MTL & DL which one will be suitable for u?

What are MTL and DL?

Those 2 words are often mentioned by Vapors, but Newbie often doesn’t understand them. These are the two most common inhalation methods, and different methods will give vapors a different experience.

Mtl–Mouth to Lung is very similar to our daily smoking techniques when using cigarettes, while DL (Direct to Lung) is closer to the way of inhaling when using hookah.

At the same time, different devices, atomizers, and output power also determine whether a device is suitable for MTL or dl; whether you want to experience the wonderful taste or chase the clouds and mist to the maximum, different inhalation methods will also bring you different results.



Mouth to the lung is the same as our daily smoking method. The vapor first inhales the smoke from the atomizer and then inhales additional air to bring the smoke into the lungs. In an earlier period, due to technical limitations, most vapors used the MTL vape.

Compared with the DL, the smoke will stay in the vapor’s mouth for a longer period of time when inhaling, so when using the MTL vape, the vapor will also have a more subtle and subtle taste experience of the e-liquid. Since both cigar and cigarette vapors use mouth-sucking, most vapors will also choose this type of vape.

It is mostly used for smokers, after all, the form of mouth smoking is the same as smoking. At the beginning of exposure to e-cigarettes, it is generally recommended that players start with mouth smoking, and then use lungs after getting used to it.

Mouth-feeling atomizers are mostly used for mouth-breathing. This type of atomizer has a narrow suction port; when used, the player will instinctively breathe.

Advantages :

Due to the slow inhalation, the evaporation rate of the e-liquid is relatively slow, and the same amount of e-liquid can be used for a longer time. The device does not need excessive output power during mouth suction, which prevents the device from overheating during use.

And because it is used in the same way as cigarettes, the MTL way is more popular among the people who want to quit cigarettes. Mouth inhalation will make the smoke stay in the vapor’s mouth for a longer time, which helps the vapor to obtain a more delicate taste experience of the e-liquid.


Since the output power of the device is low during vaping and the amount of smoke is small, the throat-slap sensation produced by the smoke on the vapor is also weaker than direct to lung.



advken artha v2

Like the name “Direct to Lung”, the inhalation method of DL is that the vapor inhales smoke directly from the atomizer into the lungs, just like daily deep breathing. The dense smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to the experience of the hookah.

Lung inhalation will give vapors a stronger impact experience, and a large amount of smoke will give vapors a richer and fuller taste experience. At the same time, due to the instantaneous evaporation of a large amount of e-liquid, the cooling design of the atomizer has become very important, and the overheating of the smoke will not bring the vapor any good experience. Due to the larger amount of smoke, the throat-hitting sensation will be more obvious when inhaling the lungs. Most vapors who use the lungs will choose e-liquid products with lower nicotine content for use.

So this method is suitable for smoke-type atomizers. Like the ARTHA V2 showed above. The resistance value of smoke-type atomizers is generally low, and the amount of smoke produced is large; if it is inhaled through the mouth, it is difficult to inhale all the smoke. Through lung inhalation, more smoke can be inhaled at one time, so the smoke exhaled is much larger than the mouth inhalation

Advantages :

Smoke is directly inhaled into the lungs, which can give users a stronger impact experience, and users will also get a fuller and richer smoke experience.

DL is a good choice for Cloud Chaser. Amount of the smoke can give more fun to u if u are a cloud chaser.

Disadvantages :

Pay more attention when choosing e-liquid, too much PG and nicotine content will bring you an unbearable throat hit. At the same time, dry cotton burning caused by poor oil conduction will also become your nightmare.

So it is recommended to choose e-liquid with low nicotine content or even nicotine-free e-liquid to avoid physical discomfort. The first time u can choose the fruity flavors, it will be more gentle.


Or if you are thinking about getting into the pit and don’t know which model you like, you can also choose a device that is compatible with the two modes.  With a vape with a pressure regulating mode, you can experience it first and can understand the difference between the two modes and which one is your own hobby. As this types pods below:

This POD KIT is a new novel design of ADVKEN, which its the biggest difference from other products is that designed with a voltage adjustable knob. This means you can adjust voltage from 3.2V to 4.2V for different nicotine E-liquid to try for the two types method of vaping and to get the most flawless flavor and effortless vapor.


Note: vape products contain nicotine content and can only be used over 18 years old.



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