Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

If you have been in the vaping world for a while, you may have heard of the term sub-ohm in your local vape store, or saw it online when you ordered your favorite e-liquid flavor. If it sounds like you, you might be wondering what sub-ohm atomization is and how it differs from conventional atomization. Sub Ohming is the final front of many vapers. If you started with an easy-to-use mouth-to-lung vape kit, then you might want to get involved in cloud tracking. Does bigger clouds, harder taste and lower nicotine content sound good? Sub Ohm vaping may be for you. If all this seems daunting, and you don’t know where to start, then we will be friendly, and we will help you. We will explain what Sub-Ohm atomization is, how to do it, and why it is done, and then talk about some more.


What is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is called Sub-ohm because to vape in this way, you need a device that can handle coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm.

The resistance level of the coil affects the amount of current or current that can pass and the degree of heating of the coil. The lower the resistance of the coil, the greater the current that can pass through the vape coil. This will generate more heat and produce more steam and smell.

Therefore, when you atomize with a coil below 1 ohm, you will allow more current to pass through the coil, which means that you’re atomizing mod will heat the e-liquid to a higher temperature, thereby generating more steam.

Sub-ohm vaping is completely related to steam generation and rich flavor experience. It is more intense than regular vaping, which is why it is preferred by experienced vapers.


Sub Ohm vaping offers

1. Higher power output

2. Higher firing temperature

3. Beast cloud and epic taste

4. A truly personalized vaping experience


Why sub-ohm vape?

If you’re looking to take the next step in your vaping and move on from compact vape pens or basic tank mods, sub-ohm vaping could be for you. Sub-ohm vaping is ideal for people who began vaping as a way to quit smoking but now no longer rely on a hit of nicotine and, instead, vape for the enjoyment of the flavour hit and vapour production.

Sub-ohm vaping is a step up from regular vaping and so the experience is all the more intense, here are some reasons you might want to try sub-ohm vaping.

Huge cloud production: Sub ohm vaping will produce thicker, denser and larger clouds, which makes it the first choice for chasers to mine high VG sap. The sound of a nuclear cloud blowing at the door of the office may not fall well, but if you are lucky enough to spend a day in a vape-friendly environment, it is simply is knees. Many vapers carry a vape pen to work and save the Sub-Ohm cloud to protect their house, thus balancing the pressure of vaping etiquette.

A deeper lung hit:Regular mouth to lung vaping tends to closer replicate cigarette smoking and is the preferred method for people just starting out vaping as a way to quit smoking. Because the vapour is held in the mouth before it’s inhaled, the hit on the lungs isn’t so intense. But, with sub-ohm vaping, where the inhalation is direct to the lung, the lung hit is a lot stronger. When you sub-ohm vape you breathe the vapour directly into your lungs which gives a much more intense sensation.

Smoother, more intense flavour:While high PG liquids for mouth to lung devices can pack a pretty good punch on flavour, they’re nothing in comparison to a well-constructed sub ohm setup. Manufacturers have specifically developed some high VG e-liquids to accommodate low resistance, Sub-Ohm devices. Dinner Lady’s range are perfect for Sub-Ohm vaping. Also coming highly recommended, are the trustworthy Element and our in-house 70/30 flavours like Watermelon Candy Coconut, Apricot Mango and Caramel Coffee Custard.


What kit do you need to sub-ohm vape?

If you’re just getting started in the world of sub-ohm vaping, there are some great bits of kit that can help you get going. You’ll need a vape kit that has a variable power setting and a battery that can handle the higher power used in sub-ohming. We have a huge range of sub-ohm kits that have been specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping that, when used with a compatible sub-ohm vape tank and sub-ohm coil, offer a brilliant vaping experience.



As early as the dark ages, Sub Ohm vaping required a good understanding of Ohm’s law, wrapping with its own wire, checking resistance, wicking and dripping. Nowadays, you can still do all these things (if you feel this tendency), but you are free to use excellent Sub Ohm tanks from all over the world. They are manufactured with extremely low resistance, can handle high wattages, and can even compete with optimized homemade coils in terms of steam generation.

With one of them and a module that can output 40 watts or more, you will have an excellent Sub Ohm experience, which will bring you great flavor and those atomic-sized clouds.

As for how you actually breathe in, the way you breathe in from mouth to lung is somewhat different. When you smoke into your lungs (as the name suggests), you inhale the vapor into your mouth and then down into your lungs. The Sub Ohm mist (also known as direct to the lungs) goes around the mouth. You can inhale deeper directly into the lungs. Combine the increased airflow, low PG/high VG vape juice and more power from the module, and you will get a supercharged cloud.

A sub-ohm vape mod or pen is regarded as the safest and simplest tool for enjoying your favorite vape juice. The devices feature a tank and battery in a single unit that’s user-friendly for beginners. For an advanced and fancy experience, the appropriate combo for clouds would be a high-wattage mod coupled with an RBA (rebuildable atomizer), favorably a double-coil dripper. Also, more advanced rebuildable tanks designed for sub-ohm vaping that do not require a lot of experience to be used have been manufactured.




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