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Electronic liquids also are known as vape Juice. It is an electronic atomized liquid match electronic cigarettes. The main components of e juice are food or pharmaceutical grade glycerol (also known as glycerin), 1,2-propanediol (generally without 1,3-propanediol) and polyethylene glycol, and tobacco-specific flavors.
The Vape Juice also contains nicotine, and the addition of nicotine is mainly for the sake of its taste closer to cigarettes.

What is PG?
PG means that PG means Propylene Glycol and the Chinese name is propylene glycol. Propylene Glycol A petroleum derivative made from the hydration of propylene oxide. It is a versatile ingredient. In the cosmetics and beauty industry, more than 4,000 products and formulations are used as moisturizers, skin conditioners, and fragrances. Essential oil carrier, solvent and viscosity reducer. It is also a commonly used food additive, also found in deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, tobacco products, and other industrial products such as antifreeze, brake fluids. The main role in tobacco oil is the perfume carrier, which is a very important presence in the smoke juice component.

What is VG?
VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin, and the Chinese name is plant glycerin. Glycerin is a sweetener and moisturizer commonly used in the food processing industry and is mostly found in sports foods and formulas. Glycerin is widely used in the food industry for two main reasons: it has a sweet taste, but its calories are lower than sugar; it absorbs moisture and absorbs moisture from the air. Plant glycerin is used in the manufacture of smoke liquid because of the demand for smoke generation. Generally, the higher the VG content, the greater the smoke generated by the e-liquid.

Nicotine, a common name for nicotine, is an alkaloid found in Solanaceae (Solanum) and an important component of tobacco. In tobacco oil, nicotine also produces the same dependence on nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy is a non-tobacco form, a small dose of safe nicotine preparation, replacing nicotine in tobacco, slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in the used tobacco oil, can reduce the dependence on nicotine.

What is perfume?
The perfume is a mixture of the alcohol solution of the essence, and an appropriate amount of the fragrance. It has a fragrant and rich aroma. Its main function is to spray on clothes, handkerchiefs, and hairline, etc. It is one of the important cosmetics.

Briefly, perfumes, flavors, and fragrances are volatile substances; they have a certain aroma and aroma that can be perceived by people’s sense of smell or taste; they require a material culture that is pleasing, spiritually pleasing and enriching people.

In English “Perfume” is derived from the Latin “Perfume”, which means “penetrating smoke.” By electronic cigarette atomizer heating, the e juice can produce a mist like a cigarette. Both can make people scent through the adsorption capacity. In other words, when you smoke e-cigarettes, the smoke envelopes you, others can smell the faint smell of smoke from your body, this is your own unique perfume.
artha v2 rta

Using Method of Vape Juice
Electronic cigarette liquids are used in conjunction with electronic cigarettes, generally ranging from 0.5 ml to 1 ml at a time. Using a needle-necked bottle, dilute the oil into the nebulizer and shake it.
When using, pay attention to the amount of smoke juice in the atomizer. Too little smoke liquids will cause damage and paste the smell of the atomizer.

The common flavor of E Juice
The taste of E-liquid is generally divided into four types: tobacco taste, fruit taste, herbal taste, and beverage taste.
Firstly, tobacco taste is generally like the existing cigarettes, such as the flavor of traditional cigarettes such as Zhonghua, Yuxi, and Marlboro. It can create a false appearance that you are smoking. After you enjoy it, you will find that you no need for smoking. By the way, e juice is healthy than tobacco.

Secondly, there are many fruit flavors, such as apples, mangoes, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and watermelons. As long as the fruit is present, it can be copied. Believe it or not, a large number of people like fruit juice, because it’s sweet and keep them fit by smelling mist.

Thirdly, the herbal taste is like the taste of grasses, such as mint, vanilla, licorice and so on. Actually, it can make you relax and calm down. In chemistry, a liquid fuel that easily evaporates and turns into vapor is called “volatile”.  Sometimes, it works as a psychological ballast. In addition, when herbal taste smoke fog covers you, tiny molecules volatilize and dispose of the air. And your clothes can adsorb them. When others come near you can notice your perfume, actually is your mist. Fog smells fresh, but it can appeal to brother, Mori girls, and peaceful persons. In my view, artists will love them.

the taste of the beverage is to imitate the taste of various drinks, such as cola. When you smoking drinks juices, you can pretend to drink the beverage already done and create an illusion to lose weight. In other words, you can help your boyfriend, girlfriend or family to achieve it.
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Consistence of Nicotine
E liquids are usually classified by concentration according to the nicotine content, such as the common “6mg”, “3mg” and “0mg”. Usually marked on the item’s bottle, representing the amount of nicotine per milliliter of smoke oil.
For example, “6mg” stands for “6mg/ml”, which is 6mg of nicotine per milliliter of smoke juice. In addition to the usual “6 mg” and “3 mg”, there are also “9 mg”, “12 mg”, “18 mg”, “24 mg”, “42 mg”, and “48 mg”. The higher the number, the higher the nicotine content of the smoky unit. The “0 mg” is nicotine-free, usually “special for large smoke” or used by no smokers.
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There are two main functions of nicotine in tobacco oil.
1: It is to satisfy the user’s nicotine intake demand, to obtain satisfaction and to achieve the purpose of replacing cigarettes.
2: Nicotine is also an important factor affecting the “throat feeling” of smoke oil. The higher the concentration of nicotine, the stronger the throat feel, and the more stimuli the user feels.
Therefore, the concentrations commonly found on the market are “6 mg”, “12 mg” and “18 mg”.

In general, vape juice is healthy, unlike the harm caused by “second-hand smoke” to others and the pollution of the environment.
The taste of healthy e-cigarettes will create your unique fragrance, which will attract the attention of others and create your own unique personal charm.

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