What is the difference between mod and pod?

Whether you are a veteran or want to quit smoking and start getting foggy, when it comes to vaporizers, e-liquids and a range of accessories, the choices presented to you can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. If you are not familiar with e-cigarettes or have been smoking for a while, you may notice the latest popularity of pod e-cigarettes. Vape has two different styles and applications: mod and pod. Not only are they different in appearance, strap-on e-cigarettes are smaller and more convenient, and you should also consider other significant differences between mods and strap-on e-cigarettes when deciding which to buy. With the advent of various devices, let’s take a look at the main differences between Pod and Mod, and the best e-juice to use on each device. The key differences between modules and modules are mainly due to several factors-size, functionality, affordability and e-liquid. But what are Pods and Mods?

What is Vape Mod?

As the name suggests, Mod or Mod Box are modifiable (mod) box-shaped devices that use sub-ohm technology to provide more power to vapers and subsequently provide more vapor. These advanced devices enable vapers to change the movable parts of the evaporator, such as coils and wicks, thereby changing the mechanical properties and dynamic resistance. In this way, you can use the power and temperature of the evaporator to help improve the flavor and vapor cloud size.

Mods will use a storage tank to store e-liquid, and many vapers choose to mix their own e-liquid mixture to suit their tastes. As you know, e-liquids are usually made from pharmaceutical-grade free base nicotine, flavoring agents, and PG and/or VG liquids. PG is known for enhancing flavor, and the thickness of VG increases the density of the vapor produced, so you will be able to use the ratio of PG and VG to find your own unique perfect vape. The ability to adjust and adjust the settings of the boxed mod to enhance flavor and cloud production, which makes it an ideal device for those who desire an e-cigarette experience.

The disadvantages of mods are size and affordability. Due to the variety of movable parts and the choice of e-liquid, carrying a boxed mod with you is not necessarily the easiest thing. Ideally, when you desire to use a vape, you need to prepare a suitcase for the equipment and space to set up the equipment.


What is a Vape Pod?

In recent years, pod has become one of the main players in electronic cigarette devices. Sleek, stylish, slim and compact pod is very suitable for those who pursue high-quality, easy and convenient vape, suitable for those who live anytime, anywhere. Compared with traditional e-cigarettes or vape pens, its functions are more powerful, and compared with mods, it is less troublesome. Pod uses the same sub-ohm technology as mods to generate vapor, but with lower power and temperature.

Compared with e-cigarettes, the combination of relatively higher power and lower temperature means that pod is an ideal evaporator for use with smoke salt. This alternative to conventional e-juices uses natural nicotine salts found in and on tobacco leaves, which is in contrast to the drug-grade or free-base nicotine commonly found in e-liquids, cigarettes, and nicotine replacement therapy products.

Nicotine salt has a higher nicotine content than conventional e-cigarette liquids, and is similar to smoking because it provides fumigant throat and nicotine hits, so it is well known. Due to the nicotine content, it is believed that nicotine salt may provide smokers with the required nicotine dose faster than standard e-liquid, which in turn may reduce the frequency of smoking. As the cost is closer to e-cigarettes than Mod boxes, the pod will soon become the evaporator of choice for the public.


Vape mod VS vape pod

1. Application

Due to the higher nicotine salt content, the pods are more suitable for smokers who wish to quit smoking. The best vape pod mods are also lighter than similar products of vape mods and can provide an experience similar to smoking. When people switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, many people have successfully used pods because they can choose the nicotine content according to their favorite taste.

The Vape module is slightly larger and provides vapers with the ability to play in different settings and easily customize their vape experience. Vapers who don’t need certain nicotine content will like these because they can customize their equipment to create the ideal density for the desired cloud. Smokers in the past can also use vape mods as a way to help them quit smoking, but these methods do not provide user-friendly applications that are the size and weight that users are used to, such as people who are used to smoking.

2. E-liquid

Vape mods are designed for subliquid atomization, used with e-liquid and higher vegetable glycerin content. The higher plant glycerin content is responsible for the thicker and fuller vape cloud than the pod vape. Many vapers like these because the fuller clouds provide a pleasing visual experience. Vapers can choose liquids with different nicotine content or no nicotine at all.

On the other hand, pods have become very popular. The best pod mod contains nicotine salt e-cigarette liquid, which has a higher nicotine concentration than the free base e-cigarette liquid used by vape mods, and has a different nicotine concentration. They use pods filled with e-liquid, which are small and easy to transport in pockets and purses.

It is important to note that the use of nicotine salts in traditional water tanks may cause damage, as free alkali liquid is traditionally used in standard water tanks compatible with most mods.

3. Affordability

Refillable modules are usually more cost-effective. Although some closed Pod Mods cannot be refilled, and may be cheap depending on your daily usage, refillable Pod mods are the cheapest way to vape, because you can refill them with your own pods in the strong flavor of nicotine salt filled with your love. Since you only need to buy one or two bottles of your favorite e-liquid per month, you will spend less money to buy a full pod, even less than mod vapes.

On the other hand, Vape modules require more work and refilling of the water tank, such as replacing the coil at least twice a month, which can be expensive.



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