The Disposable Vape Craze

The Disposable Vape Craze. What are Disposable Vapes and Why are they so popular?

If you are a seasoned vaper or even just someone that reads the news about new products on the market, the term disposable vape or disposable vape pen would have hit your radar at some point in time.

For a while, it seemed like disposable vapes were going to fade away as soon as they hit the market while back, and it seemed to be true. When the U.S banned flavored pod in 2020, this changed the vaping scene completely.

Since then, the disposable vape pen has become increasingly popular and it doesn’t seem like it would slow down anytime soon.

In this article, we talk about what a disposable vape is, how it works, the cost of owning one, and some technical bits about these disposable flavors.

What Exactly is a Disposable Vape?

The major difference between the traditionally flavored pod and disposable vape is the fact that it cannot be recharged, it has a good battery life and the pod cannot be refilled. Therefore, disposable e-cig devices as there are sometimes called, have to be disposed of as soon as they run out of juice or the battery runs out.

Also, a subtle but important characteristic of a disposable vape is that it is usually thicker, and sometimes more colorful than a standard vape pen. Also, it is shaped liked a highlighting pen.

Therefore, disposable vape pens can easily be classified as single-use, ready-to-use vape devices that come at affordable prices and do not require charging or refilling.

Some of the common names of disposable vape pens are disposable e-cig, disposable flavors, disposable vape pen, and disposable vape.

Disposable Vapes in Recent History

The recent rise in the popularity and demand of disposable vapes was majorly influenced by the finalized enforcement by the United States FDA in January of 2020. The ban is popularly known as the flavored Pod Ban.

The ban forbade vape shop owners from selling refillable cartridges of fruity or dessert flavored e-liquid. However, tobacco-flavored e-liquid is still widely available. While some people are satisfied with the traditional tobacco flavored e-cig, a whole lot more people preferred the flavored versions.

The ban, however, led to the increase in popularity of the disposable vapes since they didn’t require a refillable cartridge. Therefore, disposable vape pens or disposable flavors were immediately embraced by vapers who preferred fruity and dessert flavors.

What made disposable vapes even more popular is their cheap cost, small size, and ease of use, even for a beginner vaper.

The Differences between Disposable Vapes and Disposable Pods

The major difference between a reusable (open) pod system and a disposable e-cig system is the fact that the former can be recharged, and refilled, the latter cannot be recharged or refilled, hence the term disposable.

Some of the other notable differences include:

  • Price: on a long-term basis, a reusable vape pod is more cost-effective than a disposable vape since it is cheaper to buy e-juice for refilling. However, given the fact that the purchase of e-juice refills has been banned and a single disposable e-cig is cheaper than an open system pod, the disposable vape can be regarded as cheaper.
  • Performance: Actually, you can find a relatively similar satisfying performance from both sides of the vaping devices.
  • Maintenance: Disposable vape requires no maintenance at all from the user, just open up the pack and begin usage. A reusable pod on the other hand requires some level of maintenance and technical know-how from the user.
  • Convenience: The Disposable vape is definitely the winner here, this is literally why it was designed; to provide the optimum convenience to the user.

What is Inside a Disposable Vape

A disposable vape pen consists of similar components as their reusable e-cigs. Therefore, a typical disposable vape would have:

  • A mouthpiece through which the vapor is inhaled
  • A chamber that holds the e-liquid
  • An atomizer that serves as the heating element that generates heat to facilitate the vaporization of the e-liquid
  • A battery to power the atomizer
  • A disposable e-cig doesn’t come with a power button, all you have to do is just inhale and wait till the led glows.

The Cost of Disposable Vapes

As a rule of thumb, most disposable vape pens cost less than their non-disposable counterpart. Regardless of the amount of nicotine in a rechargeable vape pen, users tend to pay more for the ability to reuse these devices.

The average price of a disposable vape starts from as low as $5 to about $12 depending on the manufacturer, flavor, and number of puffs.

As a form of comparison, on average, a single cigarette allows for 8-12 puffs. Therefore, a 20 pack cigarette will be equivalent to a single disposable vape. Therefore, for a 20 pack per day cigarette smoker, a single disposable e-cig should do. This is equivalent to an average of $7 per day if you smoke every day.

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Pen Last?

Normally, if you are worried about the battery of your disposable vape pen running out before the e-liquid in the vape pen, then don’t. The batteries found in disposable vape pens are built to last longer than it would take to finish the e-liquid in them.

It is hard to come up with a definitive time frame for how long a disposable vape pen would last, as it depends on a myriad of factors. Some of those factors include your rate of use, the length of your puffs, the amount of e-liquid found in each pen, and the number of puffs that a certain vape pen allows.

Therefore, depending on the factors mentioned above, a disposable vape can last from three days to a week or even a month.

The Benefits of a Disposable Vape

Cheaper than Cigarettes and Reusable Mods (in the short term)

The major benefits of disposable vape include being a very cheap solution for vapers who prefer flavored e-liquid. Disposable e-cig is also very user-intuitive, this means that just a few minutes after purchase, even a user that is new to vaping can easily get a handle on it.

Improved Technology and Small size

Since the inception of disposable vape pens, the technology around e-cig has continued to improve and this has made it possible for disposable flavors to come in compact sizes. Most vape pens come in sizes that can easily fit in most pockets, and their shape and size make it easy to toss after use.

The amazing thing about disposable e-cigs is the fact that even though their size has decreased over the years, their efficiency and quality has only improved rapidly over the years. This means, with a disposable vape, you can easily get the same experience as you would expect from the traditional e-cig.

Lack of Initial Commitment

Another advantage of disposable flavors is that you can try vaping for as low as $5 and decide whether or not it is right for you. unlike the reusable mods that you have to purchase tank kits for, you don’t have to commit straight away.

 A Better Alternative for Tobacco Smokers

It is easy to notice that disposable vapes mimic the feel of cigarettes, and even the drawing sensation can easily be compared to that of cigarettes. Also, the small size and shape make it very similar to cigarettes, therefore, this can be a very solution for people trying to quit smoking tobacco.

A Wide Selection of Flavors

There is a wide selection of disposable vape flavors for users to enjoy, ranging from fruity flavors to menthol flavors and even dessert flavors. Some of the most popular flavors on the market include Lush Ice, Grape Ice, Lychee Ice, and Peach Ice.

Disposable recommend

Puff: 2500 puffs

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

Pod Capacity: 7ml

Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω

Coil Material: Mesh Coil

Nicotine: 3% (support customization)

Puffs: 1200puffs

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Pre-filled E-liquid: 4ml

Coil Resistance: 1.6Ω

Nicotine: 5% (support customization)

Size: 17*98mm

Puffs: 800puffs

Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Pre-filled E-liquid: 2ml

Coil Resistance: 1.8Ω

Nicotine: 2%(support customization)

Size: 14*89.5mm

Puffs: 500puffs

Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Pre-filled E-liquid: 2ml

Coil Resistance: 1.8Ω

Nicotine: 2%(support customization)


Thanks to the popularity of the disposable vape, there are numerous products out there for you to try out and find the one that works best for you.

Cheers, happy vaping.


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