The ‘SUPER IDOLS” OF Advken Pod Kits

In April, we have a short talk of the “REPRESENTATIVES” of Advken Atomizers from DIY to OCC tank including Mad Hatter RDA, Manta RTA, and Owl Tank, which are the first batch of “SUPER IDOLS” of Advken. We will continue the talk of “SUPER IDOLS” today, but in another product type: Pod Kit. What pod kit of Advken can come to your mind when we ask about that? For time speaking, maybe the “wanderlust lite”, it is the earliest edition of refilled pod kit of advken while of features, maybe the “potento serial—-potento pod kit and potento x kit, those two are the first voltage adjustment pod kit of advken. Though Advken also launched other pod kits, like Artha Pod Kit, Mx Cube kit, Oasis Pod Kit, and Orcas Pod Kit, the heroes of today are Wanderlust lite and Potento Serials.

Then it is high time to welcome our “heroes” today: Wanderlust lite and Potento Serial Pod Kit.

Wanderlust lite

The wanderlust lite, with 1.4ohm ceramic and 1.2ohm cotton coil cartridge and 1000mah built-in battery, gives the users a consistent and pure flavor of daily vaping. It is the first refilled pod kit of Advken in a lipstick shape, which is more attractive for users comparing the normal cylinder, rectangle or oval shape, or pen style. Besides the wanderlust lite cartridge is made of PCTG, a kind of food-grade plastic, to make sure each puff the customers vape is safe and healthy.


*Independent Dual-airflow Channels. In 2021, to solve the leaking possibility and improve the condensation, the Advken updated the whole cartridge construction, change its previous airflow channel as independent dual-airflow channels. The airflow from top to down through the auto-draw channel is separately from the down to top vape airflow which is largely reduces the condensation to protect the “auto-draw” system.

Independent Dual-airflow Channels


*Big Bottom Refill Hole and consistent silicon plug. The bigger refill hole allows the refill more convenient and the “updated” silicon plug also makes the seal safe and easier to pop up when do refill.

Big Bottom Refill Hole and consistent silicon plug


*Zinc Alloy Body. Different from the previous plastic vape tube, the updated wanderlust lite is made of a zinc alloy and in gun-mental, black, and rainbow, which is more handful weight and the color options are more acceptable by customers. Once you grab one, you will like it.

Zinc Alloy Body


Potento Pod Serial Kits

Both Potneto Pod kit and Potento X kit allow users to make voltage adjustment to meet different vaping output needs, but not as high as 20W+, as they using 560mah(potento pod kit) and 950mah(potento x). The cartridge of both potento pod kit and potento X pod kit is compatible, and make of PCTG, the food-grade plastic, to make sure the safe vape. To make sure the pure vape, both 1.2ohm, and 1.0ohm are cotton coil, which is better for extract the flavor of e-liquid.

In 2021, Advken have updated the potento pod kit try to give a flawless vape experience to users. Let’s see the updated edition overall.

*New Color Options.Adding two new mixed colors: midnight red and midnight blue, as the following picture showed. The new color is showed on the left.

Potento Pod Serial Kits

*New Pod Kit Inner construction and new auto-draw system location. Like the new wanderlust lite kit, the updated potento pod kit adapted the new independent dual-airflow channels to solve the condensation issue. We also change the auto-draw location of the device, try to avoid straight to meet the cartridge airflow hole to reduce the condensation when vaping.

potento pod

New Pod Kit

*New voltage adjustment levels and location. The new potento pod kits changed their voltage adjustment levels from 4 to 6 with a number mark, which makes the vape output is more accurate and easier to adjust the output voltage. Also, the adjustment button location is changed from bottom to side.

new potento pod kits

 *New Botton Type C Charge Slot location. From side to button, easy to locate when charging. New Botton Type C Charge Slot location

 *No Button to lock or open the device. Less is more, is the real auto-draw pod kit now.

No Button to lock or open the device

*New Package Contents. The updated potento pod kit keeps almost the same, just no pod included.

potento pod kit Package Contents The last but not least, let’s have a small talk of pod kits.

What is the pod kit?

Speaking of the design aspect, the pod kit is designed for nicotine intake almost with a high nicotine level which is more accepted by smokers who are in smoking quitting transition or the people who don’t need much vape knowledge, while the vv/vw mod kit is designed for cloud production which is more used by veteran vapors who are knowing how to match their ohm resistance and e-liquid. All in all, the vape pod kit is a more lightweight, portable, and pocket-friendly device which is refilled or closed pod with a high nicotine level e-liquid for a restricted throat hit, similar to that of a cigarette, making it a good choice for new vapors or the people in the quit smoking transition.

Comparing the normal mod kit, what are the pod kit features?

Technically speaking, the pod kit can be classified into 2 types: refilled pod kit and the closed pod kit. The refilled pod kit is the kit without e-liquid inside and the users can refill their preferred flavour which meets their own nicotine levels. While the closed pod kit is produced with a certain e-liquid but with 2 or 3 different flavor options. Let’s make a short summary of the pod kits features:

*Affordable Price. Unlike a normal mod kit, the pod kit is more affordable, which won’t cost too much. If you buy a closed one, no need to pay for e-liquid, just changed your pod in time when one is used out.

*Easy to USE. No matter the refilled or closed pod kit, both are designed to easily use with only one button to click several times to open the device or just use the “auto-draw” which means the pod kit can sense the airflow and will only fire when you inhale from the mouthpiece. That is totally “foolproof”, easy to use.

*Lasting and Consistent. Almost the pod kit with a built-in battery and some of them with a big battery like 1000mah, which makes the daily vape is lasting. Besides, almost the pod device is rechargeable, which extends the durability. In addition, some pod kit (closed pod kit) contains a certain e-liquid and battery, giving the user a consistent vaping expensive with each puff.

*Pocket Friendly. Though pod kits are in different sizes and shapes, the size of the pod kit is pocket-friendly, which is less than the normal wallet size. Also almost come with a chain, which is easier to take out and daily use.

*Great for smokers. Mentioned before that the pod kit is designed for nicotine intake, which with a certain or high nicotine level and can give a strong throat hit that is good for the smokers or people in the quit smoking transition. Also, the refilled pod kit allows the users to changes their nicotine levels with different quitting smoking stages.

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