Something you should know about Sub-ohm Tanks

A good news! Advken will launch its new product of owl serial, the Newest Owl Pro Tank after times design and tests in the late August. With inheriting Owl Tank’s top airflow feature, the Owl Pro Tank is a 25mm deck diameter in 304 stainless steel sub ohm tank, which is top refill and top airflow system tank with 0.2 and 0.4 mesh coil that can working between 50w to 80w. Unlike the owl tank screwing coils way, the mesh coils of Owl Pro Tank are a push-pull installing  which is a much use friendly for vapors. Beside, there are two capacity options: 5ml bubble one and 4ml straight one. To keep its “classic” color idea, right now, only stainless and matte black. Beside, the 810 POM drip tip gets back to normal shape, not in “bullet” shape, to improve users vaping feeling. All those just a short talk of Owl Pro Tank, for more details please keep in touch with Advken’s official medias and also can find more details on Advken’s website: Firstly, let’s see what is the Owl PRO Tank looks.

adven owl pro tank

With the great development of vape industry, there are more and more good vape manufacturers be known by their outstanding designs and products. Without doubt, sub ohm tank is still a product type among all. Considering the sub ohm tank of Advken, we can still find products. Firstly, at advken’s earlier time, the first sub ohm tank is the Omega tank, though not much famous; later, the Dominator tank, the normal output with a A1 wire inside one but with 4 coil options; then, a little bit known by vapors than other two tanks, the Owl Tank the first top airflow tank to solve the leaking issue; also the Manta Tank, which can be compatible with certain coils; then the “vape monster” which can vape reach at 110W with a trip coil, the Dark Mesh Tank. From Omega to Owl pro tank, why sub ohm still play a cool role in the atomizer type? Is there any reason for that? Today we will have a short talk of sub ohm tank, that something you should know about it. 

What is a subohm tank?

Sub ohm tanks are atomizers designed for clouds. These atomizers need a powerful mod to support a high output vaping. Sub-tanks provide lots of airflow, and were originally designed to mimic the experience of dripping, with the convenience of a tank. People have a big chance to be a cloud chaser for the sub-ohm tank.

Made for direct lung vaping, sub ohm tanks use a pre-built coil head that is sub resistance can be lower as 0.2 or lower. Most of these coil heads use cotton wicking. Recently manufacturers have been using other wicking materials like wood pulp and more advanced coils like dual- or triple-mesh. These innovations have had a big impact on flavor production.

How does a sub ohm tank work?

A sub ohm tank works just like a regular vape tank, but are geared towards higher-powered setups. They run on replaceable coil heads, which attach to the base of the tank. The e-juice is absorbed into the cotton wick and becomes vapor when it makes contact with the hot coil.

When you puff on the tank, the suction pulls the e-juice towards the coil. Most modern sub-tanks feature some type of filling system — usually top fill. Sub ohm tanks also provide wide open airflow. That is what provides the direct lung draw and keeps the coils from getting too hot.

What are the advantages of sub ohm tanks?

Convenience for use

Wide airflow

Big clouds

Intense flavor

High-wattage vaping

Compatible with high-VG e-liquid


The main advantages of a sub ohm tank are clouds and convenience. They were invented to make sub ohm vaping more accessible. In the last few years, the performance of sub ohm tanks has been comparable to DIY atomizers. No longer do vapers need to build coils or understand advanced electrical concepts. Sub ohm tanks use replaceable pre-made coils, just like a regular tank.

On top of that, the flavor you get from a sub ohm tank is intense. You will taste more flavor at once due to the increased vapor production compared to tanks with a tighter airflow.

Newer sub ohm tanks allow you to experiment with various coils — for example some have coils that are compatible with temperature control, like the inside Ni/ 316SS or Wire inside. Combining high performance with a variety of options, sub ohm tanks are the best way to achieve intense flavor and impressive clouds without having to work on your building skills. Install a coil, fill it up and enjoy.

What are the disadvantages of sub ohm tanks?

Not suitable for MTL vaping

Fast battery drain

High liquid consumption


Purchasing coils


The main downside to sub ohm tanks mostly applies to MTL vapers. You won’t get that tight cigarette-style draw, even with the airflow closed down. They aren’t as stealthy as the smaller devices and create a trail of vapor everywhere you go. The other disadvantages to sub ohm tanks are the price to pay for an easy to achieve sub ohm experience.

Beside, the Sub tanks will drain your batteries faster than regular tanks since they require more power. They will go through a lot more e-juice as a result of this. This can also be dependent on the type of coil you use. Lastly, something to consider before buying a sub ohm tank is the price of coils.

What’s the best sub ohm tank for you?

With hundreds of sub ohm tanks out there, choosing the right one can be confusing. Here are some things to think about when choosing the perfect sub ohm tank.

How much e-juice does it hold? If you don’t want to constantly refill your tank, look for ones with a large capacity. If you don’t mind refilling, you might want to consider one with an easy filling method. If you’re searching for the best flavor, you might want to look into sub tanks that use mesh and more advanced wicking materials. Newer sub ohm tanks have elevated flavor production without making sacrifices in the cloud department. The last but not least, also need consider its price, reasonable one is the best one for you.

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