Review of Advken Manta Mtl V2 Rta

Advken Manta Mtl V2 Rta, the latest product of ADVKEN, the improved version of Manta Mtl, is born in 2019. With the new feature and new airflow design, Manta Mtl V2 Rta can not only provide great airflow but also help prevent leakage.

On the outer packaging, the design team of the second-generation product has adopted the theme color of the first-generation product — deep blue, but the color of it is deepened, which is more like a manta in the sea. Apart from this, you can get all the information from the packaging, website, Instagram, facebook, security code, etc.

Open the packaging, you can get a card of inviting you to share the product pics, an instruction manual, a doctor coil accessories bag for replacement, a little flat screwdriver for coil, a replacement glass tube and the most important part, the Manta MTL 2.0 RTA atomizer.

advken manta mtl 2 rta
It looks wise, clean and sober, the mainly make-up material of it is 304 stainless steel. You can see only one manta logo on its surface, on the bottom, Manta MTL 2.0 ADVKEN is printed in. The connector is 510 size, which can fit most of the batteries in the market, and you can fit your other 510 drip tip for it if you don’t like the original drip tip. Its diameter is 22 mm while height is 41mm, it’s kind of a short tank as well the e-liquid capacity is 2 ml.

On the airflow ring, you have B H A and S, if you put it on S then you will only get the airflow from the side, if you put it on B then you will only get the airflow here on the bottom. Underneath the coil, if you use the other two steps, so H then you will get both air flows, bottom, and side airflow, you will get it at the max opening. if you use A, you will also get both airflow openings, and they will even be bigger airflow. 4 level airflow adjustable control, you can choose the one you like when you are using it. The flavor is good and the airflow of it is smooth as well. It’s personally suggested that you put it on B bottom airflow for real MTL. For us GITE to build on, make sure you have enough cotton inside of those wicking holes and then you will have no problems with this.

advken manta mtl 2 rta


This is the best tank for those who thought they would change their airflow, the unique airflow design of Manta Mtl 2.o Rta will meet all your needs.

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