What is a vape pod system?

Today, we discussed in depth the rapid growth trend of the pod system. The vape pod system is one of the most popular innovations put on the market in recent years. It achieves a perfect balance between ease of use, affordability and quality performance. For many vapers, the pod-based system is the ideal way to enjoy the incredible vape experience, which includes all the fun of smoking in the past. In addition, they are a good choice, between a cheap vape pen and an expensive, super advanced mod-a variety of vape sweet spots.

What is a POD system?
The name of the pod system comes from the appearance of the device and its operation method. These “tanks” are not completely screwed on the tank or built-in tank, but are completely removable, and in most cases are disposable. The “pod” is your coil and tank, which is one. Since in most cases the coils of the equipment are built into these disposable “pods”, the maintenance work that comes with some equipment is eliminated. Therefore, when the coil burns out, there will be no coil replacement or clutter, just throw away the pods, fill a new container and evaporate! This is why the boom in the pod system continues to grow. Usually, with new vape, the biggest vape shutdown is the maintenance that comes with it. When I quit, I don’t want to worry about equipment maintenance. I just want it to do its job well and keep me away from the hustle and bustle. Since we have little or no vapes, the success rate has reached its peak. Even higher than before.

Within the scope of vape equipment, the vape pod system is located in the middle between the basic e-cigarette and the advanced vape mod. For many vapers, their introduction to vaping comes with super cheap and super simple vape pens. Although the vape pen is economical, easy to use and highly portable, it usually does not bring much power or battery life. On the other hand, some vapers decided to upgrade to the advanced Box Mod to take advantage of high power potential and customization options. However, although the mod does calibrate vape perfectly, not everyone wants to deal with complex settings, changing patterns, coils, tanks, etc.

The vape pod system manages to balance two aspects at the same time: the function of the Box mod and the convenience and portability of the vape pen. You will enjoy a high-quality vape experience and be happy and relaxed.

You will use a pod-based system instead of the atomizer or storage tank used with Box Mod. As the name suggests, the vape pod system uses pods to hold and vaporize vape juice. The vape pod contains an average of about 2mL of liquid, although there are also larger options. In terms of appearance, the vape pod system is often a bit larger than e-cigarettes, but much smaller than most boxes. Many vapers compare the appearance of vape pod devices with USB drives, although you can also find options designed to resemble boxed mods.

Just like ordinary vapes, when it comes to pod systems, there are two different types. Not from the perspective of its evaporation method (MTL and DTL), but from the perspective of the pod itself. When purchasing a vape pod system, one of the biggest decisions you must make is whether to choose an open system or a closed system. Everyone has their own pros and cons, and the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

The open system vape pod is designed to allow manual filling, and the pod used has an easily opened top that can be filled with electronic juice of your choice. Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of an open system is that you can choose any e-liquid you like, not just the options provided by the manufacturer. This means you may choose a variety of flavors and nicotine, although switching between flavors may be difficult. Many vapers reported that drawing lots from the open system vape pods was smoother, and cloud production also increased accordingly. However, for some vapers, handling refills can disrupt transactions, and you can also expect to perform fairly conventional coil and cartridge replacements.

The working principle of the closed vape pod is very similar to the atomizer, using a pre-installed vape juice box. When you need to add, you only need to click a new one, which is very convenient and fast. Generally, you will find cartridges with mixed flavors and nicotine strength, although it will certainly be less than the standard electronic juice used in open systems. Overall, if you are buying on a tight budget, the closed system vape pod is a good choice because it requires little maintenance. There is no need to replace the coil or maintain the water tank, so the closed system is very easy to use. One of the disadvantages of the closed system vape pod is the low tendency to draw. In addition, this type of pod system sometimes causes many vapers to “spit back”, which is a frustrating situation in which vape juice bounces from the coil instead of properly evaporating.


Whether you are a novice or a veteran who wants to try new things, the vape pod system can provide a first-class user-friendly vape experience. With the vape pod system option for everyone, you can easily find options that match your vape style and preferences and budget. When you think about pod system, please browse our other vape products. For answers to all your vaping questions, please contact the advken team immediately!

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