What Representatives of Advken Products are in the Atomizer Stage?

Speaking of Advken, what would you think at the first time?

*For the people who are new to the vape industry, they maybe ask who are they? What are they doing? What is the product they are doing? How long did they do the vape products?

*For the people who know a little about Advken, especially about the atomizer part. They may be curious about what new atomizers does Advken makes now? What is the specialty of the new atomizers?

*For the customers and supporters who are working with Advken, they knew what Advken products since they have cooperated with Advken. But what new will they do in the future?

* last but not least, maybe everyone is curious about the story of Advken’s Name. Why they named the company ‘Advken’? What is the reason for that? As for the almost English speakers even the fluent ones, can get unfamiliar sound when the first time to pronounce ‘Advken’. As a combined work, Advken, it is a little hard to locate its stress. HAH

So, today we will have a little summary about Advken, including its name’s story and especially for the products, from the first atomizer stage to the newest pod stage. Of course, if you are a really Advken fan at the very beginning, you can also “review it” with me together today.

Before 2013, Andy, the CEO of Advken now and Vicky—-Andy’s wife planned to do business online, as the fast speed of development of E-commerce. After making a marketing survey and choosing the products, then Andy and Vicky need to solve the company name, the first thing they met. As many things about the company are related to its name. Yes, you may also think about it. “Advken” is combined with some letters of “Andy” and “Vickey”, which is a lovely and romantic thing that the company as the little “child” of those young couples. Which means these “parent” should try their best to “breed” this “child” and make sure “he” can grow up well too.

In 2013, Advken started the vape business with certain brands, the famous one at that time, as a trading company. As time goes by, the boss Andy found that a company can go well and further once they had their own brand and the technology based on it. In 2015, Advken started the own brand way, which also means start the way of product diversification and self-improvement.


—DIY Atomizer Stage

***Mad Hatter RDA 

The first representative of Atomizer Stage of Advken, without question, must be the mad hatter RDA. ‘Mad Hatter, Mad Vape”. Why does this 22mm DIY RDA is welcomed for vapors? What is the feature of it?

First of all, let’s do a small summary of its features. For the mad hatter RDA, the first member of the mad hatter family, the biggest characteristic which differs from other DIY atomizers is its “hinged top cap” or “flip top cap”. Those hinged or flip top caps, connecting the mental drip tip with the top cap, is more convenient for the user to notice the coil’s situation and re-drip the RDA, which is a good and new design to solve the “dry-burning” issue for the almost DIY types. Besides, equipment of deep juice well and bigger post hole also can use with a complicated DIY coil, which is also a good way to improve vapors feeling, the “cloudy” time. Also, the mad hatter has a 510 adaptor, which also gives more choice for users, customers can use whatever drip tip they like and can make a good replacement for the mental drip tip once the mental one got a flaw. Generally speaking, the flexibility of products working for all customers.

Secondly, we also have to say the success of the mad hatter is related to the vaping background at that time. As the old going says, time makes the idiom. Around 2015 or a little earlier time, it is the early development time which is a big chance for all manufacture to meet product’s diversification need. The whole industry is welcomed to all the new things. Another thing is that the mad hatter RDA meets the cloudy time trend, it is a cloudy product. Vapors at that time almost are the cloudy fans who are easily affected by the reviewers who are showing the “cloudy” part in their review.


***Manta RTA 

If asking what’s the most representative atomizer of Advken, the answer must be the Manta RTA, though after that there are manta MTL, manta mtl v2, and manta tank who can expand the manta serial. Like what we mentioned before, both product itself and the industry background makes a louder voice of the whole industry.

Unlike the hinged mad hatter serial, the Manta RTA is a unscrew the top cap with certain patterns engraved which is easy to refill. Also, it widens its diameter from 22mm to 24mm, which can largely expand its capacity. In the meantime the development of the whole industry, there are more choices for material choice, especially for the drip tips. Manta RTA chooses an 810 PEI drip tip or also called as “Ultem” drip tip as its uneasier heat when vape and also cost less as mental itself. The most important part is staggering velocity- style featuring big post holes which allow the widen pre-built coils from normal Clapton to others. Adopting the 3-level bottom airflow control style and velocity style deck can make a great contribution to the flavor.

Speaking of the popularity of Manta RTA, another part its affordable price. Like what we said often, you will get what you paid. At any time, a reasonable price with qualification is always an attractive factor for users.

No matter RDA or RTA, there is a potential issue, leaking, that can worsen the vaping feel, as its construction features, which need the advanced vapors set the coils and cotton up very carefully and well. So how to improve the vapors feeling, which is another task for Advken designers.


***Owl Tank

With the development of the vape industry, making an easier vape for customers has been more and more important for all vape manufacturers. As time goes by, there are more and more new vapors join in the industry, then that’s necessary to make easy and unique products for all atomizers manufacturers.

Occ tank is a good way to “save” green-hand vapor no need to DIY your own coils. However, almost all the bottom airflow control tanks have potential leaking issues. Then how about change the airflow control location to the top? Then, once no problem with the bottom coil rings, then the top airflow tank won’t have any leaking issue. The owl kit does meet these features. Also, the little different shape, bullet shape, 810 PEI drip tip also make fresh for customers both on vision and function. Another thing about the owl tank is its mesh coil inside, 0.16 and 0.2ohm, which can also work with a manta tank. At that time, the mesh coil is new which enlarges the heating area that can extract the true e-liquid’s flavor when vape, which all contributes to the vaping flavor. A little thing about the owl tank construction, stainless steel dual inner air channels, makes the whole tank is heavier than normal ones and need to find a leaning angle to refill as the two inner channels take some space of the whole tank which can affect the e-liquid flowing. Plus the mesh coil and top airflow control, make the owl tank welcomed for certain times.

Features make an easier impression for customers, once get a reasonable price and the good industry environment, makes the products successful. Then let’s see, what pod thing did Advken do in the next passage. See you next time!



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