What makes the best vape gear?

No matter how many times I hear, but when somebody says “vape gear” I feel excited. The amount of care and interest I show towards ensuring the supremacy of my vape gear can’t be quantified. It’s the same for every serious vaper out there.

Vape gear may have only a handful of accessories and devices, but even a small accessory can make much difference when it comes to convenience. At the same time, a great vape gear means ultimate satisfaction. Right from the e-liquid to the vape mod each part of the vaping kit plays an imminent role in achieving the most satisfying vape sessions.

Generally, vapers care the most about the performance of the devices. Contrarily, tidiness and maintenance is the most important aspect of the vaping. Performance and tidiness tend to be top-notch when the maintenance is done right. Having the right set of equipment allows a vaper to keep the vape kit in perfect condition.

On the other hand, the best vape gear means cost-efficiency in the long term. Precisely, it helps you in obtaining the best possible service life out of each part of the kit. As a consequence, you don’t have to spend money on buying new parts very often.

Let’s look at three sets of vape gears which are proved to be ideal for beginners, experienced, and pro vapers respectively.

Vape gear  for beginners

Vaping devices use heating elements to vaporize the e-juice. Low resistance coils vs high powered battery can be dangerous if not handled properly. Hence, beginners need to have safer vape gear.

Beginners tend to have less knowledge on choosing and maintaining the kit. Having said that, regulated vape pens and regulated vape mods with replaceable cartridges and pre-built coils are the best choices for them. Beginner vape gear means less maintenance and ease of use and safety.

Regulated Vape pens and vape mods: Regulated mod kits and regulated vape pens are constructed with an electric circuit that regulates the energy flow. Accidents which pertains to vaping happens mostly with unregulated vaping mods. So, it is advisable to include a regulated vape device in the beginner’s vape gear.

Replaceable cartridges: filling e-juice is a cumbersome task for beginners as they tend to spill it inside and outside the device. Replaceable cartridges reduce the pain of refilling and cleaning. Further, regulated vape pens and mod kits come with batteries and vape tanks. As a beginner, you don’t have to search for compatible devices as you get it all in one pack.

Vape gear for experienced

Experienced vapers know what they want when it comes to their vaping gear. They might have started their vaping life with regulated vape pens. Eventually, they would have shifted to regulated vape mods with customize-able tanks and coil heads. Experienced vapers know how to handle powerful mods and vape pens.

Vape pens & mods with replaceable batteries: Experienced vapers often fail to equip their vaping gear with versatile accessories. For instance, some of them might not have a vape pen or a mod that utilizes replaceable batteries to power up. If you don’t have a vape pen with appropriate battery capacity, then you are not going to enjoy vaping during your travel or at your camping ground.

Compatible vape tanks and drip tips: MTL and DTL vaping require appropriate accessories. Especially, drip tips and airflow settings. Having multiple drip tips and vape tanks with versatile airflow is essential to enjoy and switch between MTL vaping and DTL vaping. However, those tanks and drip tips should be compatible with the mod. A 510 vape tank may not sit on an 810 pin. Likewise, an 810 drip tip may not be suitable for a 510 tank.

Adapters: If you are using multiple vape tanks and drip tips, then you should have relevant adapters to ensure compatibility between the accessories. A 18650 battery can be loaded on a 26650 battery mod using the 26650 battery sleeve. Similarly, an 810 connection drip tip can be used on any vape tank using the appropriate adapter.

Accessories: As you use replaceable coils and refillable tanks, it is critical to keep your vape tanks clean and tidy. Likewise, you should have spare parts that allow you to repair and re-use your tanks and mods. Having vaping accessories like funnel, filler, small screwdrivers, cleaning cloth, spare tanks, spare O rings, and spare coils can do the trick for you.

Vaping gear for Experts

Expert vapers never care how much power they got, but they tend to be interested in the resistance of their vape setup. Precisely, resistance is the key that decides the level of clouds and flavors. An expert vaper’s vape gear means fully loaded, powerful, customize-able, and complete.

Vape mods & tanks: Generally, experts prefer mechanical mods to fire their coils. It is because they build their coils personally depending on their needs. Having said that, most of their coil builds tend to have the lowest resistance. Regulated mods are constructed to handle coils with limited and capped resistance. Contrarily, mechanical mods can fire coils with any resistance. However, mechanical mods are not regulated and are dangerous to use if you don’t know what you are doing. An expert’s vape gear should contain both variants to use depending on the need of the hour.

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Cleaning kit: Apart from compatible devices and adapters, an expert’s vaping gear should contain every tool that makes the maintenance easy and tidy.

Coil building Kit: Coil building tools including different wires with varied resistance is the primary constituent in the coil building kit. Besides, other tools like screwdrivers, clamps, cutters, and a small bottle of vodka and cleansing liquids.


Understanding the basics of vaping eventually lead to the idea of assembling one’s vaping kit. In point of fact, every vaper has personal preferences, and it can vary from person to person. Having said that, common requirements are the same for everyone.

A beginner should focus on safety and ease of use, an experienced vaper should have the most versatile and compatible gear. An expert vaper should have a complete vaping gear. The vaping gear suggested in the article was configured primarily based on the logical needs of the user category.

I hope the article was helpful. Happy vaping !!!

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