How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Coils

Although the coil cannot be used permanently, you can take many steps to extend the overall life of the coil.these methods may have a significant impact on the life of the vape coil. There is no magic number when to replace the coil. Although there are some things to tell you that the coil is broken, it depends on many factors unique to each vape user. Depending on the frequency, time and type of smoking you want, decide how often you need to replace the coil. Replacing the coil of a vape device may be a little troublesome. Sometimes it’s messy, and the coil replacement process is essential to maintain the best vape device performance and the best flavor benefits of e-liquid. Please continue reading to learn about various ways to save time and money.

Prime before you vape

The first technique is to perfuse the coil. Most devices include a user manual that explains step by step how to infuse the coils for use, do not discard them. Grab them until it becomes your second nature to refill the coil. To pour the new coil, remove the old coil and install the new coil. Find the holes in the coil head. These holes move the electronic juice to the wick and add a few drops of electronic liquid, one drop at a time, until the cotton appears to be absorbed as much as possible. This saturates the wicking material and allows it to wait for the electronic juice to pass through. Next, fill your water tank with e-liquid and then reassemble the vape. After that, let your water tank sit for a few minutes, and then start the running-in process, reduce the wattage below the manufacturer’s recommendations, and gradually return to normal throughout the water tank process. First tap your vape, then slowly inhale normally. Once completed correctly, your new coil can be used normally.

Steer Clear of Dry Hits

The next trick is to avoid being hit. When I first started vaping, this was one of my main mistakes. There is nothing faster than blow-drying the coil with vape-once the wicking material is burnt, any coil head that is thrown away is essentially garbage. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to check whether there is enough e-juice in your water tank and observe the speed of the vape before you start using it. Allowing the coil enough time to cool between hits can help you avoid the infamous dry blows.

Dry Burning Coils

The action of “dry burning” the coil involves pressing and holding the ignition or power button of the vape  device without inhaling the cigarette holder to burn off any electronic liquid residue on the coil. Although this can improve the taste of e-liquid through quick repair, in fact, by applying pressure on the coil and destroying its structure, the coil can be aged faster. Instead of burning the coil dry, try to take it out and rinse it under running water for a few minutes, then dry them with a cloth and blow them to the open end to remove any remaining electronic liquid. You should also make sure that the storage tank or clearomizer is fully filled with e-liquid, and avoid dropping e-liquid below the filling line, as this will also cause the device to dry out.

Change your e-juice

Sweet-tasting e-liquids, especially high-VG sub-ohm e-liquids, contain added sweeteners to give them a juicy flavor and lasting aftertaste. However, super-sweet e-liquids are known for the extra pressure exerted on the vape coils, causing them to clog and age faster. If you are addicted to sweet electronic juices and find that you often need to change the coil, try changing the liquid to a milder alternative, such as fruit or mint. Similarly, the colored electronic liquid may also be roughly the same as the over sweet or thick electronic liquid, causing premature aging of the coil. We recommend choosing transparent e-liquids when possible, because they are more friendly to your coil and are less likely to clog over time.

Wattage Settings

Vaping at 200 watts or higher does not happen every day, especially because it imposes unnecessary requirements on vape settings. A satisfactory vape session only requires about 55 to 80 watts, and you will still have a lot of delicious steam without cluttering the coils.

Clean the coil

If you want to enjoy a high-quality vape experience, you must perform coil maintenance, which will also make the coil service life longer. After smoking for a few days, the coiled material tends to roll up, which may directly affect the quality of the flavor.

The vape coil is an essential element in any vape setup, no matter how simple or advanced your evaporator is. Whether you call it a coil or more generally as an atomizer head, its purpose remains the same: as a heating element, it converts your favorite e-liquid into delicious fluffy steam. The vape coil is composed of thin wires wound into a coil shape and can be made from a variety of materials including Cantal, Titanium and Nickel. Kanthal is usually the most commonly used coil, but other materials can also be paired with vape options, such as temperature control. Make sure your vape coils do their best, it only takes you a little time and effort, but the money saved and the quality experience you enjoy will make it all worth the money. All you need to do is to be a little careful and respectful of your vape equipment and coils, all the rest in place. The above are some tips to make the vape coil as long as possible, please check.

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