A Cloud Chaser Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

For a long time, Vaping has been regarded as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Whether someone wants to gradually reduce the smell of cigarettes as part of a nicotine reduction plan, or just want to replace carcinogenic cigarettes containing chemicals, e-cigarettes provide adults with a choice of how to enjoy nicotine. As former smokers explore e-cigarettes, there are many alternative methods to choose from. Sub Ohming is one of them, and Sub Ohming is the final product of many vapers. If you start with an easy-to-use mouth-to-lung vape kit, then you might want to participate in cloud tracking. Does the larger cloud, harder flavor and lower nicotine content sound good? Sub Ohm vaping may be for you. If all this seems daunting and you don’t know where to start, then we will be friendly, and we will help you. We will explain what Sub-Ohm atomization is, how and why it is atomized, and then discuss more.



  • Sub ohm vaping is turbo-charging your enging. Please explain? Back in its baby days, vaping had pretty limited options. You had a little rubbish cig-a-likes to choose from that delivered minimal flavour, low nicotine hit and hardly any vapour. Since its inception in 2003, vaping has come a long way. Enter: Sub-Ohm Vaping.
  • Sub-ohm Vaping is a term used to indicate a vaping style that uses an atomizer coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to create a huge cloud. Sub-ohm means below 1 ohm. It is when the resistance of the atomizer coil is less than 1 ohm that the veteran vapers can increase the power output (or wattage) to obtain more vapor clouds. Variable power or mechanical modules are used in conjunction with the tanks that are included with the Sub-Ohm coil, or can be used for reconstruction coils (RDA).
  • By reducing the friction and resistance of the coil in the electronic cigarette device, the power output will increase. Increase power output must be careful. The battery in the device may overheat. Failure to follow the proper equipment instructions regarding the continuous discharge rate of the replaceable battery unit may cause a fire. The battery current of the replaceable battery must not be lower than the manufacturer’s specification.
  • If your Mod specification requires a minimum 20A battery, it means you can use a battery with a “continuous discharge rate” of at least 20A. If you use a 10A CDC battery, you will be in danger because the battery may reheat and pose a danger. The heat generated by the sub-ohm e-cigarette will generate a large amount of vapor and a larger cloud for everyone to see.


The advantages of sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is a style that many users like (for good reasons):
1. This method of vaping produces larger clouds and has a stronger aroma, so that it can be completely inhaled into the lungs during vaping.
2. This vaping style can also create a strong and warm cloud, making the lungs full and happy
3. Cloud Chase has attracted many e-cigarette enthusiasts. Asia-Europe vapes can blow warm clouds and have many techniques and effects.


What is a sub-ohm tank?

  • The main difference between traditional vaping tanks and sub-ohm devices is that the coil resistance of these vape tanks is less than 1 ohm, allowing for higher wattages, higher vape juice temperatures, and a vape cloud that is larger and warmer than the vape Standard vape. This may be important for former smokers who like hot hitting and breathing.
  • Sub-ohm vaping was originally developed as a way to bypass the resistance limit of conventional voltage stabilizing equipment available at the time. However, modern devices can now reproduce the effects most Cloud Chasers seek without the need for custom settings. You can find many sub-ohm electronic cigarette charts on the Internet. These graphs correspond the wattage on the vape tank to the ohm rating, giving an idea of how big a vape cloud can be generated. Some even provide you with a graph of the diameter of the cloud. It is a good topic to discuss this with a professional at your local vape store, or you can contact us directly at Vapebox. Each vape tank setting is different and what is shown on the chart may be different depending on the vape mod you are using.


What is the Best Vape for Clouds?

The best type of vaping equipment for making clouds is generally regarded to be any sub-ohm vape. In terms of stats, we recommend vapes with a power output of at least 30W. For vape juice, blends that utilize more vegetable glycerin (VG) are superior to propylene glycol (PG) based blends. No more than 0.6% nicotine should be used in your juice because of the enhanced vapor production. You should experiment and be careful, all the while keeping your tank clean and well cared for. This gear should produce large, warm clouds that enable you to enjoy a full lung draw.


Cloud chase

Not everyone likes chase cloud, but this is an important reason why people do it. How does someone achieve sub-Ohm cloud catch-up? The easiest way is to buy a vape kit with a Sub-Ohm coil, which is specifically designed for direct lung (DL) nebulization. Using the lung vape kit directly is effective for beginners because it is safe and does not require extensive knowledge. Some experienced users prefer to use regular mechanical modules and customize their sub-ohm vape pens, but unless you know what you are doing, we don’t recommend you to do this. Some storage tanks, atomizers and coils can be customized according to user preferences. If you want to reach those big clouds, keep the airflow setting at full open.

Start living in the cloud

Vaping is a hot topic in the current news, but if you are safe and can listen to knowledgeable people, it is an interesting hobby.
Entering sub-ohm vaping is a great way to expand your skills and enjoy the cloud better.
For those who are ready to catch up with cloud computing, please contact us for information on consumables and expertise.


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