Top vape flavors across the world

Vaping is fun because of all those mind-blowing flavors and clouds. The majority of people choose to vape to quit smoking cigarettes without the withdrawal symptoms. Honestly, vaping works well in providing the nicotine without exposing the users to cancer-causing chemicals.

Seemingly, most of the beginners get into the world of vaping due to the flavors. Top vaping brands around the globe offer a wide range of amazing flavors for vapers. Nevertheless, they make the majority of their profits from only a few particular vape juice categories.

People might prefer varied nicotine strength and flavors. However, only a few flavors manage to remain in the list of popular vape flavors across the world. Ran out of vape juice? Wondering which flavor to choose next? Read on, and you might find inspiration on this page.

Tobacco vape juices

Smokers would like to enjoy the tobacco flavor in their vapes. Tobacco remains the top scorer among thousands of best vape flavors in the world. Tobacco is not just one flavor; you got hundreds of different tobacco flavors. Astonishingly, several tobacco flavors offer varied tastes and sensations.

DIY vape suppliers know the significance of tobacco flavor in their business. Vapers would like to enjoy their favorite tobacco flavor that may not be available with regular brands. DIY vape suppliers are the ones that offer the most exciting and unique tobacco flavors. Below are some unique and popular tobacco flavors across the world.

  • Classic tobacco (regional)
  • American red tobacco
  • Mexican tobacco
  • Virginia tobacco
  • French tobacco
  • Vanilla tobacco
  • Clove tobacco
  • Mint tobacco
  • Caramel tobacco

Mint/menthol vape juices

Menthol vape juices are the second most popular vape flavors across the world. In most cases, people prefer the plain classic menthol vape flavors. The menthol in a plain base juice can make the vapor cold when you inhale. Some menthol vapes offer the cold feel until you exhale the vapor, and vapers enjoy such refreshing flavor so much.

Some menthol vapes come with the underlying fruity flavors. Menthol based fruity e-liquids taste far different and better when compared with regular fruity vapes. Menthol enhances the underlying flavor with a mild minty and chill sensation. Below are some most popular menthol vape flavors.

  • Spearmint and menthol
  • Strawberry and menthol
  • Sweet candies and menthol
  • Tobacco based mint/menthol


We all would love a little citrus when the temperature is above average. However, some vapers would just keep vaping the citrus flavors anywhere, anytime and at all climates. Lime is the most popular citrus e-liquid in the world.

Some people prefer sugar undertones in their citrus, and they buy flavors that are based on orange fruit varieties. Those flavors provide a rich sweet and sour taste when you vape them. Besides, people buy vape juices that have both citrus and other fresh fruit flavors. Below are some popular citrus-based vape flavors.

  • Lime vape juices
  • Tangelo
  • Sweet lime
  • Mandarin
  • Grapefruit
  • Bitter fruit
  • Citrus candies


Berry varieties are one of the most popular vape juice flavors in all countries. Vapers love the berries and love it more when it is paired with creamy and sweet-pastry-flavors. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are the most favorite flavors of a majority of the vapers. However, there are a few tarty berry fruits that add to the list of flavorful berry vape juices.

Berry vape liquids that come with the undertones of the pies and desserts contribute the majority sales to the vape brands. Below are some top berry vape juices.

  • Menthol and berries
  • Mint and berries
  • Honey with berries
  • Citrus with berries
  • Vanilla with berries
  • Butterscotch with berries
  • White chocolates with berries

Creams and custards

Vape juices with the flavoring of creams and desserts attract food lovers altogether. Taste and sensations of these flavors are based on pastries and milk products. People love these flavors because of its subtle taste and feel. When the flavor is not too intense, you won’t get bored with it. These flavors can be your all-day-vape juice in all probability.

It is observed that these flavors are being bought by intermittent vapers mostly. Vapers can taste their favorite food while keeping away from calorie-rich foods. Not to mention, the nicotine strength helps the vapers to handle the nicotine craving. Below are some popular creams and custard vape juices.

  • Apple custards
  • Banana custards
  • Cereals with creams and custards
  • Nuts and creams
  • Ice creams and custards
  • Coffee, cream, and milk
  • Cereal and chocolate
  • Melons and milk

How to choose the best vape kit to enjoy your favorite vape juice?

To be honest, there are no standard methods to choose the best vape kit or vape juice. However, you can buy the best vape kit by checking the below parameters before making the purchase.

orcas vape

Vape kit

Regulated / Mechanical: Serious vapers who like to play with their vaping kit might build monstrous coils that require higher output. Regulated mods come with power restrictions, and mechanical mods can offer you the much-needed unrestricted power output. However, regulated mods are the safest choice to avoid accidental firing and burns. Mechanical mods require expert knowledge, and it is ideal for advanced users.

Battery: Analyze your lifestyle to determine the requirement for battery power. If you are a frequent traveler, then you might need a vape kit that utilizes replaceable batteries. Built-in batteries may not provide you with long-lasting power while you travel. A couple of extra batteries can do the trick when you don’t have a power source when you travel.

Portability: Vape pens and pod vapes are the most portable ones. If you prefer stealth vaping and ultra-portability, then you should choose a vape pen or vape pod. Nevertheless, mod kits are the best choice when it comes to power and customization.

Vape juice

Try to choose a vape juice with your favorite flavor as the undertone. You will get annoyed and bored if the flavoring is very strong. Try to keep it low, and focus on buying from the authentic brands. Look for the estimated shelf-life; higher shelf-life means more preservatives.

Likewise, add some menthol to make it more enjoyable and less boring. It is always better to compare the top brands. That way, you will be able to identify the best vape juice that costs you less.

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