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Whenever we talk about vape, what we think of is the taste of the liquid, vape devices, etc. We tend to discuss and explore these aspects of vape to ensure that we find the right way. But in this process, we ignored the core and core of the process, namely the battery.

Over time, it becomes easier to choose the right device or e-liquid that suits your taste. But the trick to finding the right battery is still a mystery. The main reason for this is that novices rarely discuss or understand the many battery options available on the market for their devices. They just buy anything that is available, but they don’t know that their entire vape experience revolves around this key part.

When buying batteries for vape, vaporizers, pod systems, and accessories, quality is a factor you cannot compromise. The battery must have something to ensure the safety of vape devices and vape and have a long service life.

The first quality that a battery must look for is its current or continuous discharge rate specification. This will help you choose a battery that can provide you with the current you need without overheating the battery. However, the battery capacity that supports a large current is low. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to get ultra-high-capacity batteries that support high-load applications.

However, remember that this factor allows you to use the battery safely. With today’s mods, you are most likely to be practicing Asia-Europe vaping, which requires a battery that can support a continuous discharge rate of 20-30 Amp. If you exceed the battery’s rating, it will overheat and eventually lead to the horror stories we read in the news.

Another quality to look for is the capacity of the battery. The battery capacity is measured in milliamperes per hour (mAh). The number on the battery indicates how many milliamps the battery can discharge and how long it lasts. For example, a 2500 mAh battery will power a 500 mAh load for five hours before being discharged.

I won’t cover all the mathematical operations in converting it into actual runtime, but I can give an advanced example. Suppose I am a typical user of a sub-ohm mesh atomizer with an operating power of 50 watts. I will get about 50-60 minutes of actual “vape time”. Considering that your average resistance lasts for 4-5 seconds, I would expect a 600-750 “gasp” before it needs to be recharged.

mAh is essentially a measure of how much power the vaporizer can hold in the battery. The higher the number, the more energy can be stored. Pay special attention to this, especially if you plan to travel frequently and cannot use a power source or socket for charging. If you are always on the go, you may need a higher mAh battery, but if you are a home user, this is no big deal. The higher the mAh, the more energy the battery can store, and therefore the longer the duration.

So as much mAh as possible is great, yes, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery during vaping. But the amount of mAh is completely related to the size of the battery. Therefore, the higher the mAh, the larger the battery, and vice versa. The mAh content is an important aspect of the evaporator. When evaluating different vape options, you must know and take the mAh content into consideration. But we don’t recommend that you use this as a starting point, especially because the battery capacities of most evaporators are very similar, and if you choose between certain options, the difference may only differ by 1-200 MHz, or even greater.

The amount of current output obtained from the battery at a given time is called the load. A battery with a higher load capacity or amperage can support faster heating inside the device. It allows you to enjoy steam faster and supports long-term draws. It also determines the extent to which the device can evaporate the liquid to enhance flavor. Then we get the battery voltage. The coil used has an inherent resistance to current. Therefore, the voltage capacity of the battery should be able to provide the necessary strength to push enough amperage into the system for proper heating.

For people who use disposable or pocket-sized vape pens or starter kits, choosing a battery may not be a big issue. These devices have compatible built-in batteries and are pre-assembled into the pen. For vape designs that require external batteries, two main sizes are usually used – external batteries 18650 and 26650.

18650 is the most common type in most vape mods. Its popularity is that it strikes a proper balance between Ampere and mAh, which can provide an extraordinary vape experience for a long time. The battery can be replaced and removed from the mod, and it is also economical. The naming standard indicates the size of the battery-18mm in diameter, 65mm in height, and 0 for cylindrical shape.26650 is a little-known type found in several mods. The battery size is slightly bulky at 22mm in diameter, and even more so at 18mm. But they have promising power supply functions. Many large vape devices use this type of device to provide good power.

These types of size variations are few, for example, the diameter of the 18350 is the same as the 18650, but the height is smaller. Depending on the size that best suits your vape mod, you can choose from these standard types.18650 is by far the most common battery in vaping. They are readily available, reliable, and extensively tested, and most mods are 18650 compatible. Although newer batteries (such as 20700 and 21700) have attracted people’s attention, due to their larger size, we rarely see them in dual or triple battery vape mods. Manufacturers still rely on 18650 because they combine smaller size and proven performance.

Finally, let’s briefly outline how to use the selected vape battery safely!

1.Buy a good quality vaping mod

2.Do your research before selecting the right battery

3.Buy a high-quality smart charger

4.Use a battery case for transportation

5.Use the correct charging cable

6.Never use damaged batteries

7.Don’t leave your battery charging unattended

8.Don’t exceed the amps of your battery

9.Don’t mix and match sets of batteries or battery chargers

10.Never over-discharge your battery

Happy Vaping!


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