Vaping in Airports

Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?

So you’ve switched over from normal cigarettes to a vaping device?and now you’re wondering, can you bring a vape on a plane?

Like with traditional cigarettes, you are not permitted to use your vape or electronic cigarette while in flight. Vaping devices vary in sizes they come in, batteries, usability, etc. The technology used is, however, the same: they have a battery, a cartridge where the e-liquid is stored, a component that vaporizes the liquid through heating, and a mouth-piece.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it with you when you travel. There are different guidelines for the device itself and the liquid, so read on to learn about taking a vape on a plane.

Note: This article is written referencing TSA rules for travel from airports in the USA. Some countries may have different rules, so if you’re flying from an airport in another country, please look up the rules for the authority in that country.

So can you take a vape pen on a plane?

Depends on the Airport rules. For example, Miami, Tampa, and Toronto airports let passengers vape in the airport

There are differences between taking a vape in carry on and bringing a vape in checked luggage.over the years, there has not been clarity on vaping regulations and laws. In fact, only a few countries around the world have regulated vaping. This is because there have been questions on how to categorize e-cigarettes given that they have not been in use for long.

So make sure you know the rules to avoid having your vape pen confiscated.

Major Airports Across the World and Their Vaping Rules

[Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ] is the busiest airport in the US. Vaping is allowed in areas designated for tobacco smoking.

[Heathrow Airport]  is the busiest airport in the UK. One is not allowed to vape inside terminal buildings but can instead make use of designated areas outside the terminals.

[Frankfurt Airport ] is one of the busiest airports in Germany. Vaping is allowed in the airport, but one has to use designated lounges like other tobacco smokers. One interesting thing about Germany is that it does not have age-restriction for the use of e-cigarettes.

Some countries that have banned vaping in their airports include:

  • Singapore
  • Argentina
  • Hong Kong

Can you bring a vape on a plane in carry on luggage?

You can take e-cigarettes on a plane in your carry on bag! TSA actually requires you to pack it in your carry on luggage, not your checked bag, so this is probably a good thing for most of you to be able to keep it with you. But as a reminder, leave it in your bag – no smoking on board the aircraft.

Are electronic cigarettes allowed on airplanes in checked luggage?

This is a strict no, you can’t pack your vape in checked luggage because of the batteries and the risk of catching fire. This goes for all e-cigarettes, vape pens, or similar devices. Keep this in mind in case the airline decides to gate check your carry on, and be sure to remove the vape before handing over your bag.

There are some vape friendly airports like the John F Kennedy International Airport and the LaGuardia Airport in New York. In these airports, vaping is allowed in some terminals. Interestingly, this contravenes the Clean Indoor Air Act of New York State which does not allow vaping in either private or public indoor workplaces.

Can you take vaping liquid on a plane?

Since vaping liquid is in fact a liquid, you must follow normal security rules regarding liquids. This means you can bring vaping liquid in your carry on as long as the container is 3.4 ounces (100ml) or smaller and fits in your 1 quart clear zip top liquids bag. Larger amounts must be packed in your checked luggage.


Tips for bringing a vape on a plane

Aside from always packing your vape pen in your carry on, not in checked luggage, here are some tips to help you travel with a vape.

Never turn the vape on while in flight. You’re not allowed to use it or charge it while on board the plane. You might even want to disconnect the battery to eliminate the chance of accidentally turning it on.

Always check the airline’s website to understand their rules about flying with a vaping device. The airline could have stricter rules than TSA.

Never fly with marijuana. If you have a weed vape, leave the weed itself at home, and thoroughly clean your vape before you fly. Even if it’s legal in the state where you live, it’s still illegal under US federal law, and it is not allowed in checked or carry on luggage.

CBD is a little different, but rules vary greatly depending on what country you’re in or even which state in the US.

If you’re traveling internationally, research the rules and laws of that country. Vapes and electronic cigarettes are not treated the same everywhere, and you wouldn’t want your expensive vape pen to get confiscated

TSA Vape Rules 2020

Everyone wants a safe and hassle-free travel experience. In order to achieve that, one must be familiar with TSA regulations. Here are some tips for your information:

We briefly went over the TSA vape rules and regulations, but visiting the Transportation Security Administration site is the best place to get answers for the most commonly asked questions. Visit for more in-depth information on traveling with vape gear in the United States.

Follow the TSA guidelines to avoid any trouble “The FAA prohibits these devices in checked bags. Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Check with your airline for additional restrictions. Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or plane side.”

TSA states, “You may travel with dry batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D) in your carry-on or checked baggage. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits loose lithium batteries from being transported in checked baggage.”

Hopefully this answers all your questions about taking a vape on a plane!!



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