Vaping and Atomizers: What’s the Difference?

Those who don’t vape will be forgiven for thinking that a Vaporizer and an Atomizer are two different things – and, in essence, they are. However, an atomizer is a piece of technology included inside most vaporizer kits. So, although they might be two different things, one cannot always function without the other. What’s the difference between an atomizer and a vaporizer? One is part of a device, and the other is the full device.

About Vape Atomizer

A vaping atomizer is a chamber within your vaping device that contains the heating coil and wick. The atomizer can be single coiled or dual coiled, depending on the strength of your device. Vaping starter kits will often contain a change of wick or coil since the cleanliness of these two components dramatically affects the taste of the vapor. As a result, your atomizer will perform better the cleaner that it is kept.

It would be best if you didn’t use a vaporizer pen that uses an atomizer without your atomizer inside it for safety reasons. See this thread on Quora for more information.

A typical E-cigarette will contain a mouthpiece at one end, a cartridge that holds the vapor, the vaping atomizer which heats the liquid, a microprocessing unit for electronic control, an activation switch and control panel, and a battery. You can read more about the typical makeup of a vaping atomizer on Wikipedia, but the models we sell at Advken are much more advanced than this and feature only the highest quality of components.

Finding the Best Vaping Atomizer for You

When it comes to choosing your ideal vaping atomizer, then investing in some vaping atomizer starter kits is the perfect way for any novice to go. Vaping atomizer starter kits tend to contain all of the parts and add-ons that you are likely to need to get maximum performance and taste from your new vape. If you are struggling to find the right vaping starter kits for your needs, then might we draw your attention to the Advken Wanderlust Lite: our answer to vaping perfection.

The Advken Wanderlust Lite Vaping Kit

This vaping starter kit contains 1 Wanderlust Lite model, a chain, an instruction manual, and a USB  for easy recharge. It sports one of the best performing vaping atomizers in the world and is powered by an air switch – all of which has been ergonomically placed to allow you a smoother vaping experience. The Wanderlust Lite set is perfect for both novice and pro vapers alike; and will help you achieve new levels of vaping satisfaction by using only the most effective components.

If the Advken Wanderlust Lite doesn’t sound like the vaping starter kit for you, then have no fear! You can visit our shop and browse our full range of vaporizers by following this link. We also invite you to contact us should you have any comments or queries. Sharing our vaping knowledge is one of the best ways to keep our clients informed, and we love to hear from you!

Until next time: happy vaping! We hope you manage to find the ideal vaping atomizer for you with a little help from Advken, of course!

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