Common mistakes in using vapes

At present, more and more people like vape. For vape players, the daily use of electronic cigarette devices for cigarette replacement will be an essential link. Vape equipment consisting of only two main parts, the atomizer, and the host, seems simple, but some erroneous operations will inevitably occur in actual operation. These incorrect operations often lead to a shortened life of the vape device, which indirectly affects the use of the electronic cigarette.

Using vapes

  1. Forgot to turn off the device or lock the keys when you go out

When the vape needs to be carried with you, be sure to turn off the device or lock the keys. For some mechanical equipment without a lock function, remove the battery if necessary. This can avoid the embarrassment of smoking in the pocket, and can also ensure the safety of the device when it is carried around.

2. Randomly place the device when it is not in use, and the atomizer does not keep upright

When the vape equipment is not in use, the equipment must be properly placed, especially the atomizer must be kept vertically to ensure that the atomizer will not cause oil leakage due to side placement. When the atomizer is not used for a long time, the smoke oil in the atomizer needs to be discharged to ensure that the atomization core is not damaged due to long-term soaking.

3. Continuous smoking using vape for too long

Many vape users are prone to continuously vaping when smoking addiction strikes. When the vape device is frequently and continuously used, the vape core may burn because of overheating. Moreover, too frequent use will overheat the atomizer and the host device, and the vape battery will cause a certain degree of damage due to continuous discharge.

4. Use beyond the adaptive power of the atomizing core

Most of the finished atomizing cores will have the logo of the adaptable power. If it exceeds the adaptable power, it is likely to cause the atomizing core to burn and affect the service life of the atomizing core. Even for DIY atomizing cores, too high output power will cause the smoke to overheat and the possibility of atomizing and burning.

5. Tandem vape devices use batteries with different power levels or different brands

When using high-power devices in series, the use of two batteries with different power will cause damage to the low-power battery and cannot guarantee the stable output of the device. The use of different brands of batteries, different capacity, different discharge capacity will also make the device unstable, the most important thing is that this operation is also likely to be dangerous.

6. Superstition rules to find the so-called “best taste”

I do not know when the vape ring spread 17 divided by resistance is equal to the best taste output power, the actual formula itself is useless, the results have been displayed on the host, which is 4.3V output voltage. The 4.3V output voltage is not suitable for every atomizer or coil, such as double-wire winding. The 4.3V output voltage makes it easy for the atomizing core to burn cotton when it is continuously heated.

7. Blow into the atomizer when the device is ignited to achieve a cool effect

Whether it is an oil storage atomizer or an oil drop atomizer, blowing air into the atomizer and letting the smoke out of the air inlet really has a cool effect, but this will make the smoke discharged from the air inlet be atomized. Condensate is generated on the top of the device and the equipment. For an oil storage atomizer, excessive blowing can easily cause the smoke oil to be squeezed out, resulting in the problem of oil leakage.

8.RTA(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)is used directly after filling

Many users can’t wait to use the rebuildable tank atomizer after refueling. This will make the atomization core unable to fully absorb the e-liquid, and the oil-conducting cotton will not be completely wet. If the core of the oil storage atomizer that does not pass through the core is directly used after being filled with oil, it is likely to cause the cotton inside the atomization core to be burned. The rebuildable tank atomizer can be used for a few minutes after being filled with oil, which can ensure the service life of the atomization core.

9. Top-filled atomizer forgets to close intake opening when refueling

For most oil-filling atomizers that do not have an oil-line sealing function, the intake opening should be closed during the oil-filling operation to ensure that the pressure in the oil tank is not released. If the air intake opening is not closed, it is easy to cause the possibility of leakage of smoke oil only by blocking the cotton.

10. Manufacture of coils inserted into cotton without being burned into atomized cores

When using a DIY atomizer, sometimes the resistance variation range of the atomizer is very large. This is most likely because you forgot to burn the coil when you made the atomizer core. Except for temperature control coils such as ^ 11200 and Ding 1 wire, it is recommended that the coils used in the voltage regulation mode be burned to ensure uniform heating of the coil and stable resistance data.

In order to avoid missed operations and misoperations can ensure the normal use of vape equipment, extend the service life, and obtain a better experience. Therefore, in the process of using vapes, it is necessary to develop correct operating habits and enjoy the fun of using vapes under conditions that ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Hope advken brings you a different experience.

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