General Knowledge & Skills Of E-CIG

General knowledge of electronic cigarette

“Why is the Atomizer/Cartridge leaking?” “How does the atomizer have a sizzling voice?” These problems are mentioned every day by e-cigarette newbie. Then, what common problems do newbie encounter when using e-cigarettes? And learn how to solve it. We made a summary and shared it for your guys.

1.Leakage of Atomizer

Atomizer leakage is the most common problem encountered by most e-cigarette newbie in the use of e-cigarettes. There are two kinds of leakage: one is due to the fact that when the atomizer is installed, some parts are not tightened, resulting in liquid leakage after filling or refilling. Just re-adjust it. In another case, due to the structure of the bottom airflow system, in the case of oil storage, the liquid is allowed to permeate from the O-ring for a long time. We recommended that you do not leave the juice in the tank when the atomizer is not used for a long time. Or use Owl Tank and Owl Kit from Advken, top airflow, no leaking, friendly for every newbie, the flavor is also great!

2.Sucking condensate

The generation of condensate is a problem that all e-cigarettes encounter during use. When this happens, you can use a paper towel and it can be sealed in the drip tip and gently rubbed a few times like a thermometer to easily remove the condensate from the drip tip.

3.Pod system no smoke

Many people encounter small smoke in the process of using new pod. There are three reasons for this: No juice, No electricity, poor contact. Replaced cartridges can be directly exchanged or refilled. If there is no power, use the USB charging cable to fill it up. For poor contact, you can wipe the bottom of the cartridge to remove the liquid at the bottom of the cartridge or oxidize. The cartridge and the fuselage are powered on smoothly. If there is sloshing of the cartridge, there will be no problem with the smoke, so the user only needs to keep the cartridge stable to solve the problem. Our Wanderlust and Wanderlust lite has 6 protection functions, with LED light tips, so that you can avoid these situations when using, it is more convenient and easy to use!

4. There will be a layer of white on the drip tip after vaping.

After finished vaping, there will be a layer of white things on the drip tip. Many people think that it is harmful. In fact, it is not necessary. Those are just the residual of human saliva lol, use wet wipes. just dry it.

5. Why do the mouth dry after vaping?

This is also a normal phenomenon because the main components of E-liquid, include glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), they are highly water-absorptive substances. Only the ability of each person to secrete saliva is different. Some people have strong secretion ability and will not feel dry. If you happen to be part of a weaker secretion, just drink plenty of water. You don’t have to consider how to change the smoke oil. You can’t do it. The ingredients in the E-liquid are like this. No one can change it.

For newcomers, e-cigarettes are new and encounter various problems during use, but this is normal. Therefore, if you encounter any problems during use, there is no need to panic, and patiently inspection could always solve it.

Advken wanderlust lite

How to play with big smoke?

First point: battery safety. The factor that must be considered when playing oversized smoke is to ensure your safety. You need to know different type of battery, now we have 18650/20700/21700 battery. batteries must use genuine batteries. We recommend using Advken battery, we work with the most professional factory of battery.

The second point: airflow. In general, the larger the airflow, the greater the smoke. However, there is an upper limit. If the upper limit is exceeded, the smoke concentration will be greatly reduced.

The third point: smoke oil. The higher the concentration of VG, the more smoke can be made.

Fourth point: battery mod. (commonly known as mechanical mod/Box)

The fifth point: atomizer. If you want to play with a big smoke, choose a drop atomizer, no doubt. Advken has some special RBA/Tank for your chosen.

Sixth point: the skills of sucking and spitting.

Steps: Empty your lungs, take a deep breath and spit out the smoke. The average player inhalation time is 4-5 seconds. If you can inhale for up to 7 seconds, it will be a guarantee of heavy smoke. But pay attention to safety, because the smoke is full of your lungs at this time, so it is necessary to spit it out in time, otherwise it may be dangerous.

Seventh point: the choice of oil guiding materials, good type help you get great flavors. Doctor coil is a good option.

Eighth point: heating wire. To make a suitable heating wire for the coil, of course, ultra-low resistance is a good idea.



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