How to choose the suitable atomizer?

Vaporizers are an important part of e-cigarettes. Choosing the right type of vaporizer will make you have a pleasant vaping experience. However, the number of vape products has increased countless times since then, and many “terms” such as RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA… As these names are increased the difficulty of selection. In fact, the vaping atomizer can be classified according to the function or form and atomizing core. As long as the functional classification of the atomizer is clear, it can be more convenient when choosing and buying.

1. Classified by structure: It can be classified in RTA and RDA.  

RTA: With oil storage device, usually glass oil storage bin or steel oil storage bin.

RDA: There is no oil storage silo, and it is necessary to frequently add smoke oil to the oil guiding materials such as cotton, so it is called the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

Both have their own advantages :

RTA: It has good taste and does not require frequent dripping of smoke oil, which is a gift for lazy players; but its compact structure and the production of atomizer cores are subject to certain restrictions, which also makes it inferior to the RDA in terms of making large smoke.

RDA: it doesn’t have the atomization inner bin, flue, and oil storage bin. The atomization core has a large space for making large smoke. At the same time, it has a simple structure and is convenient for daily use and cleaning. It is not necessary to wash the oil storage bin when replacing other flavors of smoke oil. however, frequent opening and refueling will Reduce the comfort of taste.

So if u just want to replace the traditional cigarette, we recommend u the RTA, but if u are the Cloud Chaser RDA may be more suitable for u.

2. Classified by function

Atomizers can be divided into two types by function: “taste type” and “smoke”.

mouthfeel: also called ‘mtl’. it often used in a similar way to cigarettes, inhaled through the mouth, and is primarily used as replacement products.

Smoke: also called ‘dl’. it nebulizers typically inhale smoke directly into the lungs and exhale it. Since the volume of smoke is much greater than that of taste nebulizers, they are often used for smoke play or fancy tricks. Of course, many people use “smoke” atomizers to experience intense flavors, so “mouth feels” is a relative term to “big smoke.”

The “taste type” atomizer has a small cigarette holder, small air inlet, and small blowing hole, which determines its generally good taste from the structure. The small aperture can better control the concentration of smoke, so as not to dilute the smoke too much by air and affect the taste. The “smoke” type atomizer is the opposite, so this method can be used to determine the type of atomizer.

Big Smoke Players recommend choosing a “Smoke Type” atomizer to meet the needs; Taste it carefully and choose a “mouthfeel” atomizer.

3. Classified by atomizing core

According to the different atomizing core, it can be divided into two kinds: “finished atomizer” and “Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer(RDTA)’”.

Finished atomizer:The atomizing core of the finished product atomizer is the finished product made by the manufacturer, and the user can directly replace it after purchasing it. It is more suitable for people who have no time to make atomizing core by themselves. Its taste and performance are stable, but the use cost is high, and can not be adjusted according to their taste preferences.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer(RDTA) is referring to the atomization core is made by the users themselves, after reaching life can use heat wire, cotton, and other accessories to reestablish atomization core, can also be interpreted as a “DIY” atomizer, like said earlier RDA and RTA all belong to rebuild atomizer. Through DIY, the taste of e-cigarettes can be more coordinated with the smoke, which is bigger and more intense.

Whether it’s taste or smoke, if you just want to use e-cigarettes simply, then you can choose the finished type of atomizer. If you want to use vape as a hobby, you can choose RDTA. It’s not that difficult to make your own nebulizer core.

4. Conclusion

After reading the above content, I believe you must have some understanding of the common classification of e-cigarette vaporizers, so how should you choose a suitable one for your own?

  1. The first step is to determine the purpose of the vaporizer, whether it is used to replace or play with cigarettes. If it is used for smoke, then choose the taste type atomizer; if it is used for playing smoke, then choose the big smoke type atomizer.
  2. After the purpose is clear, it is necessary to determine whether you have the time and energy to learn relevant knowledge of e-cigarette and whether you are interested in the vape field. If the pace of life is fast and there is no time and energy, then you can choose the finished atomizer to use, otherwise, you can choose the RBA atomizer to experience the fun of DIY.

C, for the big smoke, many people who are more tangled should choose RDA oil drop atomizer or RDTA oil storage big smoke atomizer. In fact, once you like the Big Smog, you will feel the need for both. The author suggests that you can start from the oil drop atomizer because the structure is relatively simple, the operation space is large, the playability is high, more suitable for beginners to use.

If you’re going out a lot, or you’re having trouble with oil drops during daily use, or you just can’t find the right taste for the big smoke, you can choose an RDTA to experience a different style than oil drops.

Although seemingly complex, but as long as the determination of good use, then the choice will be more clear, not to choose the attack of difficulty. I hope this article can help more people to choose a suitable e-cigarette vaporizer.


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