What Made Good Flavoring?

The vaping community is as much about individuality and nationalization, as it is about great taste and choices. It is well-known that the vaping tasting depends on the coil. Vape coil named e-liquid, e-juice, or vape fluid, vape coil refers to the liquid products that we put in our vape to create the vapor itself. Generally speaking, the juice is mainly comprised of five ingredients: water, flavoring, Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine (nicotine salt). These ingredients have an influence on the process of making a coil, resulting in good vaping flavoring. Besides, many aspects still affect flavoring. Therefore, we simply put forward four major factors here.

Vapor Base at ADVKEN

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerin (VG) are the two main liquids used as an e-liquid base. They are the most widely available and the ones best suited for the purpose.

VG: Vegetable glycerin is made from a vegetable source and its consistency is just right for the purpose of a Vapor base. The slightly sweet flavor of this ingredient gives an added sweetness to the e-liquid as a whole.

PG: Propylene Glycol is not as thick and provides a stronger throat hit.

The PG/VG ratio of your juices has a big effect on flavor. Most vapers will develop some preference one way or another over time. Cloud chasers will look for high VG because of the big clouds they’ll end up with. High VG juices aren’t ideal for flavor chasers, however. Using a mixture of these two will provide the perfect e-liquid base. A 50/50 mixture is recommended for regular e-liquid users where a 70% VG/ 30% PG is recommended if you are sub-ohm vaping. As you are sub-ohm vaping your e-liquid does not need to provide a strong throat hit and by using more VG in the base coil you are able to produce more vapor. If your preference is for a strong throat hit pick an e-liquid with a high ratio of PG. A vaper who wants a super smooth vape and chuck massive clouds should go for a higher VG ratio.

Coil nicotine strength

Nicotine strength is another factor that is supposed to be on your mind while vaping good flavor for your e-cigarette. You can choose from a wide range of strengths of nicotine depending on your wish or for that matter your capacity. We recommend finding out what nicotine level your current cigarettes are and starting on that. The vast majority of liquids are available in nicotine-free zero mg, 2mg, 3.5 mg, and 5mg.

First-time vapes? Your best choice to start with a 3 mg nicotine. If you are used to your current nicotine level, nicotine should have little to no effect on the flavor of your coil However, if you have recently bumped back up a level or two, it may take a few days or more to readjust to the bite or burn associated with that nicotine level. Think of this as the reverse of when you were smoking analogs. If you went from smoking something full flavor to light; it would take a couple of days for your mouth to get with the program and give you that taste you were looking for.

Flavor preferences

There are numerous flavors available for coil, if you can think of a flavor it is most likely already available! Coil flavors are made using food-grade concentrates that are mixed with the vapor base. Food-grade flavorings are used for many food-based applications, are safe to consume, and when combined correctly, can produce a wide variety of amazing flavors. Your flavored coil is something that relies solely on your choice. There are a great number of flavors, such as fruit, candy, dessert, and so on. No matter what flavor combos or vaping preference you have we’ve got what you need, one of the largest selections of vape juice and vape device that you’ll find online ADVKEN.

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The availability of different flavors was the most attractive characteristic of e-cigarettes. Dual users and exclusive vapers had most often used tobacco and menthol/mint flavors when they first started vaping. Compared to dual users, exclusive vapers currently used more fruit and sweet flavors. Never-users who were interested in trying an e-liquid flavor had more knowledge about and a more positive attitude towards e-cigarettes. Smokers who were interested in trying a flavor had a more positive attitude towards e-cigarettes and experienced the social influence towards not using e-cigarettes as less strong than those who did not want to try any flavor. Hence, individual factors related to vaping differed depending on whether never-users and smokers wanted to try an e-liquid flavor. This means that flavors may moderate differences found in individual factors related to vaping or vice versa.

The vape device

The vape device that you are using for your e-cigarette is one of the main things you must have in mind while making your decision for an appropriate coil. The correct device can enhance the coil and provide a better flavor and produce more vapor. The quality of the device will determine how good an experience you will have with your coil. Make sure you read all instructions while buying any particular device as some of them tend to specify what e-liquid is recommended for optimal performance. A majority of devices won’t specify a recommended liquid base; this is because they are standard electronic cigarettes. If you decide to go sub-ohm vaping it is recommended to use a specific base mixture to provide maximum performance for your device.

advken vape device
From the part of the vape device, airflow is the greatest ally of cloud chasers who love to release big plumes. When there’s lots of airflow moving between your coil, vapor can create giant clouds. This takes away a lot of your flavor though. Flavor chasers need to put a stop to the airflow. Dense and warm vaping carry a lot more flavor. If you have an adjustable airflow system, you’ll find you’re able to change your flavor greatly. Vapor can become too hot to enjoy if you close off your airflow, so experiment with different settings. The size of your bore can change things. The width of your vapor chamber will affect the flavor as well. For the best vapor flavors, try narrower airflow but make sure the temperature is still palatable.

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