reports say that vitamin E acetate cause lung illnesses. So, it is ideal to find the vape juices that don’t contain thickeners. Also, it is good to avoid THC unless you are using it for medication.

Keep in mind, Vitamin E acetate was found in flavored e-juices and THC vape juices. Identify the right seller to save the pain of distinguishing between the safe and bad vape juices.


Vaping is one way for smokers to tackle their craving for nicotine and THC. Not to mention, vapers don’t inhale smoke but just the vapor that contains the nicotine and THC. Having said that, there is no denying that vaping helps the vapers to avoid harmful substances that are produced due to combustion.

Although there is no evidence that vaping causes popcorn lung, vapers need to exercise caution to avoid vaping related health issues.

US government has put restrictions and ban on flavored e-liquids and a few other vaping liquids. However, you can still buy and use vape juices from authorized brands. Having said that, it is your responsibility to buy authentic products to avoid lung illnesses.

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