The Difference between E-cigarette and Traditional Cigarette

  1. Composition and structure of electronic smoke

Although there are styles or brands of electronic cigarettes, the general electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: the pipe containing nicotine solution, the evaporation device and the battery. The atomizer is powered by the battery pole, which can transform the liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into the mist, so that the user can have a similar feeling of smoking when smoking, and realize “puffing up”. It can even add flavors of chocolate, mint and other spices to the pipe according to personal preferences.

1.1 MOD
The inner structure of the cigarette rod uses the same basic components: a lamp PCBA board, a rechargeable battery, and various electronic circuits.
Most e-cigarettes use lithium-ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the number of times it is used and the operating environment. And many different types of battery chargers are available, such as direct charging from socket, car charging, USB interface charger. Battery is the biggest component of electronic cigarette.
Some e-cigarettes use an electronic airflow sensor to activate the heating element. Once inhaled, the battery circuit will work. Manual sensing requires the user to press a button and then smoke. Pneumatic operation is convenient, the manual circuit is relatively stable than pneumatic, and the smoke output is also better than pneumatic. With the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers began to research and develop automatic machinery to manufacture electronic cigarettes, and put an end to the use of manual wiring, welding or electronics, so as to achieve higher safety and reliability.

1.2 Atomizer
Generally speaking, the smoke bomb is the nozzle part, and some factories glue the atomizer together with the smoke bomb or the smoke oil to make a disposable atomizer according to the needs of customers. The advantage of this is that it can greatly improve the taste and smoke volume of electronic cigarettes, and the quality is more stable, because the atomizer is the most easily to be damaged. The traditional electronic cigarettes are all a separate atomizer, which will be broken in a few days. The professional staff of the factory injected the liquid to avoid the problem that too much or too little liquid injected by themselves led to the back flow of smoke into the mouth or the battery part corroding the circuit. The amount of smoke storage oil was also more than the ordinary smoke bombs, and the sealing performance was good, so his use time was longer than other smoke bombs.

  1. Nowadays, e-cigarettes are rising and are welcomed by many smokers. What are the advantages of e-cigarettes compared with traditional cigarettes?
  • The principle of producing smoke from electronic smoke is through the atomization of cigarette oil, which is different from that of burning traditional tobacco.. The combustion temperature can reach 800-1000 degrees, while the atomization temperature of electronic smoke is 170-200 degrees. At such a high temperature, traditional cigarettes produce many kinds of decomposition substances, up to 40000 kinds, nearly half of which we don’t know what substances are. But the material composition of electronic cigarette oil can be clearly understood, including glycerin, water, plant extract and other components, no harmful substances.
  • The traditional cigarettes make people rely on nicotine. In the report of the World Health Organization, it issuggested to gradually reduce the consumption of nicotine to achieve the goal of quitting smoking. It is easy to control the content of nicotine in electronic cigarette, because the material content of cigarette oil can be compounded and controlled. In this way, the “four step smoking cessation method” stipulated by the World Health Organization can be realized. The first step is to use electronic cigarettes with high nicotine content for six weeks. The second step is to use electronic cigarettes with medium nicotine content for 12 weeks. The third step is to use electronic cigarettes with low nicotine content for four weeks. The fourth step is to use electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine content for three weeks. In order to overcome the physical and psychological dependence on cigarettes, complete the transition to quit smoking.
  • The reaction mechanism is different from that of traditional cigarettes The smoke of electronic smoke is water vapor with small particle size. The traditional cigarette is smoke, which belongs to the nature of solid particles. So the effect of their lungs is different. The larger the particles are, such as PM2.5, when people inhale them into the lungs, they may block the alveoli, and they may not be able to discharge them all their lives, causing a great impact.
  1. Features of E-cigarette

3.1 Healthier
Electronic cigarettes are healthier than ordinary cigarettes; no tobacco, no tar or related toxins. When using electronic cigarette, it will not inhale more than 4000 + chemicals and 40 kinds of carcinogens due to burning tobacco.

3.2 Smokeless Odour
E-cigarettes will not emit a disgusting smell of choking snuff, and will not make your clothes, hair, furniture, etc. smell. The smoke of electronic cigarette has sweet taste and can evaporate quickly and disappear into the air.

3.3 No second-hand smoke
The smoke of electronic smoke is easy to disappear in the air.

3.4 Cost saving
Only need to buy liquid & atomizer can be reused. In the long run, it will save about 80% of the cost compared with ordinary cigarettes.
In a word, E-cigarette is a new thing, which really brings us a lot of puzzles and influences. On the one hand, thousands of people want to quit smoking. On the other hand, the use of quit smoking products is not convenient or it causes ineffective embarrassment. The use of e-cigarettes, including Goldman Sachs and Citibank, has been speculated to be one of the top 10 technologies that will change the future. But in the selection of electronic cigarettes, we need to be careful. Every industry in Bijing is the same. The good and the bad are different. The electronic cigarettes produced by some bad manufacturers are also harmful.

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