Is it legal to carry and use vaping devices everywhere you go?

Is it legal to carry vaping devices everywhere you go? The simple answer to that question is “No”. The legality of carrying vape mods or vape pens changes place to place. You must take precautionary steps to ensure compliance with the law that pertains to the venues and locations you go to.

You would not want to pay fines for carrying or using a vaping device where it is illegal. Having said that, it is ideal to be prepared for the best and the worst while traveling. While preparing, you should know the ways to pack your vaping kit.

Not only that, you should learn about the legal status of vaping in the country that you are about to visit. In the same way, it is highly important to know the rules and regulations to carry vaping devices in airports and an aircraft.

Let me throw some light on the key things to be considered while you carry vaping devices while you travel to other states or countries.

Check the legal status before you leave
Usage of nicotine-liquids and flavored e-liquids are banned in some places. Likewise, carrying a vape device or a vape kit while you travel is not the same as you carry it within your hometown.

You may be successfully able to pass through the security check at your location. But the law in the country that you are visiting may not allow you to carry your vaping kit while you check out from their airport.

Laws pertaining to vaping is not the same in all the states and countries. Some countries legally allow vaping, and some countries imply a partial or complete ban on vaping. Also, the laws tend to be changed or tweaked at times. Hence, you should check the legal status of vaping while you plan the trip.

Regulations during transit
Vaping devices work using internal or external battery power. Vaping kits can be used to produce heat or flame, and are considered to be dangerous to be used in places like airplanes and public transportation.

However, you can carry vape devices that are dismantled and safely-packed. It is always better to remove all the vape liquids in your device and clean it properly before packing. Further, try to pack all your vaping devices and accessories in a good vape carrying case to ensure safety.

As a backup plan, you can carry packing materials that can be used to mail the vaping kits to your preferred location if not allowed to carry beyond any point.

Usage at airports, airplanes & ships
Security checks in most of the cruises, airports, and ships won’t refrain you from carrying your vaping kit. However, usage is prohibited in most transportation except ships which has dedicated zones for smoking and vaping. To stay unquestionable, ensure you vape only in those particular areas that are deemed as smoking-zone.

Vaping materials
You should be more careful in places where there is a partial ban on vaping. The partial ban means the law may allow vaping only based on compliance with a few regulations. In most cases, the regulations could be on the vaping materials.

Many countries across the world have banned materials that contain THC. Similarly, some states in the USA and a few other countries have banned all types of e-liquids. If you are planning to carry e-liquids that contain THC in it, then you should double-check the legal status of THC in the country you are traveling to.

Weed vapers should be more careful while carrying their vaping devices while traveling. Only a few locations in the world allow cannabis usage, and some of those countries have placed stringent regulations for the same.

Weed vapers should never carry more than a few milligrams unless it is proved to be necessary for medication. There are cases where people had to pay penalty just because they had vape kits with a little amount of weed in it.

Are you planning a very long trip? There are chances that you load up a lot of e-juice bottles in your vaping kit. Technically, it won’t be considered as personal use if you are carrying so much on your trip abroad.

Most of the airport security regulations allow the passenger to carry up to 100ml for personal use. Anything more than that might not be considered as a possession for personal use, and you may have to pay penalty for smuggling e-liquids with the intention to sell it in the foreign market. On top, you will have to leave all your e-liquids with the security agents.

If you are planning a very long trip, you should look for stores that sell e-juices in the country where you are visiting. E-liquids are available online, and you can place an order online to the address where you will be staying during the trip.

Countries that have banned vaping
Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and India are a few notable Asian countries that implemented complex regulations for vaping in recent times. Likewise, Egypt, Cambodia, Brazil, and Argentina are some familiar spots that have a ban on vaping.

Within the United States, Oregon, Montana, and Washington have made it illegal to use flavored e-liquid vapes. You can get the legal status of vaping in the various country from the Global tobacco control organization.

Vaping is just a habit for us. But there are more to it, and countries around the world possess different stance on vaping. It is perfectly alright to use or carry vaping devices within your state as you might know the legal status for vaping in your location.

If you are leaving your state, then you should do your homework before leaving with your vape kit. You might have to surrender your vape kit or may have to pay penalty for carrying or using a banned product.

Undeniably, vaping gives us pleasant moments to the vapers across the globe. At the same time, it can lead you to trouble if you are not aware of the local laws of the place you visit.

I hope that helps. Happy Vaping !!!


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