How to Fix Leaking Vape

As vapers,  we have all experienced the pleasantries of a leaky tank. A lot of new users get a drip of e-liquid on their hand and freak out, frantically calling around and asking, “Why is my vape tank leaking?” Don’t panic. While it’s not pleasant to have e-liquid slowly dripping down the side of your vape mod or leaking during storage, leaking is common. Fortunately, fixing a leaky tank is usually a simple fix. The majority of the time it isn’t because of a faulty device, but instead due to something that the user is doing that makes it leak. Here are some steps to make sure you never have to solve with leaking vape again.

Check Your Coils

Many vape leak problems are related to the device’s coils. Most personal vaporizer brands have specific coils that work particularly well for that brand’s devices. Make sure that you are using the correct coils for your specific device. Also, keep in mind that coils weren’t made to last forever. At some point, they need to be replaced, and as they begin to degrade after heavy usage, vape leaks are probable. If you’ve been vaping on the same coil for several weeks or more, replace it and likely your vape leakage issues will be solved. Every now and then, you may even find a malfunction in a brand new coil. Millions of vape coils are manufactured each day, and sometimes a defunct product may make its way into a coil pack. Coils are relatively cheap to replace, so if your device is leaking frequently, start with a coil replacement as a solution.

Keep Your Tank Clean

It’s also important to perform regular maintenance on your vape device to maintain its longevity and performance. As time goes on, e-liquid can build up in your vape tank and cause issues, leakage being a major one. It is important to routinely clean your device and tank so that they will continue to perform as well as they did the day that you purchased them. After heavy usage, disassemble your tank and give it a good rinse. When replacing your coils, consider giving your tank a deeper cleaning by soaking it in alcohol to remove any built-up liquid.

Fill your Tank Properly

Examine your top-fill device to see if your vape tank is leaking from air holes. Vape tanks have a maximum fill capacity, and unfortunately, we can’t just overload them with unlimited amounts of juice. Leakage will happen if a tank is too full, as the juice will flow out of the top-fill hole. Keep an eye out for how much juice you are putting into your tank and find the optimal fill level for your device. Too much juice and you will experience a vaporizer tank leak; too little juice and your coils will dry up and burn out.

Hold your Mod Vertically

Most mods were meant to be used in a vertical position. Some mod brands put air holes at the top of the tank, while some might not have strong top seals since they aren’t made to be used in a horizontal position. Test vaping at different positions and see if you can recognize a reduction in leakage by holding your device at a more vertical angle.

Check for Cracks

Vape tanks from high-quality brands are made with pyrex glass and can hold up to most basic wear and tear. However, if you aren’t careful with your device, it is possible to crack the glass on your tank. Sometimes, the crack can be so fine that you’ll barely even notice it until it’s leaking every time you refill e-liquid. Examine your tank closely. If you do find that your tank is cracked, there’s no need to worry, most brands offer replacement glass that will get you back to leak-free vaping in no time!

Make Sure your Seals are Tight

Vaporizer leaking issues also may occur if the device’s parts aren’t screwed in and secured tightly enough. For example, if your vape tank’s coil isn’t screwed in all the way, or is cross-threaded, it may leave a gap or opening where juice can leak through. Also, check to ensure that the base of your tank is screwed in tight enough into the vape mod’s connector so that liquid does not leak between the base and the pyrex glass tube.

Use the Right E-Liquid

Vape juices aren’t all made equal, regardless of their nicotine levels. Every e-liquid is given a PG/VG ratio, which indicates the juice’s composition of propylene glycol versus its composition of vegetable glycerin. PG-based juices are typically thinner than VG-based juices and tend to leak a bit more. If you’re using a high PG juice, try switching to a juice with higher VG levels and see if the change reduces your vape juice leakage issues.

Travel With an Empty Tank

If you are traveling and carrying your device in your luggage, transport it with an empty tank. E-liquid bottles are thicker and sealed better, making them the right choice for containing e-liquid during travel. Vape tanks, on the other hand, have air holes where leakage can occur. Furthermore, if your device moves around too much in your luggage, it can lead to a cracked tank; soiling anything around it with the scent of your favorite e-liquid.

The Last Step to Solve a Leaky Tank

In the end, relax. A little e-liquid leakage isn’t the end of the world. However, we all want to have the best vape experience and sometimes things like juice leakage can interrupt our otherwise pleasurable experience. If you really want to prevent leakage problems, consider upgrading your tank. Check our staff’s selection of the 13 best vape tanks on the market! Do you have any more tips to prevent vape juice leakage? If so, tell us about it in the comments below. For sub-ohm tanks, vape coils are easily available online and in bricks and mortar vape shops and they are quite affordable. For some atomizers, like RDA and RTA, you can use wire and wick to create your own coils. Building coils tend to be for more experienced vapers.

You need to handle batteries safely

Some devices have internal batteries that can’t be removed. But other devices have external batteries that you can swap out and recharge externally. These batteries can be dangerous if you don’t look after them properly. To prevent accidents, make sure you purchase batteries from a reliable supplier. Don’t carry them loose in your pocket, get a carry case or keep them inside your vaporizer. If the plastic around your batteries starts to wear down, make sure you throw them out responsibly and get a new set.

Don’t take vaping too seriously, especially when someone wants to draw you into an argument about the relative pluses and minuses of vaping. Remember that you started vaping for a reason and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. And don’t be afraid to have fun with vaping. Pick out the wildest vape juice flavor you can find, chat with other vapers at work and in smoking areas, and attend vaping conventions. It’s all good fun.

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