The Easy Guide To Safe, Healthy Vaping

Everyone that has had any experience with vaping will agree that it is fun and intense. Whether you’re doing it alone or with friends, it can be a great way to try something new and exciting.

Despite reports that vaping is unsafe, most claims are based on operator error or incorrect use. In truth, the vaping industry is still pretty new and lightly regulated. Due to this, it can be very easy to vape in an unsafe or unhealthy manner. While vaping is not inherently dangerous, harm can result to you or others if you vape in an unsafe manner.

Considering this, it is necessary that you always keep important safety tips in mind when indulging alone or with friends. In this article, you will learn these tips to keep in mind and also pointers for how to clean and keep your e-cigarette in good shape.

Tips for healthy vaping

Vaping is fun, but it can be harmful. How’s this? Simple. Any activity can be harmful if done incorrectly. A simple exercise routine can become very painful or hurtful if you do it incorrectly. Sports like running or basketball can cause harm if you use the poor or wrong equipment. Even your cell phone can be dangerous for you if you handle it in the wrong manner.

Just like all these activities, vaping can be harmful either to you or others if you do it wrong. So in this section, you’ll learn what you need to pay attention to when vaping.

Maintain vaping etiquette

While vaping is still relatively new in mainstream society, there are rules of etiquette and safety that you must keep in mind. These rules are especially important when it comes to vaping around others.

Most smokers recognize that smoking can be an irritant to others. Although vaping is not harmful, especially compared to smoking, it can still be an irritant. You’re unlikely to be pleased if you were making your way home on the bus or the subway and someone blows a cloud of vapor in your face.

It’s often best to avoid vaping in enclosed places and while you are in transit. Some venues may allow vaping but you should not assume this unless you are sure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the vapor from e-cigarettes may be harmful around children and pets. While it is in a way harmful to kids as compared to cigarettes, many people would discourage you from vaping around children. For pets, the nicotine in e-liquids can even prove dangerous. Propylene glycol, for instance, is harmful to cats.

Pay attention to your nicotine intake

Although there are more than 1,000 ingredients in cigarettes, nicotine is often one to pay close attention to. This is one of the reasons why e-cigarettes are so much better than traditional cigarettes. They can help you manage your nicotine intake and slowly withdraw from the substance if that’s your ultimate goal.

You should know that all e-liquids have varying levels of nicotine, ranging from 0 mg to 6 mg. Some offer even greater concentrations of up to 30 mg.

You need to pay attention to how much nicotine your body is comfortable with, in accordance with your ultimate goals. To do this, you may need to do some experimentation first to determine your baseline level (if you are a first time user). You can then start stepping down to lower concentrations.

Your equipment will also be key to managing nicotine levels. Some equipment will result in greater nicotine intake into your body. For instance, a sub-ohm device will get more nicotine into your body than a basic device would. So read up on your new device and adjust your mg level accordingly.

Drip carefully

One of the biggest safety issues that often confront users arises with dripping. When you manually take control of how much e-liquid drips onto your e-cigarette coil, you are dripping.

While dripping is not inherently dangerous, it can be harmful if you do it incorrectly. Ordinarily, the amount of drip to your e-cigarette coil is controlled automatically. When you take manual control of the process, some harm may result if you drip too much or shoddily.

You should be careful to ensure you don’t pay out too much liquid on your coil. This can result in an even greater cloud of vapor that may be too much. Don’t drip too little either as this can result in dry vaping and will leave you with an itch in the back of your throat.

Watch where and how you drip too. Try not to drip all over the component parts of your device. If you flood the atomizer or drip on the batteries, you may cause damage to the device. Even worse, it could lead to harm for you. If you see fumes from your atomizer or battery, you should cease using your e-cigarette immediately.

Watch your batteries

There have been some reported incidences with e-cigarette batteries. These incidents can result in overheating or even explosion of the batteries when they are used incorrectly.

One of the primary problems with batteries is an incompatibility. You want to make sure your battery is the right match for your device as having a wrong match can lead to overloading. In rare cases, this may lead to an explosion.

Your charger too should be compatible with the battery. Typically, batteries have a rating range so any charger that fits the range should work just fine.

Even with this, try not to let your e-cigarette charge unattended. Close attention can help you quickly notice signs of overheating such as being overly warm to the touch or very hot. Avoid cheap replacement charging equipment as they may also lead to overheating.

Cleaning and maintaining your e-cigarette

Just as it is important for you to stay safe while vaping, it is also necessary to keep your device clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your e-cigarette and also ensure healthy vaping.

Your normal cleaning routine should include removal of vapor material residue and maintenance of the component parts. Your vape tank should be cleaned regularly by inserting it in warm water with one or two drops of detergent (if necessary). If you don’t clean it regularly, the chemical residue from other e-liquids may accumulate as a layer in your tank. This leads to poor taste and the residue may even break down plastic components over time.

Keep the mouthpiece clean and gunk free to avoid germs. You can remove and wash the mouthpiece in the same manner as the e-liquid tank. Keep the exterior clean as well by wiping down the device with a soft cloth.

Keep in mind that components such as your coil and wick will degrade over time. Do not try to clean the coil as inserting it in water or getting water on it can damage it. Water may also cause it to malfunction and that may result in harm. It is best to replace coils and wicks when they are past their useful life. You will usually notice this when the flavor produced by your e-cigarette deteriorates.

Have fun and stay safe!

Vaping is meant to help you enjoy a unique experience. Don’t ruin your experience by failing to use safely and legally. When you pay attention to all these tips, you can have fun, stay healthy and remain cool.

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