How To Get Big Clouds From Your Vape?

For now,we love cloud chasing and love the idea of blowing a huge cloud that we can disappear behind. We wanted to cover how you can up your cloud game, whether it’s performing a vape trick or blowing the biggest vape cloud we want to get you to become the ultimate cloud chaser.

What is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is the act of blowing huge clouds with a vape. Cloud chasers are constantly trying to invent new ways to produce the biggest clouds of vapor. That means lower ohm coils, higher wattages and tons of airflow. Cloud chasing requires knowledge and experience in order to be done safely and properly, and it’s always a sub ohm vape.

But not all sub ohm vapers are necessarily cloud chasers. A sub ohm vape is the only way to achieve such voluminous cloud production. Cloud chasing has become more accessible today with the popularity of sub ohm vape tanks because it doesn’t require as much knowledge as before.

Still, safety is extremely important! That means having a good understanding of Ohm’s law and vape battery safety. Cloud chasing can be fun and enjoyable if done properly and respectfully.

The best cloud chase vapes

The easiest and safest way to start vaping and chase the cloud is to get a sub-ohm vape pen. It is equipped with a water tank and powerful battery, which is very easy to use, even for beginners. They make it very easy to start immediately, without a lot of knowledge.

If you want something more advanced, the best combination of cloud is a high-wattage box module with a rebuildable atomizer, preferably a dual-coil dripper. There are also rebuildable tanks suitable for sub-ohms and some excellent sub-ohm tanks that can be used without a lot of experience. Many of these modern auxiliary fuel tanks utilize multiple mesh coils, allowing high wattage and abundant dense clouds.

Under the right circumstances, blowing a larger vape cloud can be very pleasant, satisfying, and even very eye-catching. Although experience helps to blow out bigger clouds, some important techniques can help anyone blow out some big clouds like a professional. If you are interested in using the largest possible cloud to maximize your vape experience, please follow some tips on how to do it.

  1. Open your stomata

The vent is your vape way to release more steam. If you want to learn how to blow bigger clouds, you can change your vape vents to give you more steam and bigger clouds. You can also purchase kits and prefabricated vape with exactly the same functions.

  1. Open your lungs

When you inhale for a bigger blow, try to inhale directly into your lungs. This allows the vaper to get a greater overall hit rate. This technique may be harsh at first, making you cough and drool, but after a while, you will get used to it.

Also, when you have lung problems, try to inhale as much as possible. The longer and slower you are hit, the bigger the cloud you build.

  1. Target RDA

One of the best vape mods for the cloud is RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer), which allows chasers to build their own coils. E-cigarette users can add and remove coils at any time. The exchange is worthwhile, provided that you can manually add e-juice after it is popular.

  1. Choose the right liquid

When you are looking for the best liquid for large clouds, make sure you know the correct ratio between propylene glycol (the main additive in almost all e-juices) and vegetable glycerin (cloud thickness additive).

For big clouds beginners, simply try picking juices with high amounts of VG.

  1. Always get a good battery

The equation is simple, the more huge clouds you generate, the faster your battery can store. To avoid this, you can simply choose your cloud practice wisely, or you can buy long-life batteries.

When you are looking for the best battery to buy, look for a rechargeable battery with high consumption features. If you don’t have time or money, you can start practicing efficient cloud technology at any time. One of them is to ensure that you learn breathing patterns that save steam or use a lot of steam.

Generating huge clouds isn’t all restricted to using a particular vape. You can be having the exact device as an expert, but this does not necessarily mean your clouds will be awesome as theirs: your method/style means a lot. The most appropriate technique considers your mode of inhaling, exhaling, and even your body posture. Below is a step-by-step guide to blowing huge vapor clouds:

  • Exhale to entirely empty your lungs,
  • Slightly lean forward and remove the excess in the lungs
  • Exhale the remaining air through your device and see vapor escape through the vents
  • Inhale as strong and as long as you can while straightening your back upwards
  • Exhale steadily and at a normal speed while at the same time slightly pushing your jaw.
  • Afterward, when you’ve completely exhaled the air, tighten your lips. A powerful shot of vapor will be thrown into the air exploding into large clouds.

We hope this article helped you in any way possible. Whether it helped you improve your cloud production techniques, or you were looking to get into cloud chasing we hope you found something you liked.Are you ready to blow away other vapers? If so, then it’s time you started on the right equipment.

Don’t wait around, use these tips today!

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