Wanderlust lite is the first pod kit product of Advken. It takes an unusual design, whose battery is in the shape of a cuboid while the cartridge is in the shape of a rhombohedron. The combination of these two-part gives us special visual enjoyment.

wanderlust lite

Inspired by a German word, Wanderlust lite which means the traveler and the roaming’s fun, after WANDERLUST, Advken create a new personalize device—WANDERLUST LITE. Smaller, high portability–easier to put into your pocket, or hang on your neck by a lanyard, and the replaceable cartridge allows you to switch tastes freely, Ceramic coil can compatible with any E-liquid. Wanderlust lite gives you more fun to roam in the vape world.

outer packing
The outer packing of wanderlust lite is very simple, in front and back, it is depicted the sight of the valley using a black background and grayline. You can see ADVKEN’s logo in the top-left corner, on the right side, you can see the cartridge and mod of WANDERLUST LITE directly because those parts are transparent. As for the backside, product name, logo, ADVKEN’s QR code, production bar code, and date, etc. are printed in.

wanderlust lite


Device size: 21*21*80.5mm
Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
Pod capacity: 2ml
Coil Resistance: 1.4Ω
Coil Material: Ceramic
Output Voltage: 3.5V
Charging: 5V/800mA

Kit Standard Configuration:

1× Wanderlust Lite Device
1× Chain
1× Instruction
1× USB Cable

advken wanderlust lite

The Pod

As is said before, the shape of the cartridge of Wanderlust lite uses unusual rhombohedron design, in the bottom of the cartridge, there are some groves, which help the connection of cartridge and battery fasten.

The Battery

The battery has 1000 mAh capacity which is enough to guarantee a long vaping time without the need to frequently recharge it. The painting process of the battery makes Wanderlust lite have a very good touch.

advken wanderlust lite


The mouthpiece of cartridge use dual flue design. The bigger flue is atomizing the airway, which hasn’t connect to air intake, the smaller flue is connected to bottom to control on/off of airflow. This design achieves the effect of separation of air and vapor, which reduces the interference of condensate so that we can vape safer and better.

Battery Level

When you are using the Wanderlust lite, the indicated light will let you know the battery level. When the battery voltage is between 3.7v- 4.2v, the indicated light will be green. When the battery voltage is between 3.5v- 3.7v, the indicated light will be yellow. When the battery voltage is lower than 3.5v, indicated light will be red and flash 3 times, then the device will stop work.

How to charge

You charge the Wanderlust lite with a Type-C cable. It’s easy and fast to charge it.

How to Vape it

With no button, the Wanderlust Lite meets your unique aspiration and relies on its ceramic resistance cartridge to offer you fine puffs by indirect inhalation.

Product Colors

Blue-Black, Gules, Black, Purple-Blue


The Wanderlust Lite is a pure pod mod, a minimalist e-cigarette in its best condition designed by Advken for the pleasure and satisfaction of all. Extremely easy to use and intuitive, the Wanderlust Lite is for beginners wanting to enjoy the virtues of the vape with ease.

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