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vapes (also known as steam cigarettes), as a new craze, seem to be sweeping the world. It is not only a good way to quit smoking, but also, because there are a variety of different models of atomizers, there are a large number of flavors to choose from, you can personalize it according to your own preferences!

One major difference between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes is the amount of smoke they produce. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can produce an amazing amount of smoke. This makes e-cigarettes perfect for smoke shows! And once you’ve gotten into the basics of vaping and have your setup complete, you might want to start taking things to the next level: vape tricks. These are a huge hit at vaping conventions and contests, but they’re nothing new. As long as people have been smoking, they’ve been performing tricks with their smoke.

You may think that you “do not know any smoke-spitting skills”, but don’t worry. Next, we will list some of the best techniques that you can fully master, from basic smoke rings, or O’s, to more advanced tricks, such as the Jellyfish. We’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of tips and tricks to take your vaping skills up a notch And you only need a little practice!

Blow O’s– original skill

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This is the oldest trick and the most classic. This is the oldest trick and the most classic. And it is also the threshold to prove that you are a real vapor before others don’t know you. Once people know that you can do some smoke ring performances, they will ask you to spit a smoke ring to prove it. Therefore, you better make sure you have this skill. How to do it?

Step 1: Mouth Shape and Lip Formation. Just having your mouth in the shape of an “O” isn’t going to do the trick. You have to keep your lips tightened and pushed back toward your teeth rather than pursed outward. You’ll need to practice to get not only the correct force, but the right amount of “O” shape to properly create the rings. Size matters here, too. If your lips are opened too wide or not wide enough, the vapor will just come out in a stream as it does when you normally exhale. To find the best size for your mouth, open it as wide as you can while still keeping that “O” shape, and then take that size down by half.

Step 2: Tongue Placement. This is a crucial step that many people don’t consider when trying to make O’s. To start, bend the tip of your tongue downward and press down with a decent amount of force. While still pressing down, move your tongue toward the back of your throat. Your tongue should look almost like an upside down “U” at this point.

Step 3: The Cough Method. Rather than simply exhaling the vapor, “coughing” it out is a much more effective way to make good, solid O’s. Once your mouth and tongue are in place, cough very lightly using your throat and vocal cords, making a soft “uh” sound with your throat.

Some skills of the beginner :

  • Dragon beard/smoke from seven orifices


Smoke comes out from the nose and the corners of the mouth. It is simple and cool. Foreigners call it Dragon. How to do it? Let we look at below :

  • Take a deep breath of e-cigarette for as long as possible, but don’t breathe in;
  • Exhale forcefully at the same time on both sides of the nose and mouth.
  • Ghost suck


Slowly spit the cigarette out of your mouth, and suck it back with the suction of your mouth before it disperses. There are more ways to combine with other tricks, and it’s easier and cooler. How to do it ?

  • Extend the time of smoking e-cigarettes, but do not inhale;
  • Leave the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds;
  • Squeeze the smoke out of the mouth in a compact shape;
  • Quickly suck the smoke back into the mouth again
  • Push the smoke ring


You may have seen someone manipulate the smoke they spit with their own hands, and now you can do it too! However, this requires a lot of practice, and the key is time and skill. How to do it

  • Spit out a smoke ring;
  • Carefully put your hand behind it and direct it in the direction you want.
  • Once you have mastered step 2, practice turning your palm around the smoke ring to make it spin.
  • Waterfalls flow


When the smoke leaves your mouth, it enters your nose and looks like there is a waterfall on your mouth. How to do it

  • Smoke e-cigarettes for as long as possible, but don’t inhale it into the throat;
  • Extend your jaw so that you have something to bite;
  • Slowly open your mouth to let the smoke float out by itself;
  • Use your nose to suck the floating smoke.

    Vape Tricks for Advanced Users

After you feel comfortable with the more basic tricks, you can start working your way through the more advanced ones. These can take several months to master, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t learn these as easily as you may have learned the basic tricks.

  1. The Tornado.

As you probably guessed from the name, this trick involves whirling a flat pool of vapor into a tornado-like structure. Take a hit from your vape and then carefully and slowly exhale the vapor onto a flat surface such as a table. Don’t exhale with a lot of force as the pool needs to be as thick and still as you can make it. Then chop at the surface of the pool with your hand, flicking your wrist up and lifting your arm in one movement.

  1. French Inhale.

This move is also known as the “Irish Waterfall” and was made famous by rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. To begin, take a hit but don’t inhale the vapor. Let it settle in your mouth and then slowly open your mouth, stick out your bottom jaw, and let the vapor flow out naturally while inhaling through your nose.

  1. Bane Inhale.

Yes, by Bane we mean the Batman villain. This is an alternate take on the French Inhale that mimics the mask worn by Bane. Set up the trick just as you would to do the French inhale, but place your top row of teeth on your bottom lip to form small gaps. As the vapor floats out from your mouth, inhale through your nose quickly to produce the best results.

  1. Bull Rings.

This trick requires quite a bit of practice and precision. First, blow a thick O (you’ve mastered this one, right?) and lean into it, inhaling through your nostrils to bring the top part of the O through your nose. This creates the illusion of you “wearing” the O, and is doubly impressive if you already have a septum piercing!

  1. The Jellyfish.

Also known as the “Atomic Bomb” and “Force Field,” this trick is a huge crowd-pleaser and is also one of the most difficult tricks to learn. First, blow a large O and immediately place your hand, palm forward, behind it and push gently and slowly down the O. Gently exhale a stream of vapor through the center of the ring (like you did with the Ghost Inhale). This stream should pull the O around it, leaving a trail that looks like a jellyfish.

Although some of these vape tricks are seriously advanced and all of them require practice to get right every time, it’s a great way to enhance your vaping experience and find a fun new hobby.And we hope everyone can get what they want and have a high ground in the vape show !


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