How regulated mods are safer than mechanical mods?

In the history of vaping, people had taste, fun attitude, and enthusiasm for scaling up the intensity of their vaping sessions. On the contrary, modern-day vapers are more concerned about portability and safety. As a consequence, people started looking for safer vaping devices rather than powerful and risky mech mods.

What’s your priority when it comes to vaping devices? Safety or performance? I would say, both. Just imagine, would you enjoy swimming if the pool is not deep? Vaping devices should have the power and capability to fire any coil. At the same time, it should also have safety features that help us enjoy safe vaping.

Regulated and Unregulated vaping devices
You could have used vape pens, pod vapes, vape mods, and all-in-one devices. Irrespective of the types of devices, all those can be categorized into regulated or unregulated vaping devices.

A regulated device is built with a power circuit that controls the power input and output. A regulated device doesn’t pass the power directly to the heating element. Instead, the battery power will pass through the circuit which allows you to control the amount of power being passed on to the heating element.

An unregulated vaping device doesn’t work based on the circuit. The battery power is directly passed onto the heating element. Consequently, the user doesn’t get the luxury of controlling the power input and output. That’s the simplest explanation for a regulated vs unregulated vaping device.

Precisely, a vaper who wants power, performance, and safety features would prefer vaping mods over the other types of vaping devices. But should you prefer a regulated vape mod? Or a mechanical mod?

LED displays
Most of the regulated devices come with an LED screen that displays the statistics of your vape setup. Right from the temperature, output wattage, coil resistance, and battery levels.

Regulated mods were poorly designed a decade back just with power control options. Lately, regulated mods have evolved a lot in terms of design and safety features. Unlike a mechanical mod, the regulated mod allows the user to try a lot of vape setups to identify the most enjoyable setup.

On top, it allows the user to avoid firing the coil when the battery is low. Led display is always a great line of safety for a powerful Advken Owl kit.

Temperature control
Regulated mods boast a temperature control feature which allows the user to keep a controlled and constant coil temperature. Controlling the amount of heat produced inside the body of the mod offers more safety.

At the same time, the vaper might want to increase the temperature at some time to improve the taste of the vaping session. TC control plays the role of improving performance along with safety. Having said that, it is possible only with a regulated mod, and regulated mods are way safer than mechanical mods.

Short circuit protection
As in every electronic device, the short circuit is a common problem with mechanical mods. It may not cause serious damage to users. Still, mechanical mods cannot prevent a short circuit. Contrarily, several regulated mods in the market come with short circuit protection. This means you’re safe from explosions caused due to short circuits with a regulated vaping mod.

Low resistance protection
Every regulated mod out there comes with a minimum and maximum resistance capacity. If the resistance is too low, then there are high possibilities that it can burn the wicks as well. In turn, very low resistance coils can cause serious injuries by exploding.

Regulated mods have a safety feature that stops the whole system if the resistance is below the minimum requirement. Even if a vaper tries to fire the coil, the mod will not work and it would just display the error message on the screen.

In the case of an unregulated mod, the mod will fire the coil and lead to a total device failure or even serious injuries to the user. Mechanical mods are way too dangerous if you don’t know about ohm’s law.

advken owl kit protection

Who should get a mechanical mod?
The mechanical mod offers great power to fire monstrous coils. At the same time, even high-powered mech mods are relatively cheaper than regulated mods. Besides, unregulated mods fire the coil almost instantly, and that is something every vaper would love.

Vintage vapers and serious vapers would want to enjoy thick vapors with a lot of flavors. Mechanical mods are the ones that can match up with their power requirements.

What to look for while using a mechanical mod?
Mechanical mods simply cut the power directly. Having said that, vapers who use mechanical mods should know how a mech mod works.

Also, a sound understanding of the ohm’s law is a must for mech mod users. A vaper should know how to check the resistance of a coil before loading it on the tank. If the resistance is too low, the vaper should not even load the coil as it will cause explosions upon firing.

Not only that, the vaper should be well versed with the safety steps to use an unregulated mod. Right from the battery to the regular maintenance, a vaper should do all the necessary things to maintain the device properly.

Why Mechanical mods are strictly not for beginners?
Beginners might lack knowledge in terms of mechanical mod’s design and functionalities. A mech mod can release high voltage power to the coils instantly upon firing. A beginner might not be ready to look into the resistance of the coil and the wick’s thickness.

Moreover, things, like using high drain batteries, cleaning the device routinely, and building the coil with optimal resistance, are not beginners’ things.

To conclude, regulated mods are meant for both performance and safety. Whereas, mechanical mods are meant for great firing power, and to fire coils with exceedingly low resistance. Ideally, one should prefer safety over power and performance.

When it comes to safety features, regulated mods are way ahead of unregulated mods. A safer device that can provide the control to the vaper is better than a mighty mod which is less safe. If you are a beginner, then you should not even think about buying a mechanical mod.



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