5 Hacks to Increase Your Vape Pen’s Battery Life

What could be worse than inhaling from your vape pen and finding it’s completely dead – even if you just recently charged it? Not only does it interrupt the vaping experience, but if you’re at work or away from home, you may not be able to charge it again for some time.

So, here are some easy hacks to help you extend the battery life of your vape pen. Not only will these allow you to enjoy a longer vaping experience, but you will also even save more money in the long run. Read on for some tips on why you should…

  • Power off when not in use
  • Store properly
  • Don’t drain and overcharge
  • Regularly clean your vape pen
  • Shop smart


Before anything else, you should understand that the vape pen’s small, compact battery is built to be charged and used often. This particular battery provides the right amount of power to vaporize the oil inside the cartridge for your vape pen to function. Therefore, proper care for your device is the key to increase its battery life.

1.Power off your vape pen when not in use.

One common mistake among vapers is that they just leave their vape pens on after use – thinking it’s not consuming power. However, even if you’re not using it, there will still be a small amount of current that is always running in the system which means that power is being drawn from the battery if you don’t turn it off.

While there are other advanced models that can auto-shutoff when not in use, this feature can still take around 10 to 20 minutes before it works. That means, even in these cases, it’s still wasting your vape pen’s battery life.

2.Make sure you store your vape pen properly

For your vape pen to perform properly, keep it safe. Direct sunlight and heat can have a dramatic, draining effect on its lifespan and performance.

Also make sure that your vape pen doesn’t roll-off or fall from a surface, as this can impact the longevity of its battery life. In case you’re planning to store the battery for a few weeks or months, make sure it has been fully charged first. The battery will slowly drain while in storage and the next time you use it, it may be forced to work even harder to get back to a full charge from nothing. This will cause the battery to overwork and shorten its overall lifespan.

3.Never drain and overcharge your vape pen.

To avoid putting unnecessary strain on your vape pen’s battery, try not to completely drain and even overcharge it. It takes more effort for a fully drained battery to recharge, in comparison to one that is halfway drained.

It is highly advised to charge the battery when it reaches about 40 percent.

Also, be responsible when charging your vape pen’s battery. While it’s convenient to leave it on its own while you go to sleep or do something else, overcharging can heavily strain your battery. As much as possible, never overcharge and avoid overheating which can further damage its overall performance. Remember to unplug it as soon as it’s fully charged.

4.Regularly clean your vape pen’s battery.

Another hack to increase your vape pen’s battery life is to regularly clean the battery itself. Given that you carry it with you – in your pocket, purse, or wherever you place it – there’s a high chance of oil spills, dirt, dust, and debris building up. A dirty battery is a poor battery. It also becomes weaker, and it’s forced to work harder and, from working harder, it shortens its life span. To clean your vape pen, you should use a cotton swab. This can help you clean all the small parts carefully so that the battery can operate at the optimal level.

5.Shop smart

Most importantly, be smart when shopping for your vape pen. As tempting as cheap offers can be, the difference in price usually reflects the quality. Unsurprisingly, cheap vape pens are often of a much lower quality – which means they won’t last long, causing you to spend more money buying a new one.

In addition, buying unbranded vape pens can also put your personal safety at risk. Who knows where these products really come from? They often contained cheaper replacement ingredients and chemicals which are very bad for our health and not worth the risk to save a small amount of money.

Always go for trusted manufacturers and sellers to make sure that you get the best vaping experience and own a real, authentic product that will last.



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