Electronic Cigarette Development In Global Market

—Electronic cigarette product introduction

1.  What is an electronic cigarette?

The e-cigarette is an electronic product that imitates traditional cigarettes. It consists of an atomizer, battery box and smoke oil(Users called it E-Juice). It mainly atomizes the oil containing nicotine and various medical and edible substances by means of atomization. For consumers to smoke. Because it has smoke and partial taste similar to cigarettes and can meet the nicotine intake requirements of smokers, it can be a substitute for traditional cigarettes to some extent.

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2. Electronic cigarette structure

The electronic cigarette is mainly composed of the atomizer,  power cabin, and battery. The atomizer also includes accessories such as oil guide cotton, heating wire, atomizing core, etc. The power cabin is divided into a mechanical cabin and a power cabin. The difference between the two is whether there is a protection circuit, and the power compartment has a protection circuit relative to the mechanical compartment, more secure.

3. Evolution history of electronic cigarettes

Since 2004, e-cigarettes have been updated very quickly, with great improvements in quality and taste, as well as rich taste selection and personalized design. From the first and second-generation products, manual adjustment of voltage to third-generation products can control the power and temperature of the chip, and then to a more diversified functional subdivision. Products with more advanced performance and better experience are constantly appearing on the market.

4. Electronic cigarette classification

E-cigarettes can be classified according to the following methods:
(1).Use of E-liquid or cartridge;
(2).Classification by e-cigarette power cabin type;
(3).Classification by user suction method;
(4).Classification by e-cigarette appearance.

  •  Classification according to whether the use of electronic cigarettes is using E-liquid or cartridge. Which can be divided into electronic cigarettes using disposable cartridges and electronic cigarettes using E-liquid and atomizers.
  •  If classified according to the type of electronic cigarette power module, it can be divided into the mechanical type and electronic type.
  •  Classification by user suction method – classification of large and small smoke
  • According to the user’s suction method, the electronic cigarette can be divided into a Straight to mouth, a Straight to lung, and a double lung. The difference in the way e-cigarettes are pumped is due to the difference in the amount of smoke produced by their different powers.
  •  If classified according to e-cigarette power

According to the power of the electronic cigarette, it can be divided into small smoke, medium smoke, and large smoke. Small smoke is a product represented by such as smoke, blue and white electronic cigarettes. The most common type of cigarette is the EGO series of electronic cigarettes. Large smoke generally includes an atomizer, a power cabin, and can be repeatedly filled with E-juice, and the power is relatively large.

5. Atomizer classification

There are three main types of atomizers for electronic cigarettes on the market: finished products, RBA and drip atomizers.

The finished atomizer is easy to use, it can be used with the finished atomizing core, and the oil can be used. The product has good compatibility and can be matched with different brands. Different kinds of finished atomizing cores (conventional core, mesh core). Such as Advken’s Dark Mesh Tank, Manta Tank, Owl Tank. The disadvantage is that the former finished atomizer generally has a general taste, the amount of smoke is not large, and the cost of changing the atomizing core is high.

The RBA atomizer is characterized by good taste and a large amount of smoke, but the disadvantage is that it is troublesome to use. It requires the user to use the E-Juice guiding material such as electric resistance wire or cotton as the atomizing core. The consistency of the product is relatively poor, and for the same RBA atomizer, different people, different resistance wires, different pieces of cotton will make different effects, popular by DIY fans. The disadvantage is that the operation is difficult, and the user needs wick skills. Advken creates several classic RBA,such as Mad Hatter RDA, CP TF RDA, Artha RDA, and Manta RTA.

The drip atomizer is characterized by a large amount of smoke and high playability. In addition to the troublesome use of the RBA atomizer and poor consistency, the biggest disadvantage is that there is very little oil storage, so it is necessary to add smoke oil frequently, so it is not a kind of cigarette substitute product, and more like a toy, suitable for senior players to perform.

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—The current development of e-cigarettes in China and the global market

At present, the electronic cigarette industry has developed relatively mature in the international market. The global e-cigarette market has reached 12 billion US dollars, of which foreign markets account for 94%. The main markets are concentrated in the United States, Britain, Italy, France, Germany, and other countries. The market size is over 70%.

North America is the largest e-cigarette market. E-sales in the region was approximately $5 billion, accounting for 36%. Western Europe is the second-largest e-cigarette market with sales accounting for about 30% of sales of tobacco products in the region. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing markets for e-cigarette sales. According to the data, the top three global e-cigarette consumption markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy, accounting for 48.2%, 13.7% and 7.2% of global e-cigarette sales respectively. Although China produces more than 90% of the world’s electronic cigarettes, the products are mainly exported, and domestic e-cigarette consumption only accounts for about 6% of the global market share.

E-cigarettes in the rapid development of the international market, Advken is committed to improving products and services, focusing on creating the best e-cigarette products for users around the world.

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