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If you are a big fan of Advken, when it comes to “Artha”, what comes to your mind firstly? Without question, the first relevant things are Advken “Artha Serial RDAs. From Artha RDAs to Artha V2 RDA, a successful serial RDA of Advken, the artha series has been evolved for 3 generations. Right now, in the Spring of 2020, we are happy to “Welcome” the 4th new member of Artha, the Artha Pod Mod, a totally new AIO Kit with some amazing and uncomplicated features. Thanks a lot for all the team members of what you did. Now, let’s HAVE FUN for the VERY NEW APM’ (which is shorted from Artha Pod Mod) World.

So let’s talk about the APM kit briefly and shortly.

artha pod mod

With 23.2*45*88mm size with drip tip, Artha Pod Mod it is a portable and compact kit for a single 18650 battery kit, which is a handful and easy carry pod kit. Considering its large side heat dissipation area and aluminum alloy material, users can even use a chain to hang it on your neck when no vape. It adopts 4.5ml large pod and 80w powerful output which is possible to keep you in a long-last daily vaping. It won’t be a difficult thing to refill it as it is a side refill pod. Only takedown the back, find the silicon plug, unplug it, refill then press the silicon plug back. See, it is so easy. With its 0.3&0.8 mesh coil and bottom air-intake system, you can get a smooth and pure flavor. All the resistance, output wattage, and voltage will be showed on its 0.42 inch OLED screen. The last but not least, the kinds of protection including short protection, overcharge protection, over-temperature protection, overtime protection, low voltage protection, and anti-revise protection to ensure users’ vaping safety.

Then we can figure out the main features of APM.


artha pod mod

The APM contains 2 parts: APM mod and APM pod. Like other portable vape kit, the APM main body part is made of Aluminum Alloy which is a lighter material but hard enough to avoid any damage caused by scratch, drop etc. Besides, the APM body plated with kinds of main colors, like black, blue and red. If you are an innovative and creative vaper, you can still design your own individual patterns on the outside. Vape is designed to help people quit cigarettes and form a better lifestyle. So, “health” would always be the primary and priori thing of vape products. Considering to less refilling times and pure flavor of e-liquid, the APM pod is designed 4.5ml capacity and used the PCTG which is food grade plastic that almost brands also used it. When it comes to pure flavor, the most important thing is the coil, which its material and making way are the important relevant factor to vaping. Yes, inheriting the strong merit of mesh coil, the APM coil is also made A1 wire, but in mesh with two resistance options:0.3ohm(best for 25w to 30w) and 0.8ohm(best for 15 to 20w). To distinguish the 0.3ohm from 0.8ohm APM mesh coil, not only read the resistance number which prints on the coil, but you can also check its e-liquid hole shape. The round one is 0.8ohm, while the rectangular one is 0.3ohm.


**Refill and Airflow System

artha pod mod

APM pod is 4.5ml, which means it is big enough for a daily vaping. Then how to refill it? There is a silicon plug on the side of the APM pod. So for this side refill pod, the first thing is locate the refill hole, then refill. The refill is an easy thing that takedown the back, find the silicon plug, unplug it, refill then press the silicon plug back.

Grad the pod in hand, you can find that the pod is bottom airflow control, as there is a around 1cm airflow hole on the bottom to adjust the airflow in and out. To make sure the smooth vaping, the APM adopts a new airflow way on the main body, the front, and side dual-window system. The front hexagon hole and the side enlarged irregular grid area, which is designed for heat dissipation, that makes sure air enter from both sides and there is enough airflow reaches the coil directly. What is more, there are many etched lines on the back cover which are also designed to make sure the smooth airflow. The 2-airflow-inlet system also works as an e-liquid note window, make sure in time refill. What you need do is just vape gently and enjoy the effortless vapor.

**Fit for Any 510 Thread Atomizer

artha pod mod

Yes, you don’t make a mistake. The Artha Pod Mod comes with a 510 thread adaptor, which is at the same size as APM pod, which means you can change any type in any different brand atomizers, only need its thread is 510. That is why APM’s full name is Artha Pod Mod, attached an RDA/RTA/occ tank at the low or normal resistance, then enjoy the vaping.

Big things have small beginnings. From the artha RDA to APM, artha series go forward and further gradually, we can believe that the artha family will go bigger and bigger.

2019, the very DIFFERENT year, at which there are many changes in the whole vape market in China. To protect the youth, no one can sell e-cig or relevant products online, and all e-cig stores need far enough from the schools. In the national vape market, strict regulation is carried out to regulate the e-cig market, especially after the rising vaping-linked illness and death in the USA. People keep talking about the safety of using e-cig, besides many vapers, manufactures, vape organizations and associations, and health experts took part in to “protect” the whole vape industry. Without question, “e-cig” and “vape” are always a controversial topic in 2019. 2019 is in our memory, but right now is 2020 spring, we still believe that there are many new things which will be etched in our memory too, so does the APM.


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