Origin of the Year of the Rat

The zodiac signs in Chinese culture are popular stories and are widely known. Do you know the origin of the zodiac?


More than 30,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors invented the 10 Tian Gan(or heavenly stems)and 12 Di Zhi(or 12 earthly branches for chronological purpose. Later, people used 12 animals to symbolize the 12 earthly branches in order to make things easier to memorize and the animals in order are the mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. You might found out that many Chinese people strongly believe that the time of a person’s birth is the primary factor in determining that person’s characteristics.

2020 has arrived. According to the Zodiac algorithm, 2020 is the traditional Chinese year of the rat. The mouse runs fast. As a small animal with a high IQ, it is the first place in the zodiac ranking. Today I will tell you about the story of the mouse and why he is ranked first.

(Story content excerpt from folk literature)


The rat belongs to the first place in the zodiac, and belongs to the twelve earthly branches, “child”, so the “child hour” at twelve hours a day-ten to one in the morning, also known as “rat time”.

It is said that a long time ago, the zodiac was under the control of the four heavenly kings. Whatever the king of the deacon’s surname was, that person was born that year. Later, after the four heavenly kings returned to Tiangong to guard the Nantian Gate, the emperor of the Jade Emperor decided to pick twelve animals to represent the zodiac of the human world and give them as gods. In order to reflect the principle of fairness, the emperor ordered that all animals on the earth can go to the heavenly palace on a prescribed day Should be selected, and the order of the animals arrived at the Temple as the order, only the first twelve.

At that time, the mouse and the cat were a pair of good friends. They agreed to go to Tiangong to fight for the zodiac sign, and they agreed to call the cat to go together. However, the clever little mouse thinks that many animals on the earth are more beautiful than themselves and also useful to humans, such as cat chanting, rabbits worshiping the moon, dog guarding the house, dragons and snakes governing water, monkey town, cattle and horse farming, pig and sheep supply People eat, they should think of a way to win the genus. So, in the early morning of the day when it was prescribed to Tiangong, the little mouse quietly got up and didn’t call the cat. He secretly jumped into the horn of the old cow and hid it. The toughest and most diligent cow took himself to Tiangong. Lao Niu was the first to reach the gate of Tiangong. At dawn, the four great kings had just opened the gate of the palace, and the cow had not had time to lift the hoof. The little mouse leapt down from the horns and went straight to the palace of the palace. Although Jade Emperor was unwilling to name this little rat as a zodiac. However, there were no jokes in the mouth of the kings, and the rules set by himself could not be changed. The Jade Emperor had to declare the rat as the head of the zodiac.

The cat waited at home for a long time without seeing the rat’s shadow, so it had to rush to Tiangong by itself. Because waiting for the mouse delayed the time, when the cat arrived at the Tiangong, the quota of the zodiac signs was full, and there was no cat’s share. From then on, the cat hated the mouse and rushed to bite it when he saw it, so as to vent his anger, and the mouse also felt that he couldn’t afford some cat friends and fled when he saw the cat. To this day, the cat and the mouse are still facing each other. People also think that the first sign of the zodiac of the mouse is not so bright and upright, and it also loses favor with the mouse, and other animals have alienated it.

So, he left people and other poultry and animals to establish his own home and live an independent life. To this day, their children and grandchildren still live underground. On the contrary, it avoids entanglement and struggles with other animals, so the rat family has always been smooth and prosperous. After all, the rat was in the first seat of the zodiac with its alertness and cleverness.

Do you know the zodiac signs of ADVKEN product list?

oasis pod

Smart Rat, mini but always smart, it’s OASIS POD

ayana kit

Strong bull, like Ayana S Kit, big and powerful

manta rta

Dragon, with gold shining, beauty as Manta RTA

manta tank

Tiger, he is the king of Sub-ohm Tank, Manta Tank

wanderlust lite

Small rabbit, Wanderlust Lite,is it cute?

twril RDA

Monkey Monkey,Twril RDA is most naughty

owl kit

Snake, thin and powerful, is the shape like Owl Kit (It should be Owl haha)

cp tf rta

You can count sheep if you can’t fall in sleep, or you can use CP TF RTA

artha v2 rda

Cock gets up early, the earliest RDA that swept Southeast Asia, Artha

owl tank

Horse, gain an immediate victory with Owl Tank

manta mtl v2

Dog, human friend, you will have its loyalty, the same as Manta MTL V2

dark mesh tank

Huge Pig, who is the biggest Atomizer in Advken, Dark Mesh Tank

Regarding the zodiac signs, what is the electronic cigarette device in your mind?
Happy New Year and I wish you a happy year of the rat!

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