How should pass through the “Cold Winte”r of E-cigarette Industry?

2019 is a special year for the vape industry. There have been many new great products released which make more choices for customers and the new technology makes the whole industry growth and development faster than ever. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control report shows that as of October 22, more than 1,000 e-cigarette-related lung injury cases have been counted in the United States, of which 33 have been confirmed dead. The bad news about the “America E-cigarette Lung Disease” put the E-cigarette and Vape Industry in a serious situation. More and more people talking about it, to some degree caused a public panic—-“Whether vape is good for health?” “Should E-cigarette be banned?” Later, governments of different countries take actions to manage the E-cigarette industry and tend to push new policies too.

America starts “Flavor ban” since this September, and made a white house meeting to discuss the solutions with representatives of tobacco and e-cigarettes companies, representatives of e-cigarette association, leaders of healthy department, and approved to start “Flavor Ban” in New York since July 2020; In Korea, Officials suggested people stop using e-liquid and make a faster research to decide whether it is time to ban such vape products completely; At this October, India even ban the sale of the e-cigarette products completely; Besides, in China, aiming to protect young people from over-use e-cigarette, a new “Notice” has been announced by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and State Administration for Market Regulation on 1st Nov. According to the measurement that all online shops or apps should stop selling e-cigarette products or related products and all online marketing campaigns should be halted, and platforms are ordered to remove all e-cigarette products. Without question, China’s online selling ban is in the latest blow for the nascent vaping industry, which means the vape industry is under intensifying scrutiny around the world.

Why do e-cigarettes always get highly attention since it appears?

As a new industry, the e-cigarette industry doesn’t have a long development history. At the very beginning, e-cigarette products are produced to solve smoking quit problems. Without question, it really does help some people transfer to vape products and quit smoking successfully in the USA where there are many vapers in the world now. Get away from lung disease and enjoy a healthier living life are what people want. Then the vapor team getting bigger and bigger from all over the world.

To some degree, a huge market needs to stimulate the economy of related vape industry rapid development. According to the data provided by the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, China is the largest e-cigarette manufacturer & supplier and exporter of electronic cigarettes products in the world. There are more than 2million employees who work in the vape industry and create annual sales of over 33.7 billion yuan and total export approaching 30 billion yuan in 2018.

In addition, vaping is more accepted by young people, with more and more young vapors join to get involved in the vapor team, there is a new “vape culture” that appears. Young vapors study how to wicks, or chase for cloudy vape and vape skills or tricks, later some of them become online influencers who make videos to share new products and make reviews to tell people who wanna join the vapor team what they need note and what they can do, to some degree is a “live advertising”. Gathering more and more people and vape business, there is more vape exhibition in the world. It also updates many vape associations, vape media or vape magazines in each country. All those are making vape culture spread fast and vivid.

We can’t say E-cigarette is absolutely good or bad, each coin has its two sides. To “pass-through” the “cold winter” of the vape industry, we need to do something.

As a manufacturer, quality and safety are the core of production. What we do is help people to quit smoking and develop healthier living habits. The products should be qualified and safe, which means all the production processes and quality checks are need safe and meet the sanitary needs. Also, it is a duty for manufacturers to introduce well for its products that how to use and how to deal with after-service in a safe case. Regardless of sales channels or product research and development, every company should come up with specific plans and measures, and implement them as soon as possible to protect young people.

As a seller, it is a duty to standardize operation that checking all the selling products and can’t sell fake and shoddy products with low price, and tracking each order to make sure there is after-service for it to make sure customer interests. Besides, for brick and mortar vape stores, we should make a noted warning sign “Refusal to sell minors” and more strict age-checking when about customer’s age.

For the government, to regulate the whole industry, there will be more and more specific plans and measures come out. To control the quality part, more test centers will be used for quality checking to make the whole e-cigarette industry sustainable development. Restrict the age of young vapor when they make orders by law. Guide a reasonable exposure to e-cigarette products in suitable ways, which help people know e-cigars technically.

Without question, the vape industry meets an ever serious situation now: the current crisis of public opinion, policies, and regulations. Since the birth of electronic cigarettes, after more than ten years of development, it has shown its commercial value of electronic cigarettes. Then, what is its social value? How to let the public understand the social value of the e-cigarette industry, and understand the contribution of the e-cigarette industry in exports, job chances, taxation, etc., to attract high attention and gain widespread support! As a member of the e-cigarette industry, helping the whole industry PASS THROUGH THE COLD WINTER, everyone should do something.

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